How businesses can leverage Big Data to be ahead of the game

10 February 2020

How businesses can leverage Big Data to be ahead of the game

Google Big dataBig Data is the latest step in traditional data and business intelligence solutions. When the phrase Big Data is mentioned, there are three important characteristics that are essentially associated with it. Velocity, variety and volume. With Big Data, you now have the ability to make sense and understand large volumes of data, as well as to combine it with data from external sources. Businesses now have access to this through highly scalable and affordable cloud computing. Using Big Data is becoming increasingly popular and is the future approach companies will use to read and understand the data that they are collecting. Businesses can use it to better understand their customers, how they behave and get an enhanced insight into their target audiences, resulting in more efficient sales, marketing and ultimately better ROI. 

Not everyone is a technical guru and that’s ok. Sometimes before delving into technical and more complicated matters, it is easier to explain how Big Data works and how millions of companies worldwide can benefit in many different ways. This is why we have explained in layman’s terms how your company will benefit from Big Data services such as Google BigQuery. 

It has been debated that that data could now be more valuable than oil. This is a scary yet realistic thought in the constantly changing world of technology. Why not capitalize on one of the most valuable assets your company is collecting on a large scale, every single day?

For example, think of a high street retailer and how much data they collect every single day. Sales data, promotional information, store footfall, customer demographics, etc.

Being able to store infinite amounts of data allows you to track and spot trends which would otherwise go unnoticed with a smaller dataset.  For example, organisations are harnessing the processing power of Google Cloud to build ML models to target marketing promotions towards new and untapped potential customers; rather than customers who would otherwise already purchase the product and thus expanding the customer base.

Why Google Cloud?

Google Cloud Platform logo

Google Cloud Platform has a host of services/products that can help organisations with the challenges of storing, processing and analysing enormous quantities of data in close to real-time.  Other services available within the Google Cloud portfolio of products can then be used to enrich the data further;

  • Language Translation
  • Big Query ML predictive analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • External data feeds (Weather, Social Media, etc)

If your company collects massive amounts of data every single day (and many companies around the world do)then there is a strong chance that you can enhance the way you use and analyse data.

Organisations data teams are using their enriched, multi-petabyte datasets to perform incredible real-time analytics on their customers, suppliers, logistics networks and more; providing a competitive edge over their opposition in a highly challenging marketplace.

Big Query is designed to allow your existing data engineers to perform analysis with no further training requirements; data can be extracted from BigQuery using standard SQL commands. BigQuery ML democratizes machine learning by enabling SQL practitioners to build models using existing SQL tools and skills; allowing organisations to harness the power of their data in Google Cloud to build forecasting and other predictive models.

Where does Netpremacy fit in with this? 

Netpremacy has dedicated data engineers that specialise in data analysis, machine learning, BigQuery and much more. We provide bespoke solutions to fit your companies needs. To first establish you need our team to provide consulting services to assess how your company works, what data it is collecting, and how it’s collecting it. We look into what we can do to help you read the data faster and more effectively, which will help to result in better ROI for your business in the long run. 

We are always more than happy to help and to discuss your requirements. To find out more about how you can benefit please contact us. 

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