Ultimate collaboration & mobile working with Google Voice

17 July 2019

Google VoiceUltimate collaboration & mobile working with Google Voice


Complete your Google Workspace stack with Google Voice, and take your telephony into the cloud.

Google Voice

Simplicity and scalability 

Google Voice is a smart and scalable voice system solution that completes the unified communication stack for Google Workspace. Google Voice enables complete mobile working, as the number issued moves with you, meaning you can take calls from anywhere, on any device. The platform is built around simplicity, intelligence and scalability bringing together all your UC needs under a single licence. Along with a clear and transparent billing system adding and deleting users to Google Voice is simple, everything is managed through the G-Suite admin console with the click of a couple of buttons new voice users can be added or removed instantly.

In addition to this, Google Voice allows you to forward your personal Google Voice number to another phone number, enabling you to separate your work and personal identities, keeping your work life balance just as it should be. Disconnecting from work has never been easier, as features mean that working hours for voicemail and calls can be automatically based on your working hours, using calendar. This feature means that admins save time, you are in control. 


Read your voicemail

Don’t want to listen to your voicemail? Stuck in a meeting? Google Voice’s transcript feature saves time and lets you read your voicemail instead, straight in the voice app. Or send it straight to your inbox, to read later. 


Google VoiceBuilt in AI 

Spam calls are the bane of everyone’s life. They waste time and are more of an annoyance and inconvenience when you are on the go. However, this issue can now be avoided with the new features that Google Voice provides. The Artificial Intelligence features in Google Voice makes it possible to detect spam and prevent unwanted callers from getting through to you. This takes away from the distractions of spam callers, and lets you focus on the task at hand, saving time and increasing productivity. 

Many companies are already aware of the benefits of working collaboratively in the cloud, so it makes sense to ensure that all aspects of your business, including telephony, are combined in a scalable, and secure environment. Speak to our cloud telephony specialists to find out how Google Voice can simplify communication and collaboration in the cloud.

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