LumApps Consultancy

Connect and engage your teams with corporate news and peer-to-peer information in one easy location.

Our partnership with the employee experience platform, LumApps, helps you streamline communications from a single, shared access point. Connect people, information and applications instantly and get the most out of the platform with our consultancy services.

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Improve business communication with a customised intranet.

  • Design and implement your LumApps project from the ground up, by structuring your site exactly how you want it, whether that’s for onboarding new starters or keeping the company updated on business news.
  • Build dynamic and interactive web pages for a seamless experience for your teams. 
  • Strengthen brand identity with a custom portal tailored to your business needs, from design to functionality.
  • Shape the platform to the unique needs of your employees, from executives and managers to frontline workers.

Revolutionise your business communications.

  • Synchronise your intranet with your Google Workspace applications, such as Drive and Calendar, so your teams can view useful documents with ease and preview upcoming events.
  • Merge your user profiles with Google and connect employees across different countries and time zones, using Google Groups and LumApps’ User Directory.
  • Integrate with other key SaaS platforms, like Salesforce and Zendesk, to ensure collaboration and productivity is at maximum efficiency.


Guarantee LumApps success from day one.

  • Upskill your teams in the quickest way possible with your tailored training plan.
  • Organise and define your visibility and permission settings so the right people in your business can create content and contribute on the platform.
  • Ensure content editors use best practices and can contribute effectively to the platform.
  • Empower different teams to collaborate, without IT, using the codeless, intuitive Content Management System.

Create an inclusive community culture.

  • Engage employees from any device or location with targeted and personalised content.
  • Create custom communities within LumApps and let your employees have their voices heard.
  • Improve company culture, enable collaboration and knowledge sharing, and get your employees to like and comment on articles they enjoy.
  • Create social communities for people to join projects and get notified on topics that matter to them, allowing them to stay updated, whether they are in the office or not.

Why Netpremacy?

Gain a partner, not just another provider. We only work with businesses that want to work alongside us as one team to get next-level outcomes and consistent value-adds. We won’t recommend anything we wouldn’t use ourselves, and if something we deliver isn’t right for you, we won’t recommend it.


We believe in products that support digital transformation. We are proud to partner with LumApps to help you collaborate smarter, work more efficiently, and connect you with your co-workers. Made perfectly for a Google environment, it has everything you need to work in one place. 

Next-level customer care. Far from implementing a solution and leaving it with you, we’ll give you the tools and support you need to achieve your vision and goals. Our team offers hyper care support during and after your LumApps project.