Compute from Google Cloud Platform

Google's data centres and global fibre network allows Google Compute Engine to run Virtual Machines any place, any time. The Compute Engine's tooling and workflow allow for scaling of a single instance to load-balance, global cloud computing. Delivered with consistent performance, Compute Engines Virtual Machines boot quickly and come with persistent disk storage. Google's virtual servers are available in a multitude of configurations or, depending on your requirements, the option to create Custom Machine Types specifically optimised to your needs.

Scalable, High Performance VMs

Deliver virtual machines using Google Compute Engine running on Google's innovative data centres and worldwide fibre network. Thanks to tooling and workflow support from Compute Engine, it enables scaling from single instances to global, load-balanced cloud computing. VMs in Compute Engine boot quickly and come with persistent, high-performing local disk options and deliver consistent performance. Google's virtual servers are available in a multitude of configurations with the opportunity to select predefined sizes and the option to create Custome Machine Types, tailored to your specific needs. Compute Engine is available with flexible pricing and automatic sustained use discounts making it the leader in price and performance.

Scale Automatically and Build Applications

Google App Engine will provide you with the resources and built-in services such as APIs, NoSQL databases, memcache and a user authentication API, commonly used in most applications. App Engine will scale an application automatically responding to the traffic it receives, meaning you only pay for the resources and services that you use. App Engine is simple, just upload your code and Google Cloud Platform will manage the availability of your applications, meaning you no longer require provision or single server maintenance.

Automated Container Management

Container Engine from Google is a powerful orchestration and cluster management system utilised for powering your Docker containers. Compute Engine schedules containers into a cluster, maintaining them and also managing them automatically based on bespoke user defined requirements (such as memory and CPU). Based on Kubernetes, the leading open-source orchestration system, allowing you to take full advantage of the hybrid, on-premises or public cloud infrastructure.

Privatised Container Docker Images

Use Google Cloud Platform to store your private container images and get a fast, scalable retrieval and deployment. Container Registry is a repository that integrates with popular continuous delivery systems. Running on Cloud Platform, it provides consistent uptime on an infrastructure protected by Google's comprehensive security policy. With Container Registry, you only pay for the storage and internet egress you use.

Google's Infrastructure and Serverless Applications

Fully serverless models have made cloud computing possible, where logic can be launched on-demand in response to events originating from anywhere. You can build applications from small business logic with Cloud Functions, billed to the nearest 100 milliseconds, only once your code is running. Serve users from zero to global capacity, without managing a single infrastructure.