Introducing Tom Anderson – Head of GCP Practice at Netpremacy

13 June 2022

As Netpremacy continues to grow within the GCP space, we are delighted to announce our new Head of GCP practice, Tom Anderson. Our customers may be familiar with Tom as CloudCare Manager and general all-around Google technologies expert. Tom is no stranger to leading a webinar, acting as the go-to guy for customer queries and being an expert in the GCP field, making him the perfect fit to take on this new role. If you are yet to have the pleasure of working with Tom, here’s a bit more about him!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your experience at Netpremacy so far.

I’ve been a consultant working with cloud technologies for most of my professional career, despite graduating with a physics degree! Most of my early experience was in the delivery space where I wore several hats – from infrastructure engineer to solution architect, to cloud specialist. When I joined Netpremacy, I initially helped our commercial team with technical pre-sales across Google Workspace and GCP, before narrowing my focus to what I really enjoy – GCP! Since then, as an organisation, we then spent some time exploring an expansion of our Customer Success offering into GCP (something I spearheaded alongside my role). This led me to realise that my true home was back in Delivery – building products and executing amazing projects in the Google Cloud space.

What are you looking to bring to the role?

We have a brilliant team, there’s no doubt about that! I want to make sure we’re translating that passion and expertise into the projects that we deliver, by strengthening our governance, our methodologies and of course, our alignment with Google! We are already making headway in that space, but with a bit of refinement and moonshot thinking, we’ll set ourselves and our customers up for real success.

What are you most looking forward to about the role?

Working with some really cool technologies! Google is doubling down on innovative technology right now, with some really interesting products and feature announcements (including my favourites – serverless products!). We’ve got such an exciting opportunity to explore how to translate these technologies into solutions that help solve problems in the real world for our customers.

What can people expect working with you/Netpremacy?

The same things I’ve always been known for – honest opinions, constant attempts at humour and a tendency to favour simplicity (KISS principle anyone?).

When you’re not at work, what are your hobbies?

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Finally, what’s your favourite thing about working at Netpremacy?

In order: the people, our office and free food Fridays.

Tom has a wealth of experience and we’re very excited to see where he takes the role in the future, congratulations Tom!