Manufacturing with G Suite during, and post-pandemic 

15 June 2020

Manufacturing with G Suite during, and post-pandemic 


We’ve all faced uncertain times this year and it has brought to light many challenges that organisations face when running their day-to-day activities. I wanted to share with you ways in which we can adjust and innovate to be able to adapt seamlessly in times of global disruption. 

female engineerMy focus in this article is to gain insights into the challenges that have been overcome, and how businesses have adjusted to the global disruption by using Google Cloud. My view is that the immediate concern that this pandemic has addressed, for not only manufacturing organisations but all firms globally is that to sustain any business through times of separation, we must transform not only digitally but culturally. 

With the huge adoption of remote working during this current period, the emphasis has been shaped by the importance of Connectivity, Collaboration, and Security, the key features that G Suite is renowned for. This is shown in their current user base of more than 2 billion users. Colleagues working in real-time on Documents, Sheets, and Slides from across the globe have driven productivity and proven the efficiency and effectiveness of the G Suite collaboration tools. This is even more apparent through this time which has inevitably separated the nation. In addition to these features, Google Meet has seen a huge increase of users, rising to 3 million now connecting with Google Meet every day.  Teams are able to perform video conferences on a secure, reliable, and expandable platform. Users have the ability to connect to 250 colleagues simultaneously, share screens, docs, or sheets, allowing suppliers and distributors to communicate and reduce cycle time. 

I could go on and touch upon Chrome, AI, Big Query, and many more services and solutions that have benefited Google customers during this time of uncertainty. For this article, I want to focus on how Netpremacy can help as a  Google Premier Partner and Global award winners in Work Transformation Enterprise, and Google’s successes in Manufacturing.

According to a March 2020 survey by the U.S. National Association of Manufacturers, four out of five U.S. manufacturing companies expect to be financially impacted by COVID-19. More than half think they’ll need to change how they operate, and over a third anticipate supply chain disruptions. We have been through a huge period of change, and anticipate further changes to the way our manufacturing and logistics organisations run their supply chain. PWC carried out their assessment of the effect of COVID19 and this brought a number of concerns to the industry. Facing fluctuations in the supply chain, social distancing concerns, now is the time to change to ensure your operations are running at the lowest cost of service but with increased performance. 

By transforming your business through G Suite you will;

  • Gain a more effective route to market
  • Expand your route to market options
  • Cut operational and IT costs
  • Safeguard your employees by using cloud services  

What is stopping you from exploring this innovation?

Whirlpool is a key reference for the power of G Suite and how utilising G Suite and Chrome devices has given them the initiative to innovate, break down global barriers, work collectively across nations to deliver the best product to the relevant markets quicker and more efficiently. Manufacturers face a huge demand, with global competition and most firms face the challenge of dealing with legacy systems due to rapid expansion and a large base of IT infrastructure and IoT provides the daunting challenge of business transformation. With these challenges being legacy issues facing the vast majority of manufacturers, the pandemic and need for remote working have drastically emphasised the need for change. G Suite offers secure, efficient, and collaborative tools for today but also the innovative tools for tomorrow to stay ahead of the curve.

“[G Suite] is a simple solution in many ways, but the features are actually very sophisticated, enabling us to surround our business processes with the right tools to connect people.” -Mike Heim, CIO of Whirlpool Corporation

Google provides world-class cloud solutions to help every sector and every vertical of every size. Netpremacy as a Google Premier Partner is here to guide you on your Google journey with the expertise and experience that you require. Netpremacy is Google’s Global award-winning leader for Work Transformation – Enterprise for 2019, we have taken some of the largest firms through periods of complete change, assisting with not only the technology changes but the cultural and educational changes too. We pride ourselves on our world-class teams, here to help you deliver against your cloud strategy with G Suite, Chrome or GCP.

Netpremacy is running a number of webinars throughout June and July to explore further the points mentioned in this article. We will have Google specialists and Customers share their experiences on how utilising G Suite and Google Cloud has helped them become agile, meeting the demands of remote working without impacting performance and how these changes affect the future of their businesses.

The webinars specifically relate to Manufacturing, identifying the services and solutions we can provide to ensure you can work seamlessly with business-critical tasks through these pressing times. 

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