Machine Learning at Large Scale

Machine Learning Engine from Google Cloud Platform allows an easier way to build comprehensive, large-scale machine learning models that cover a variety of scenarios, from image classification to translation services. Machine Learning Engine is portable and fully managed with sophisticated integrations to other Cloud Data Platform products such as Google Cloud Storage and Big Data Services.

Intuitive Job Search and Discovery

Jobs API from Google Cloud provides a powerful and intuitive job search that anticipates the next steps from job seekers to give them targetted recommendations that help them find end users their next dream job. In order to give comprehensive and relevant search results and recommendations, the API utilises machine learning to understand how job titles and skills can relate to one another, providing search results that are the closest match to the jobseeker's preferences, taking into consideration job content, location and seniority.

Powerful Analysis of Video

Video Intelligence API from Google Cloud allows you to search and discover videos by extracting metadata, identifying key nouns and annotating the content of the video. By calling an easy-to-use REST API, you can now search every moment of a video file in your library along with each occurrence of key nouns and their significance. Retrieve relevant information by video, shot or frame, separating signal from noise.

Powerful Image Analysis

Vision API from Google Cloud enables you to comprehend the content of images by utilising revolutionary machine learning models. Vision API quickly classifies images into thousands of categories, detects individual objects within images and can also detect and read printed words contained within an image.

Powerful Speech Recognition

Speech API from Google Cloud allows you to analyse and convert audio to text by utilising neural network models in an easy to use API. Speech API recognises over 80 languages and variants supporting your global user base. Speech API can transcribe users dictating to an applications microphone or enable command-and-control through voice.

Powerful Text Analysis

The Natural Language API from Google Cloud exposes structures and meanings of text by using powerful models from Machine Learning. Use the Natural Language API to extract information about places, events and much more that are mentioned in text documents, blog posts or news articles. You can also utilise the API to reveal the sentiments of your products on social media, or intent from customer conversations in a call centre or popular messaging apps.

Dynamic and Fast Translation

The Translation API from Google Cloud gives you a simple and programmatic interface to translate a random string of a supported language. The API is highly responsive which means websites and applications can integrate with Translation API for a dynamic and fast translation of text from the originally published languages to the defined translation language (e.g Russian to English).