Google Workspace Consultancy

Revolutionise your business processes.

From file re-organisation and Google app integrations to domain renames, deliver your complex Workspace projects swiftly and seamlessly with our team of experienced specialists.

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Deliver flawless Workspace projects

  • Reduce the time it takes to deliver a complex Workspace project and avoid risks such as downtime or file loss with project methodologies that have been thoroughly tested and meticulously thought out.
  • Avoid unnecessary time upskilling your team on the complexities required for significant Google Workspace projects such as file reorganisation, or domain renames. Our team of experts have this experience so your in-house team can focus elsewhere.
  • Hit your project deadline with the help of our highly skilled Project Management team, who will keep you on track throughout the process.


Drive better business outcomes with tailored advice

  • Explain the problem you are trying to solve with Google Workspace and we’ll do the rest. Our highly experienced team of Google Workspace Engineers will walk you through the project process every step of the way, from planning to execution.
  • Get a solution that suits you. We can create bespoke solutions based around your existing Google Workspace environment to transform your business processes.
  • Get everyone on board. Technical solutions are just one step of your journey - our Change Management and Training team will ensure your end-users are upskilled and ready to go.


Maximise ROI for your Google Workspace investment

  • Ensure Google Workspace is set up for optimal collaboration with services such as Shared Drives implementation.
  • Bring teams closer together. From unifying login experience after a business merger to ensuring good Workspace data practices, we can help.


Future-proof your Workspace investment

  • Build in-house knowledge to ensure future success with our technical workshops, designed to upskill your IT team in areas such as security, reporting and the Workspace admin console.
  • Encourage best practices and boost innovation. Thoroughly documented advice tailored to your business and internal communication templates will keep you on track for whatever is next.


Why Netpremacy?

Google Workspace Award Winners. We’ve won Google Awards for our Workspace contribution two years in a row. When you work with us, you can feel assured we can help make your Workspace dreams a reality.  

Over 10 years experience. When it comes to working with Google Workspace, we’ve seen it all. From migrating enterprise-level data to hand-delivering Google Meet kit to your offices in time for an important meeting, we’ve got you covered.

Next-level customer care. Far from implementing a solution and leaving it with you, we’ll give you the tools and support you need to achieve your vision and goals. Our technical team offers hyper care support during and after data migration projects.