Netpremacy will be attending Google Next London

14 November 2019

Attending Google Next 19, London? Come and speak to our team!

It’s that time of year again when our team will be pitching up at Google Next in ExCel London for three days of networking, learning and discovery. Every year, Google Next provides us with the opportunity to come together with industry leaders, technology innovators and software developers to discover the future of what’s next with Google Cloud and innovations influencing the industry.

Find us on stand P7 to join the conversation about how Netpremacy is leading in using Google Cloud to transform their customer’s businesses and meet their growth goals. Netpremacy’s team not only helps businesses to consolidate and migrate their data and processes to Google Cloud, but we provide hands-on consultancy and support to change the way people work within the cloud to accelerate productivity, improve collaboration and set their business up for growth. Speak to our team to demystify the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning developments and what it means for you and your business. We look forward to meeting you and discussing how your business can utilise the Google Cloud to fuel growth and strengthen your future.

Google Cloud Next London is a 2-day global exhibition of inspiration, innovation, and education where industry experts gather and learn in a collaborative environment on how the cloud can transform how we work and power everyone’s successes. For more information, please visit the conference website.

Martin Russell NetpremacyIn addition to exhibiting at Google Next London, Martin Russell, our CSS Director at Netpremacy will be speaking about the importance of ‘Going Google’ with support from our customer success team. Martin will discuss how businesses are making the choice to go Google due to a lack of stability, scalability and security which detracts focus from core business products and services. Hear Martin explain how Netpremacy is supporting customers with ongoing strategy and how Netpremacy continues to deliver value years after initial deployment. Understand how businesses get the most from that original decision and see it evolve to the very fabric of how your business operates and collaborates. 

To hear Martin’s thoughts, visit the Cloud Talk theatre from 11:15 am on 20th November. 

We will also be hosting a series of demos with varying subjects on our stand over the course of the two day event. We have a number of our highly skilled tech team on hand to speak about hot Google topics such as Kubernetes, Big Data and Machine Learning. 

Join our team as we demonstrate Google’s most innovative data solutions: 

Steve adams netpremacyGSuite Migration (Beta) Demonstration – Steve Adams 

Technical Deployment Specialist 

G Suite Migrate is a Beta Product/Program available by request to G Suite Business, Enterprise, Enterprise for Education Drive Enterprise customers are eligible to register for the G Suite Migrate beta program. Not available to G Suite Basic, G Suite for Education, and G Suite for Nonprofits.

It used to be AppBridge, a 3rd party Migration Solution that Google Acquired a couple of years ago.

With G Suite Migrate, you’ll be able to securely migrate large amounts of your organization’s data, making the transition to G Suite even easier. Specifically, G Suite Migrate will provide assistance with:

  • Assessment – Quickly scan source environments to help accurately plan for key project milestones and watchpoints 
  • Migration – Quickly migrate valuable data from a variety of sources 
  • Tracking – Quickly identify project progress and health with detailed aggregate and granular logging functionality 


Nadeem NetpremacyBig Query Demonstration – Nadeem Sharieff

Data Engineer

These demos demonstrate how one can leverage key GCP Big Data and Storage services to create solutions that are scalable, performant and cost-efficient. It focuses on leveraging the workflow orchestration capabilities offered by Cloud Composer. It demonstrates how easy it is to author, monitor and schedule pipelines using Cloud Composer. At the same time, it also explores the potential capabilities offered by BigQuery, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Dataproc, Cloud IAP (Identity Aware Proxy) and Google Cloud Storage.It also illustrates the integration of Cloud Composer with Cloud Functions, via triggers. Cloud Composer DAGs are triggered via Google Cloud Functions, that then orchestrates a workflow that comprises of:

  1. A simple ETL using Dataflow that extracts data from Cloud Storage, transforms and loads it into BigQuery
  2. Spark Job reads, analyses and transforms data stored in Cloud Storage using Cloud Dataproc. The analysed and transformed data is then written into BigQuery.

Ian NetpremacyMachine Learning Demonstration – Ian Meikle  

Senior Google Cloud Platform Engineer 

Extracting the sentiment from free text is an area of great interest in many business areas. Companies want to automate the analysis of survey responses, product reviews, social media comments, etc. The powerful pre-trained models of the Google Natural Language API facilitate this

This demo processes a batch of English sentences using the Natural Language API in Google Dataflow, extracting the sentiment score and magnitude before writing the output to GCS as JSON, and also to a BigQuery dataset where it is available for further analysis.

O'Brien headshot netpremacyKubernetes & GKE Demonstration  – O’Brian Alaribe

GCP Platform Engineer 

Using Terraform to deploy IaC (Infrastructure as code) This demo will include: Creating a service account, Granting the service account the least privileges required to complete the following tasks

  • Creating folders 
  • Configuring a custom OS image with packer
  • Deploying basic VM using the custom image


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