Be prepared for an outbreak with Google’s technology stack

05 March 2020

Be prepared for an outbreak with Google’s technology stack

Why Remote working is a great solution

Worried about the spreading of coronavirus?

Want to make sure your business is protected and can continue to function in case of a pandemic?

Has your business considered remote working with G Suite? This will not only make your workplace future proof but could also be the solution to the prevention of spreading the coronavirus. 

Companies have more options to keep their employees safe and germ-free whilst still keeping the business running. This now has to seriously be taken into consideration as we see more cases cropping up around the world, and as they say “prevention is better than cure”. 

Remote working on G Suite could come in handy to help to ease the spread of the virus as it allows employees to work from any device, from the comfort of their own homes. Meaning people can avoid taking public transport where the virus is most likely to be contracted. Using Google Hangouts is a great alternative to having face-to-face meetings, and making use of offline working with Gmail and Drive is a good way to help your employees continue to be productive and efficient no matter where they find themselves.

It is also suggested that your business should establish a contingency plan just in case someone in the office does contract the virus. We suggest 2 weeks of self-isolation, working from home. 

To learn more about how remote working will benefit your business, read our blog on how this is made easy with G Suite, or contact us for more information.

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