Google Vault Manage, retain, search and export your email, Google Drive file content, and on-the-record chats

Archiving for email, files and chat with Google Vault

Google Vault is an e-discovery tool that is for all of your organisation’sĀ email and on-the-record chat conversations. Google Vault holds all of this information, in case your company may need to access it in the future.

Protected business data

Google Vault gives administrators peace of mind. With an archive of all emails and chat messages, Google Vault enables you to track and keep logged data for investigations and legal audits.

Access content fast with Google-Powered search

Google Vault makes it possible to find and retrieveĀ valuable information, even if it is from a suspended account. Due to vault being powered by Google Search, it is easy to search through Vault for a certain person, conversation, keyword or date range. Keeping your company protected.

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