Chrome for Retail

Chrome devices aren’t just to be used in the office or for work.

With great uses such as kiosks, digital signage and more, you can transform your Chrome device into a retail solution for interacting with your customers.

Digital Kiosks

Use Chrome devices as digital kiosks in your retail or public space. Whether as a check-in device in hotels, as a resource in libraries, for ordering online in clothing stores or as pictured here, as printing kiosks in photography stores. Because Chrome devices are so easy to manage and great value to money, more and more organisations are seeing the value in deploying these devices as a cost effective solution to answer their digital strategies.

Digital Signage

Use Chromeboxes as a cost effective solution to provide on-target messages to your customers. With huge environmental and cost saving benefits, Chrome for digital signage allows you to change your messaging as frequently as you need to, with no printing delays. You can even target your message per customer that walks in your store, or per the weather, for example. Easy to manage, the Chromebox makes a great solution for display marketing.

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