Cloud Storage from Google

Cloud Storage has been redefined thanks to Google, changing expectations of what the industry can expect from an online storage solution. By providing a unified offering across the spectrum, from data tapping by today's most demanding applications to cloud archiving solutions. Google Cloud Platform offers a full suite of industry-leading storage services to meet your needs whether that be structured, unstructured, transactional or relational data to accompany your applications needs.

Cloud SQL

Cloud SQL is a complete, fully managed database service that allows for an easy setup, maintenance, management and administration of relational MySQL and PostgreSQL databases in Google Cloud. Cloud SQL provides a high performing, scalable and convenient storage option. Hosted on Google Cloud Platform, Cloud SQL provides a database infrastructure for running applications anywhere.

Bigtable from Google Cloud

Use Bigtable from Google Cloud to provide a massively scalable, NoSQL database suitable for low-latency and high-throughput workloads. Bigtable integrates with popular Big Data tools such as Hadoop and Spark and also supports open-source, industry-standard HBaseAPI. Cloud Bigtable is a great choice for both analytical and operational applications.

Cloud Spanner (BETA)

Cloud Spanner from Google Cloud offers a mission critical, fully managed relational database service built from the ground up and tested extensively for transactional consistency, global scale and highest availability. With traditional relational semantics (schemas, ACID transactions, SQL) and synchronous, automatic replication with high availability, Cloud Spanner is a unique database service of it's kind on the market.

Google Cloud Datastore

Cloud Datastore gives you a highly available, document orientated database as a service. Cloud Datastore is fully managed so there's no need to deploy, configure or manage your database solution. Cloud Datastore also comes with a comprehensive admin dashboard, a high energy query engine as well as multiple methods to access the database which makes it an ideal solution for mobile and web workloads.

Persistent Disk

A high-performing service suitable for container storage and VMs, Persistent Disk is an unrivalled solution when it comes to price and performance. Only pay for the capacity you use and are never charged for provisioned IOPS. In addition, Persistent Disk offers an on-demand volume resizing and multi-reader mounts to simply operations.