Pixelbook Go: Lightweight Chromebook for people on the go

14 January 2020

Lightweight Chromebook ideal for people on the go 


At Netpremacy we are always keeping on top of new trends and the latest technology, so when we got word of the new Pixelbook Go coming to the market we couldn’t contain our excitement

The Pixelbook Go is the latest edition to the Chromebook collection, there are two colorways for the Pixelbook Go “Just Black” and “Not Pink” for those who prefer a choice. 

This is topped with a range of powerful processor options and up to 12 hours of battery life. Chromebooks are widely known for how long the power lasts, and the Pixelbook Go is no exception. The superfast charging means you get 2 hours of battery use from charging for just 20 minutes.

Working on the move is made easier with Pixelbook Go, as the total weight is less than 1kg and a slender 13mm depth. A new case design to the bottom of the Chromebook means that the sleek and textured base makes it easy to carry too, and it won’t weigh down your bag!

Start up time has been reduced to literally seconds thanks to the 8th Gen Intel Core processor which is super fast and responsive. Say goodbye to loading time and a device that slows down over time. The Google Pixelbook Go does not slow down and keeps on performing just as good as the first day you bought it. 

On top of the sleek design and colorways, the 13.3” screen is a touch screen with a 4k high definition display. This is topped with a high-resolution duo cam. The 1080p webcam makes video chatting almost feel like real life! The dual front-firing speakers also demonstrate stereo quality sound, whether you are listening to your favourite artist on YouTube or using  Hangouts to speak with colleagues halfway across the world. 

All of these features are of course excellent, but what about security? 

Well… security is at the forefront of Google technology, and we believe this is something that should always be looked into and not an afterthought. The Pixelbook Go has your back with built-in virus protection so you can surf the web worry-free knowing that you are protected from nasty malware and viruses. Your data is also secure with the Titan C security chip, which ensures that your information, passwords, and operating systems are protected. Automatic updates ensure that your Chromebook is always up to date so you have the latest security software installed. 

These are just some of the advantages of the new Pixelbook Go. If you want to find out more about the benefits your business can see by using Chromebooks feel free to contact our team for more information. You can view our recent case study, on how we enabled a more collaborative way of working for OVO Energy through the implementation of Chromebooks, and other chrome products.

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