Scale with Netpremacy and Google Cloud: Event summary

14 October 2019

Scale with Netpremacy and Google Cloud – Event success!

At Netpremacy, we are thrilled to have a collaborative relationship with Google which enables us to hold events at some of the most sought after venues in the UK. Last week, we joined Google at their head office in Central London to host our latest event, our SMB Summit 2019, Scale with Netpremacy and Google Cloud.

During our recent event we shared insights from our customer success team at Netpremacy about how to get the most out of Google Cloud and how Google’s behind-the-scenes security functions keep our data and devices safe every day. 

We had speakers from all corners of Google Cloud discussing how partnerships are key to the growth of Google and and how Google’s personalised solutions enables small/medium businesses to thrive and grow. 

Our clients; Ovo Energy and Your Golf Travel / also joined us to share their experiences of scaling their businesses using Google Cloud applications. 

To recap the insights from the SMB Summit, we have highlighted our key points from our esteemed speakers and panelists here:

Netpremacy Google Cloud event Netpremacy’s first step of change and digital transformation is identifying something that needs to be solved, then most importantly, implementing that soution well and learning from it to develop the next phase of transformation.

Alastair Lumley, Google Cloud Account Manager, Netpremacy

Google and Netpremacy events


Why are Google Partners so important? Partners like Netpremacy work as an extended part of the Google team, providing customer support, bespoke solutions and can develop Google products to meet a customer’s unique need. Partners are engaged in every opportunity with a customer and enables scale and digital transformation. 

Mark King, Partner Manager, Google


Ovo Energy and Netpremacy

Netpremacy’s implementation of G Suite has transformed the way Ovo Energy manage the IT function as a rapidly growing challenger brand, enabling a seamless and secure experience for both employees and customers. The use of G Suite has enabled a more productive working environment without IT disruptions, which has led to Ovo Energy being voted as one of the The Sunday Times ‘Top 100 Companies to Work For’. – Richard Tucker, Senior Enterprise Technology Manager, Ovo Energy

Netpremacy smb eventHow can we help to serve you better? Netpremacy defines their Customer Success Service function as the proactive engagement with customers to deliver long-term success by building relationships and helping them realise the full potential of a product or service.

Jacob O’Hara, Customer Success Services Manager, Netpremacy


netpremacy and google cloud eventGmail already exponentially improves productivity, with features such as smart reply, built-in chat and add ons. However, Google Cloud is currently developing a Gmail hub to become a ‘one tab to rule them all’ with AI at your fingertips, eliminating cumbersome cross-tab activity, allowing you to work on what truly matters.

Roman Sorocan, G Suite Specialist, Google


Netpremacy eventsWhy are businesses moving to Google Cloud Platform?

To reduce infrastructure costs, improve reliability and scale smoothly

To more rapidly build new apps and experiences

To gain more value from data and predict business outcomes

To make teams productive with secure mobile / devices

Google Cloud can help you meet existing needs and reinvent your future. – Denis Casey, SMB Manager, Google

Google Cloud and NetpremacyCloud technology is becoming the new standard:

73% of organisations are using cloud technology

84% of companies have multi-cloud strategies

However only 10% of workloads are on the cloud, meaning that many IT projects remain on-premise

This shows that there is still plenty of opportunities to unlock more value for your business.

Louis Fontaine, Google SMB Manager, Google

“With Google Cloud Platform your team can focus on your business, not your infrastructure”

Netpremacy Your Golf TravelSince integrating Google Cloud into their business in 2013, Your Golf Travel / have utilised the full scope of Google’s Machine Learning portfolio such as BigQuery as an enabler to extract data from other systems, including e-commerce platforms to analyse data and make better business decisions.

Stephen Lewis, CTO, Your Golf Travel /


netpremacy events Unlock the power of BigQuery to gain insights into your business’s data through both real-time (streaming) and batch analytics at the same time. Get started with BigQuery to empower and influence your business during key decision making with analysis and visualisation of massive datasets.

Nadeem Sharieff, Data Engineer, Netpremacy 

Finally; the leading advice provided by the breadth of cloud experts for small/medium businesses is to simply get started with the cloud. Utlise some of the tools on a small, experimental scale, explore how the tools can be used as a pivotal role in your business’s future growth. Structure your business with the tools it needs to scale upwards, starting with Cloud as a baseline.

Netpremacy panelists

Netpremacy’s Change Management / CSS  team can help your team to plan for scale, from initial discovery and planning through to deployment and support. 

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