Increase business success. Give your workforce access to company data

03 March 2021

Democratising data is a hot topic, and is helping businesses to get ahead of their competitors, here’s how…

If 10-15 years ago you’d have asked a bank “would you ever think of giving 90% of the workforce access to all of your data?” the chances are you’d have got a pretty blunt reply. 

Fast forward 10 years, and we see a rise in many booming Fintechs, and the stance on accessing data is completely different.

We can learn from Fintech’s.

We MUST learn from Fintech’s to stay current, and successful.

With the introduction of mobile apps and a significantly increased online presence we are a society that now spends the majority of our day online. We’re staring at different web pages, apps, tv screens or mobile devices. This means every interaction is now a chance for us to collect data. It’s giving the likes of Fintechs and cloud first companies the chance to gather a significant amount of data and take customer service to a whole new level.

Cloud technology is integral to this. 

It has helped us rapidly develop new banking platforms, create mobile apps that are used daily, and gather data on every click, swipe, scroll, pause & interaction. 

But how do we use this data for good? How can we ensure the correct teams have access to what they need… The answer is through Democratization. 

Democratization means “the action of making something accessible to all”. If we put this into context this means giving every team in the business access to the data we hold (with all of the correct GDPR & security measures in place). Whether that’s the engineering team, who need to make changes to an app, our customer support team understanding the trending support tickets. It might even be the Exec team trying to define a new strategy and the net product we want to launch. Data democratization is the key to all of this. 

So how do we give everyone access to data easily and when they need it? 

This comes in two parts. 

1.Store your data in a secure and readily accessible platform such Google’s Big Query

2.Visualise and make sense of that data you are storing…introducing Looker 

BigQuery features 

• Analyze petabytes of data in seconds

• Gain insights in a secure & scalable way 

• Access data from multi cloud environments and truly democratise the data 

Looker makes it possible to…

• Use modern BI Analytics to create dynamic dashboards

• Offer a self serve data platform to any department to gain the insights they need 

• Create an environment that can truly leverage everything data has to offer. 

By Leveraging this best in breed technology, businesses are now in a position to give every department their own unique view and access to data. Whether this is to help them to develop a new product, understand the most common support calls coming in, make a decision to enter a new market or offer a new solution. Or, to simply give them access to real-time information. 

As a Google Cloud premier partner Netpremacy is here to help you take data to the next level. There is a range of fantastic tools that can help your company become more transparent with data, and benefit from it. 

We are hosting an exclusive, invite-only roundtable, with key players in the Fintech arena, as well as speakers from Looker and Google. If you would be interested in attending please contact for the private event link and password.