Why Google Cloud Platform?


Google Cloud Platform frees you from the overhead of managing infrastructure, provisioning servers and configuring networks.

Google Cloud Platform allows you to enable transformation to your business and revolutionise the way that you build, deploy and manage web and mobile applications. Thanks to serverless provisioning, you no longer have to worry about infrastructure to support your scalability.


Find out how Coca-Cola use Google Cloud Platform to scale without restriction for some of the world's biggest sporting events.



Pocket Gem use App Engine to power and scale gaming applications to thousands of mobile gamers across the globe.



Atom Fiction harness the power of GCP to render special effects for some of the world's biggest television shows and movies.

Why Google Cloud Platform

Infrastructure for the future

High performing, highly secure cost-effective on a global scale. Google's cloud is future-proof.

Powerful Data & Analytics

Use Big Data and Machine Learning to get answers quicker, develop better products and power amazing applications.

Fully Managed, Serverless Computing

From initial prototypes to global scale production, you won't have to worry about reliability, capacity or performance.

Cost-Effective Pricing

Pricing innovations such as per-minute billing and sustained use discounts mean you save money. As efficiency improves, savings are passed to you.

Innovative Data Centres

Google's network is supported by thousands of miles of fibre optic cables that utilise software-defined networking to deliver consistent, fast and scalable performance.

Scalable Security

Launch on a cloud platform that is protected and monitored by over 700 top security experts in application, information and network security.

Why Google is Different

Connected to the world on a global fibre network. Analytics that power through terabytes in minutes.

Here's what's available now.

Serverless Apps

Build, run and deploy applications with ease using App Engine.

Custom Machine Types

Compute Engine, tailored to your needs and budget - by you.

Containers Made Easy

Use container engine to implement Kubernetes the fastest way possible.

Process terabytes in minutes

No cluster required. Start Big Query, load, select and go.

Stream, Batch, Or both

Deliver high-scale data processing with Cloud data flow using an Open Source API

Deep Learning Management

Interpret images, text and more with Cloud Machine Learning

Multiple Cloud Management

Manage both Cloud Platform and AWS workloads from a single pane thanks to StackDriver

Autoscaling Worldwide

Scale from Zero to 1 million queries in a second without pre-warming using Cloud Load Balancing

Pay Only For What You Use

Thanks to innovative per-minute billing and custom machines, only pay for the resources you need.

Cloud Platform Products

ComputeEngine_128 CloudStorage_128 CloudNetworking_128  machinelearningidentitylogo

Build, deploy and maintain your product using the same technology as Google.


Google Cloud Platform provide a scalable range of computing options to suit your most pressing requirements, such as single-instance VM's and global, load balanced services. Google Compute provides high customizable VM's with comprehensive features utilising customer-friendly pricing, with the option to deploy and launch code directly or with containers. Use container engine to utilise fully managed Kubernetes clusters to launch, maintain and orchestrate containers at scale, whilst App Engine allows you to use a flexible platform that lets you focus on your code, without concern of operational details of deployment and management.

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Storage and Databases

Google Cloud Platform has cloud storage provisions that cover every possibility. From three different Object Storage options as well as a fully managed MySQL and scalable global NoSQL databases, Google's archival storage provides industry leading pricing options benefitting from the performance of disc.

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Google utilises a high-quality private network that connects to all regional locations with over 100 global network points allowing you to have a closer presence to your users. Google Cloud Platform also uses state of the art software-define networking that allows distributed technology systems to host and manage your services around the globe. We know that ever millisecond of latency counts and Google ensures they deliver content with the lowest amount of latency.

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Big Data

Google offer an integrates Big Data solution that's integrated and proven, based on years of innovative work that allows you to capture, process and analyse your data in a single platform. Thanks to Google Cloud Platform, you can now focus on finding insights rather than worrying about the management and maintenance of your infrastructure and combined with native cloud services and open source tools as and when needed, your data can be analysed in both batch and stream mode.

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Machine Learning

Machine Learning from Google Cloud Platform provides users with modern machine learning services, with pre-defines models and the ability to create your own bespoke models. Google's neutral internet-based Machine Learning service has increased training performance with high detail accuracy compared to other large-scale, deep learning systems. Services are efficient, scalable and easy to use. major Google Applications such as Gmail and Photos utilise cloud machine learning. Googles Machine Learning platform is available to bring unparalleled scale and speed to your business applications.

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Identity and Security

Google's security model is a fully managed end-to-end process, built capitalising on over 15 years of experience, dedicated to ensuring your data is kept safe on Google applications. Google Cloud Platform uses the same security model (built by over 700 industry experts) that your applications and data can take full advantage of.  Read more on Google's security model:

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Management and Development Tools

Use Google's Cloud Management tools to get a full circle view of your applications in Google Cloud Platform as well as various diagnostic tools. Manage API's, Real-time monitoring on GCP and AWS and deployment management templates to simplify the work you do. With Google's Cloud Development tools, you get a collection of libraries and tools that can increase workflow efficiency. Whether you're looking for a better way to debug code or looking for a way to manage resources from the command line, Google has the tools to make your life easier.