Simplify your business processes

Simplify your business processes

With AODocs, operate more efficiently by providing your employees with easy to use business processes.

In just a few clicks you can configure a job interview process, a publication workflow for your operating procedures, or an incident reporting system.

Manage your business records

With AODocs, implement retention and archival policies to comply with standards and regulations.

You can easily configure your document retention policies for each type of business record, and automatically delete records that have reached their end of life.

Protect your company

Protect your company

With AODocs, keep track of critical business information and operations, and make internal and external audit processes simpler than ever.

Manage and secure your document lifecycle from creation to disposal with retention policies, version control, and more.

AODocs makes it easy for you to get your certifications for ISO 9001 or other industry standards!

Replace your legacy systems

Replace your legacy systems

Save on infrastructure and administration costs by finally shutting down file servers and legacy systems like SharePoint, Lotus Notes, or OpenText for good.

Get advanced document management features with no end-user training and the same great experience you’re used to with Google Drive and other G Suite apps.

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