Supporting Your Golf Travel’s Business Growth with Google Cloud

17 December 2019

Partnering with Your Golf Travel to Grow and Develop their Business

your golf travelYour Golf Travel has been a long-standing Google customer since 2010, but as the business has grown and technologies have developed, Your Golf Travel needed to scale their IT solution and migrating to G Suite Enterprise was the next step for the business, in order to help them with the growth they were experiencing as a business.


Netpremacy was recommended by Your Golf Travel’s account manager at Google in 2017 when Your Golf Travel required support to upgrade from G Suite Business to G Suite Enterprise. The more advanced security features provided by G Suite Enterprise and the ability to import Gmail logs into BigQuery for business process analysis were the main factors in the decision to migrate and begin their partnership with Netpremacy. During this time, ensuring a seamless migration from Postini to Google Vault  (now G Suite) was a priority, which Netpremacy was also able to support on.


Netpremacy has provided hands-on account management for Your Golf Travel in addition to migration support. At Netpremacy we offer insights and new perspectives including alternative uses and applications of GCP solutions, which help to inform and develop our customer’s current usage of GCP. Your Golf Travel said that this support has planted the seeds of new ideas which will help them to develop their use of Google Cloud Platform.


The next steps for Your Golf Travel and Netpremacy include the process of consolidation and data migration for multiple G Suite domains to streamline IT operations and the creation of a strategy to capitalise on the GCP features such as security controls and data protection. Working with Netpremacy enables Your Golf Travel to operate a ‘Self serve’ application of GCP, with the benefits of insights and support from the Netpremacy team, but implemented by their in-house IT team. However, planning the infrastructure of the future for Your Golf Travel,  Netpremacy’s Customer Success Services will be key to supporting the delivery of this digital evolution.

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