Netpremacy can Help to Protect your investment

We understand that security is of paramount importance for most organisations when choosing a technology partner. Storing your data in The Cloud can be a new and scary prospect for many, with lots of questions as to where your data will be stored and being reassured that your data is safe. Working with Google, we are able to provide you with a solution that reaches all the top security certifications and regulatory compliance, giving you piece of mind that your data is safe.


Providing End-to-End Security

Google's security model is an end-to-end process with over 15 years of extensive experience ensuring customer data is kept safe in Google applications. Google Cloud Platform also applies the same security to model to all of its respective applications and data. Find out more about Google's security model in the whitepapers below.

Security Whitepaper >>

Infrastructure Security Design Overview Whitepaper >>

Encryption at Rest Whitepaper >>

Centralised Security Team

A team consisting over 750 experts are dedicated to ensuring your data storage maintains integrity. The Information Security team is tasked with ensuring that defence systems, security policies and processes as well as security infrastructure are maintained to the highest of standards. Notable achievements include discovering the Heartbleed vulnerability, implementing a rewards scheme for reporting security concerns and designing an 'SSL by default' policy.

Our Compliance and Accreditations

All Google (and Google Cloud) products comply with strict standards and have received a number of ISO accreditations along with complying to a number of international compliance policies, including EU Data Protection.

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