Netpremacy and SEP2 unite in Strategic Partnership with Google Cloud

07 March 2023

Netpremacy and SEP2 have announced a strategic partnership to ensure businesses have the best security in Google Cloud.

Netpremacy, a Google Cloud Partner for more than 15 years, known for their expertise in Google Workspace, Google Cloud and Business Transformation and SEP2, the cyber security specialists known for their virtuosity in Threat Management, Network Solutions and Firewalls, will be joining forces to drive faster and more effective services for their clients. 

Andrew Martin, Commercial Director at Netpremacy, with Jake Newbury, Head of Sales at SEP2.

Andrew Martin – Commercial Director,  Netpremacy,  “ Netpremacy and SEP2 are driven by the same core values; passion, innovation and above all, putting the customer first.  This instant synergy between the companies means we are excited about providing a unique solution to the Google Cloud ecosystem combining Google Cloud excellence and award-winning security services. We have already seen a huge pull from our customer base, and we are excited to see where this partnership evolves over the coming years.”

Paul Starr – Owner and CEO, SEP2, “It is extremely exciting to be partnering with a like-minded organisation with many similar views on culture and people and how we work with our customers. When engaging together, we look to play to each other’s strengths; Netpremacy in Cloud Transformation and SEP2 in Cyber Security. I am really looking forward to seeing this partnership develop and the great outcomes this will achieve for our customers.”

About Netpremacy and SEP2:

Netpremacy,  Multiple Award Winning Google Cloud Partner of the Year are trailblazers in driving digital transformation across businesses using Google Cloud Technologies.  With over 20 years of experience, working with 3000 customers globally, Netpremacy is renowned for creating true partnerships and delivering next-level customer care.  For more information, please visit

SEP2 is an award-winning cyber-security specialist, aligning themselves with world-class cyber-security vendors to bring the best solutions to customers. SEP2 offers a tech-driven service powered by passionate and honest people with the mission to beat the bad guys. SEP2’s experienced cyber-security professionals are determined to do the right thing and help customers meet the highest security standards. For more information, please visit