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Building the foundations to a more data-driven organisation

Building the foundations to a more data-driven organisation

Data. Your organisation has plenty of it, but are you using it to its full potential? Whether you want to understand more about your customers or improve workforce management, some fundamentals are the key to your data project’s success.


In this webinar, you’ll uncover:

⋅ The questions your business needs to ask before starting your data journey

⋅ The tools you need for each stage of data discovery

⋅ How to choose the data for your first project.

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Event Speakers


Alix Munroe Headshot

Alix is an experienced sales specialist in our Google Cloud unit. Her background lies in cyber security and compliance, focusing on keeping business data secure. She has an honest, down-to-earth demeanour and a true passion for helping clients maximise their potential. She easily connects with her audiences, capturing their engagement from the moment she steps in front of them, leaving them feeling empowered, focused and ready to tackle the most complex cyber security challenges. When not connecting with clients or hosting webinars, Alix can be found running after her two dogs, two cats and 7-year-old son - one of which is guaranteed to pop up on screen during a video call!





Brendan Hills Headshot

Brendan is a certified Google Cloud Engineer and has been an advocate for cloud technology for many years. He graduated with a Master of Science (MSc) and Cognitive Science at the University of Melbourne and has earnt several certifications over the years, including Professional Machine Learning Engineer, Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer, and Professional Cloud Architect. With a background in architecture, databases, AI and Machine Learning, Brendan is experienced in communicating complex solutions to a range of stakeholders, from C-Suite to developers and data teams. His passion is getting to know his customer’s business world and using that understanding to help them quickly and effectively develop innovative software to solve their problems and grow their business. He gets a great deal of satisfaction from learning new technologies and passing on that knowledge, enabling teams to deliver the best technical solutions.





Tom Anderson Headshot (2)

Tom is Netpremacy's GCP expert who has a solid foundation in IT project design and delivery, with extensive knowledge in consultancy providing quality solutions to business problems. Tom is extremely customer-focused, with experience as CloudCare Manager, enabling businesses to capitalise on the potential of GCP, and previously as a Presales Consultant, empowering organisations to unleash the power of cloud computing. Tom gained his Masters of Physics and Batchelor of Science with Honours Class II Division I at Leeds University. He has earnt several Google Cloud certifications during his career, including Professional Cloud Architect, Professional Collaboration Engineer, and Cloud Digital Leader. Tom has a genuine passion for technology and is an excellent communicator to his peers, making him the perfect spokesperson for all things data!


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