Why Google Cloud Platform?


Google Cloud Platform frees you from the overhead of managing infrastructure, provisioning servers and configuring networks.

Google Cloud Platform allows you to enable transformation to your business and revolutionise the way that you build, deploy and manage web and mobile applications. Thanks to serverless provisioning, you no longer have to worry about infrastructure to support your scalability.

Cloud Compute


Introducing the perfect platform for your workload.

Google's Compute Engine provides you with highly customisable virtual machines with an unlimited amount of features and for a lower-than-you-think price, you have the option to deploy your code directly or with container engines. Googles Container Engine allows you to utilise fully-managed, Kubernetes cluster to deploy, manage and configure containers at scale. This combined with Google's App Engine means you can spend less time focussing on operational details of infrastructure management/deployments and focus more time on developing your code

Cloud Storage and Databases


Whatever your storage requirements, Google Cloud Platform has you covered.

Offering you varying options from managed mySQL databases to global, scalable NoSQL Databases, this is just the start. Google Cloud Storage is a scalable storage service providing you with a durable, secure and cost-efficient way to store unstructured data. Each storage option (optimised for different use cases), can be accessed through a single API to facilitate efforts such has high throughput streaming and backup/disaster recovery data.

Cloud Networking


Utilise Google's high quality, private network to connect to over 100 global network points meaning allowing you to be closer to your user than ever before. Google Cloud Platform benefits from state of the art networking and distribution technologies to host and deliver service across the world. We can guarantee that your network is provided with, and your content is delivered with, with the absolute lowest levels of latency possible.

Big Data


Thanks to years of innovation, Google have developed an end to end Big Data solution that allows you to capture, store, manage and analyse data in a single platform. With Google Cloud Platform, you spend more time getting results and less time worrying about your infrastructure. Furthermore, you can combine open-source tools with cloud-native services, as and when you need in both, batch and stream mode.

Cloud Machine Learning


Google Cloud Machine Learning facilitates modern machine learning services with pre-trained models, and the option to utilise a service to generate your own Machine Learning models. Googles innovation has allowed for increased accuracy and better training performance compared to other large scale learning systems. Google Cloud Machine Learning is fast, scalable and easy to use, so much so that many of Googles Apps such as Photo's and Translate use Machine Learning.

Identity and Security

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Built on 15 years of experience, Google's security model is an end-to-end process meaning the focus still remains firmly on keeping data secure in applications such as Gmail, Search and other Google Apps. Take advantage of the same security model for your applications and data in Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Management Tools

Use Google's cloud-native application management tools that aid in the development, deployment and management of your cloud applications. Stackdriver provides real-time monitoring across cloud platforms with a helpful set of diagnostics tools, whilst managing your apps using a web-based console, mobile app or a cloud shell, providing you access instantly to command line through your browser.