Coming this month: starting and developing your career in a tech company without a tech background

20 September 2021

On 30th September, we are hosting an event as part of Leeds Digital Festival, inspiring people to learn, develop skills and gain confidence to land their dream job or excel in their current role. This online event is for people who want to work in the tech industry or in a technical role but feel they don’t have the knowledge, skills or experience to do so.

We will be joined by Fraja Hodges and Daisie-Marie Twist, both from Netpremacy, as they discuss their journeys in the company and how they transitioned into different roles by gaining confidence, becoming Google Cloud certified and advancing in their career.

It’s never too late to learn something new

The main theme of the webinar will be how you can learn new skills to help you in your career. Whether you want to level up and get more responsibility or you want to feel more confident speaking with your peers in the boardroom, any reason for investing in yourself is a worthy one. One thing to remember is it is never too late to learn something new. Even if you think you have mastered your trade, there will always be new technology emerging that you should explore and learn about – especially in our sector!

Qualifications don’t stop at university!

If you are driven by being recognised and awarded for the hard work you put in, then chasing qualifications could be an interesting journey for your career path. In our webinar, Fraja will talk about her experience of passing Google’s Professional Collaboration Engineer certification and how that has positively affected her work. Learn about career-level exam preparation, as well as the impact and possibilities after the exam and beyond.

Find a job you love doing, and you will never work another day in your life

It is important to find a job that you are good at and enjoy doing, but the company you work for can make a massive difference. Netpremacy is a dynamic, growing company. The well-being of the team is at the heart of our business, and we strive for our team members to be as empowered as possible, with the belief that when you’re satisfied with where you are, you will deliver your best work. Our mission is to foster a company culture where the working environment positively impacts our employees’ everyday lives.

Whether you want to land that promotion, get your foot in the door, gain more confidence in your current role, or see what live vacancies Netpremacy have available, then make sure you join us later this month.

Sign up for our webinar here.