Build a world Class Intranet


LumApps is an enterprise portal that brings everything you need to work in one place: corporate and profiled content, G Suite and business apps, dashboards, directory, and communities.

Be More Efficient

LumApps brings all your corporate content and enterprise tools in one place.


LumApps helps you to stay informed with social features. Follow people, join projects and be notified on topics that matters. You can stay updated and share your comments regardless of whether you are at the office or not.


Search for people, skills, locations or teams and reach out to the right people in your company. Find your contacts details and social activities. And everything is synchronized with Google’s G Suite.

Core Features

- Design and style customization (the portal fits the visual identity of the company)

- Structured information (the portal is organized at a corporate level) and profiled content

- 360° internal communications (top-down, bottom-up, transversal, targeted, one to one…)

- Collaboration suite (Gmail, Drive, Calendar) and IS integration (dashboards of business apps)

- A SaaS solution based on Google Cloud Platform