New Google Meet Features

17 July 2020

Google announces more features for the ultimate video conferencing experience


Since lockdown began, Google Meet has grown in popularity and demand. Thanks to Google Meet, colleagues have been able to stay connected, companies have been able to live stream to a remote workforce, virtual healthcare visits have allowed care to continue, and schools have maintained collaborative contact with students. This is all down to the amazing technology we have available at our fingertips. 

With plenty of video conferencing tools available, it can be quite difficult to distinguish which is the best on the market. Google Meet, which is now free for everyone, is launching several updates that will allow for the ultimate video conferencing experience. 

A New, Customisable Background
The long-awaited customisable background will soon be available to use in Google Meet. In addition, it will be possible to blur out your background, which is especially useful if you are sharing your workspace with family or pets and want to make sure calls are uninterrupted and free from distraction. Netpremacy will find this update really helpful during our webinars, as we will be able to make the experience for our viewers even more smooth and streamlined.

Nest Hub Max Integration
A high-tech, smart solution to help virtual meetings run seamlessly is the integration of Nest Hub Max with Google Meet. It will soon be possible to join meetings with just one click or a voice command through your smart home display. This is great for those who may not have room at home for dedicated office space, so you can free up your laptop and work from anywhere in the house.

Extended Tile View
The last update saw the tile view layout reach a maximum of 16 people, making for more fun and collaborative experience. With more people working remotely and relying on Google Meet to stay connected, Google will increase it to 49 participants. This means whole organisations, or larger teams, can all be visible on a call, making it the most connected, collaborative, and streamlined experience yet. 

Hand Raising
Google has not only announced long-awaited updates, but they have thought about the finer details to make the enhancements seamless in so many ways. The new extended tile view layout is great, but the accompanying “hand-raising” tool makes it even better. This allows participants in a larger call to “raise their hand” if they have a question or want to contribute to the meeting. Making a more organised, and smooth experience. 


Netpremacy’s Top 5 Updates

Netpremacy was born in the cloud, our teams are incredibly familiar with Google Meet. The new updates add more inclusiveness and make the sessions more seamless in a remote environment. The most exciting benefit of the updates is how they will affect our webinars. The introduction of the below features will allow us to have complete control and increase engagement, which makes an even greater experience for our audience. 

1. Meeting attendance: This will make it easier to track who attended, so we can follow up efficiently and make sure attendees receive collateral and the slides/recording of the webinar.
2. Breakout rooms: We try and personalise the experience for our attendees, as we want to make sure everyone leaves with valuable information. These breakout rooms will give the opportunity to ask the experts directly.
3. Q&A: Our team of experts that deliver these webinars tries to answer as many questions as possible, if not all, so this Q&A channel will make it easier to monitor and direct the questions without disrupting the flow of the webinar.
4. Additional moderator controls: The introduction of more controls, makes the experience smoother. So muting, presenting, even joining the webinar is an afterthought for the speaker, as the hosts can organise and monitor, making it a polished experience for all.
5. Polling: Real-time polling is also a new feature that will be added to Google Meet. We can ask for instant feedback and can get an idea for what content our audience wants to hear in future sessions there and then.

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To help businesses stay connected and to continue working, we have been offering G Suite Essentials to new customers, which includes Meet, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and it’s free of charge until 30th September 2020.

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