Google Admin Google Admin allows you to add users, manage devices and configure security settings easily so you can make sure that your data stays safe

Manage Google Workspace for your organisation with Google Admin

Use Google Admin to manage your organisation’s Google domain and users in the Google Workspace Admin console. Centralised administration makes management easy for your IT team. Configure security settings, and choose users you want to set certain permissions for. You can also choose to provision third-party applications for all users. Or whitelist all those which are permitted for users to download.

Google Admin allows full control over information sharing

Google Admin allows you to take full control over the information shared, used and accessed by your Google Workspace users. Google Admin allows you to; add and remove users, set up groups and add security steps like 2-step verification and SSO.

Mobile device management with Google Admin

Monitor, track and control user devices with mobile device management from the Google Admin console. Use mobile management to remotely lock or wipe information from devices, meaning you have control over the data that is owned by your organisation.

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