Springboard your projects to success

08 February 2023

Automate your workflow with our new Project Launcher tool

Netpremacy is no stranger to launching projects, whether that’s migrations to the cloud, brand consolidations, or complete digital transformation with Google Workspace. Our Project Managers manage multiple projects throughout the year – often juggling several at once! Learn how our new tool is helping our Project Managers utilise their time more efficiently with automation.

What is it? The Project Launcher is a tool that helps get your project off the ground by removing the need to complete menial tasks at the start of every project. It works by filling in a simple form with the project details. Once you click submit, it triggers a series of events. It automatically creates a Google Sheet to track the project deliverables, a Drive folder structure to store essential project documents, a Calendar invite to kick off and plan the project, and a Chat space with all relevant team members for project communication. It can also integrate with third-party apps, such Harvest (our time-tracking tool) and Asana (for task management.)

Why do we need it? We built this solution to help make our internal processes more streamlined and efficient. Mainly created for our Project Management team, it helps minimise repetitive tasks that automation can do in a fraction of a second compared to someone doing it manually. Plus, it reduces the possibility of human error by standardising the process, making it more accurate and consistent. This tool allows our Project Managers to jump straight into the detail!

Who can use it? The main goal is to make it easier and much quicker for teams to get going on any project they endeavour, so any company, no matter its size, can benefit from this solution. Anybody who likes to be organised and finds themselves doing the same process over and over will find this tool helpful. This tool has opened our eyes to the possibilities of automation, making us think about other departments that could benefit from a launcher-style tool, such as HR when onboarding new starters and Marketing for preparing campaigns.

“The Project Launcher has been a total game changer! It takes out the basic administration allowing us to focus on the actual planning and nuance of each project. It has saved us around 30-minutes worth of menial tasks at the start of every project – that’s 5 hours for every 10 projects!”

Jess Nolan, Head of PMO, Netpremacy

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