Zendesk Zendesk provides the complete customer service solution that’s easy to use and scales with your business or organisation


Be where your customers want you to be, without the stress of changing lanes. The Support Suite lets your agents work seamlessly, with a single set of tools and processes that work the same way on any channel.

Live chat and messaging such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Voice & SMS and Self Service & Knowledge Base


Customer Experience

Customer expectations for service have evolved—and employees now expect the same standard at their own workplace. Zendesk is already great at delivering the best customer experiences—and that means it’s just as great when it comes to creating those same experiences for your internal teams. With Zendesk, internal teams can create consumer-like experiences for their employees that are easy, reliable and more productive. Because when companies work hard for their employees, their employees work harder for them in return.

"A lot of people are also picking self-service, which is really good for us, as it’s showing that we’re putting the right content out there to answer their questions. The government has a digital agenda where we’re encouraged to direct people towards digital channels– Zendesk is helping us to do this."

Caroline Mason, Head of Apprenticeship Service Support at Education Skills Funding Agency

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