Rentokil benefit from Netpremacy’s in-depth knowledge of G Suite and Chrome

29 November 2019

Rentokil has been a user of Google technologies for 11 years


rentokil logo-01Netpremacy and Rentokil have been working in partnership for just over a year after Google recommended Netpremacy for their in-depth knowledge of G Suite and Chrome. Netpremacy’s team exudes passion for Google’s technology, providing Rentokil with a perfect fit as their Google technology partner.

Rentokil has been a user of Google technologies for 11 years and was one of the original enterprise adopters of G Suite. Working with Netpremacy as a Premier Partner means that Rentokil is able to reach a wider audience at Google, gaining from Netpremacy’s equally long-standing partnership and experiences working alongside Google Cloud.

Rentokil found that their desire to shift from Windows to Chrome environments became a challenge due to the limited experience and knowledge within their previous partner’s range of expertise. Netpremacy was able to demonstrate their experience and knowledge of delivering successful Google Chrome change management programs.

The Netpremacy team joined Rentokil at their offices to spend time with stakeholders from sales, customer care and IT to understand the challenges and questions concerning moving to Chrome. Being on-site with Rentokil meant that Netpremacy had a full understanding of the day to day business operations and recognised the challenges in moving to chrome from multiple perspectives.

“We’d been trying to migrate to Chrome from quite some time, so Netpremacy arranged for Simon (Account Director) and Kevin (Customer Success Manager) to spend two or three days at our Leeds depot with personas from various departments, to learn the business and understand the challenges they were facing with the move to Chrome and explain how the technology could help them. This is an example of how the account team goes over and above.” – Ed Higgs, Group Director of IT Shared Services at Rentokil Initial

In order to further drive adoption of ChromeOS across Rentokil’s UK offices, Netpremacy once again spent time with Rentokil’s stakeholders to drive adoption of the full GSuite portfolio by explaining how the technology will help their job within the business’s ecosystem. It was valuable for the Netpremacy team to explain the benefits in layman’s terms for all users to understand and adopt straight away, working in conjunction with BenQ a Jamboard was provided to engage with employees to drive intrigue and excitement leading building towards the further adoption of Chromebooks across the business.

Rentokil continues to deploy Chrome devices across the 75 countries that they operate within. Netpremacy is helping Rentokil to scale their operations by creating a central IT capability which can be disseminated by their Champions network to drive passion for technology and engagement with Chrome within their diverse geographical regions.

“We are limited in the amount of IT resource we have globally, so Netpremacy is helping us to create that central capability that can infuse all of the Champions with their passion for Chrome.”  – Ed Higgs, Group Director of IT Shared Services at Rentokil Initial

Netpremacy is seen as an extension to Rentokil’s internal IT team, providing governance, fresh ideas and proactively bringing opportunities and introducing new functionalities. Netpremacy also proudly supported Rentokil at their annual UK & RoW Conference and provided end-user Google and Chrome engagement days at their UK offices to demonstrate devices, raise awareness and engagement. Internally, Rentokil has lean IT team supporting over 45,000 G Suite accounts and 4,000 Chromebooks globally, but this scale of technology is manageable with Netpremacy’s support, as part of an extended team to Rentokil.

Rentokil is an ambitious, acquisitional company, growing rapidly having acquired over 200 companies in the last three years alone. This has meant that their G Suite estate is also growing. The project of consolidating these G Suite instances is key to their 2020 plans with Netpremacy. The continuation of driving their champions network for Chrome OS adoption is also key for their future plans.

“That triumvirate between ourselves (Rentokil), Netpremacy and Google has worked really well for creating an actionable plan for the business’s IT future.”

“We have about 16,000 devices out there, 4,000 Chromebooks in use across 26 countries, in the next 2-4 year we want to have 15,000 chrome devices across 75 countries with Netpremacy as our partner to drive adoption, engagement and support.”

-Ed Higgs, Group Director of IT Shared Services at Rentokil Initial

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