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01 May 2019

jacob oharaI have a love/hate relationship with my job title. While ‘Customer Success Manager’ is a bit broad, it’s the perfect explanation of what I do at Netpremacy. The term ‘success’ is subjective and can be hard to measure. This makes it tricky to explain what I actually do – but I’ll try my best!

My official responsibility is to “drive post-deployment customer success”, and to help customers get the full benefit of the Google toolset at their fingertips.

Once a business switches to G Suite, they can find it difficult to keep the momentum up beyond the initial rollout. The date of the project ‘Go-live’ signifies an important milestone, but it’s important to bear in mind that this is only the beginning of the journey.

My role – and that of the Customer Success Services team – is to work closely with organisations post-deployment on a daily basis to advise on technical changes, navigate through change management initiatives, and ultimately create a better working environment for the employees.

To give an example, one of our newer customers wanted my help to better secure their environment. One of their projects was to prevent applications from accessing corporate data unless it was approved by the IT team. The ‘point of no return’ during this process was when we started to block applications that we didn’t recognise.

Part of my responsibility as a Customer Success Manager is to find the middle-ground, ensuring that while users might be limited in their actions (for good reason!); they are still able to positively influence change.

In this instance, we set up a simple two-click form for users to effortlessly submit new application requests, which gets immediately escalated to the IT security team.

I help customers with all types of questions and queries, ranging from security focused, such as the example above, through to product adoption, handling new releases, influencing wider organisational change through technology or simply connecting customers with similar challenges together!

The regular engagement we have with our customers helps with handling tasks like these. Through operational calls, on-site campaigns, and business impact surveys, we get a good feel for the accepted rate of change within individual businesses.

By gathering feedback from strategic, operational, and end-user levels, we can measure out these changes to ensure they’re being made at the right time and set at an appropriate pace.

Being a Customer Success Manager allows me to get involved in a really diverse set of requests and initiatives, both technical and change-oriented in nature. Acting as a liaison between Google and our customers can sometimes throw a spanner (or two) in the works – but the challenge of finding this middle-ground is really what makes the role enjoyable.

It’s not always plain sailing though: With the fast rate of change within the technology sector, it’s not possible to know everything all the time! I’m blessed to work with a range of intelligent, gracious, and understanding customers.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Customer Success Services team and how they can support your business with achieving digital transformation, please find more information here:

Customer Success Services

With deep knowledge and trusted partnerships, Netpremacy’s Customer Success Services

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