Network your resources

Google Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Network can provision your Google Cloud Platform resources and allows you to connect or isolate them to each other. Users can all also bespoke define networking policies on Cloud Platform, or anything other cloud infrastructure. The VPC network is a comprehensive set of networking capabilities developed and managed by Google which include granular IP address range selections, firewall, routes, VPNs and a Cloud Router.

Load Balancing and Global Autoscaling

Cloud Load Balancing allows you to scale your applications on Google Compute Engine from zero to planet-scale with no pre-warming required. Your load balanced compute resources can be distributed in single or multiple regions to enable you to be closer to your users and meet the high availability requirements. Google Cloud Load Balancing can store your resources behind a single anycast IP and scale resources up or down with intelligent Autoscaling. Cloud Load Balancing has a variety of options depending on your requirements and is integrated with Google Cloud CDN for optimal content and application delivery.


Global DNS Network with High Availbility

Cloud DNS from Google Cloud is reliable, scalable and managed DNS service running on the same infrastructure as Google. With low latency, high availability, Google Cloud DNS is a cost-effective way to make your services and applications available to your users. Cloud DNS is programmable and can easily manage and publish millions of DNS records and zones using Google's simple user interface, command-line dashboard or API.

Highly Available and Fast Interconnect

Interconnect from Google Cloud allows Cloud platform customers to use high availability enterprise-grade connections to connect via Google with lower latency than existing internet connections. Services are provided by Carrier Interconnect service partners and may offer higher standards of SLAs than typical Internet connections. Direct connections are also supported by Google through direct peering.

Content Delivery Network

Content Deliver Network from Google Cloud leverages edge caches distributed globally by Google, to accelerate content delivery for websites and applications powered by Google Compute Engine. Cloud CDN delivers low network latency, offloads origins whilst reducing serving costs. Cloud CDN is easy to manage, set up your HTTP(S) load balancing and then simply enable Cloud CDN with a single click.