Women’s History Month: Empowering Women in Tech

22 March 2023

In honour of Women’s History Month, we asked all our female employees to describe what it’s like to work in tech.

Empowering. Awesome. Enriching. These are just a few words our team of women used to describe working in the industry.

From marketing and CSS to tech support and project delivery, our team of skilled and dedicated women work incredibly hard, and they inspire and support each other daily.

Netpremacy’s lift-up culture allows all our employees to thrive, and with 35% of our workforce being female (way above the industry average of 19%), we recognise the importance of giving our female employees a platform and listening to their voices, which is why we jump at the chance to be involved in events such as Women of the Future, with Wellington Place and Ahead Partnership. 

This year, our colleagues Alice O’Sullivan, Amara Hussain and Sarah Little volunteered to take part. They met with year 9 female students to talk with them 1:1 and in group workshops to discuss career prospects and understand the student’s skills and future goals while getting a glimpse into working life around some businesses in the area.

(Left to right) Alice O’Sullivan, Support Engineer, Amara Hussain, SaaS Trainer, Sarah Little, Change Manager

Inspiring the women of tomorrow, today. Written by Sarah Little, Change Manager, Netpremacy

International Women’s Day was celebrated this year on 8th March, and we were lucky enough to be a part of Wellington Place and Ahead Partnership’s annual Women of the Future event. Working alongside other volunteers, we got to experience workshops and speed networking to encourage students from across four different schools in Leeds to open up about their dreams and aspirations (not easy for them to do)!

The students were asked to consider their skills and how they might develop them over the coming years. They were encouraged to consider possible obstacles and speak with volunteers about their experiences and careers. It encouraged the students to work on their communication skills and leave their comfort zone by speaking with the volunteers about their future goals. 

It was a great experience, and talking with these students was a reminder of how impressionable they are and how much guidance we can all continue to give them. If you talk with a young female this month, speak with them about their goals and aspirations. You never know what ideas it may spark and where it may lead them.

Whether it is International Women’s Day or not, we must always inspire the next generation of #WomenInTech!