Google Cloud Next 2019: What the Netpremacy team are looking forward to most

04 April 2019

Google Cloud Next 2019: What the Netpremacy team are looking forward to most


Taking place in San Francisco on 9-11 April, Google Cloud Next is one of Netpremacy’s most anticipated cloud events of the year. Uniting thousands of attendees including engineers, entrepreneurs and Google experts for three days of breakouts, bootcamps, keynote speakers and industry previews, Google Cloud Next is an inspiring experience for the entire industry. 2019’s program has been designed to help sharpen attendee’s skills, expand networks, and accelerate personal development for all involved. We asked a few of our Netpremacy team members who will be at this year’s Google Next to tell us what they’re most looking forward to…

Kevin Jordan, Customer Success Manager:

Kevin Jordan

“I’m keen to see some of our key customers and to see what kind of transformations they have done with their businesses. I’m hoping to get some great ideas for updates and build key relationships with Google Product Managers who may have the foresight to see what’s coming up in the future for cloud.”



Ben Trood, Head of Business Development (Google Cloud):

Ben Trood

“Google Next is a unique opportunity to understand what the future developments across Google Cloud look like along with an opportunity to network in the Partner ecosystem to understand ways that Netpremacy can continue to grow as an organisation. I’m particularly looking forward to the keynote announcements, speaking with our ISV partners and paying a trip to The Googleplex.”


Guy Ellis, Professional Services Director:

Guy Ellis

“Google Next is the most significant event in the “Google Cloud Calendar”. This is important for me as these announcements will help shape our investment in people over the next 12 months. As a partner, we are privy to some confidential announcements which are being made so it’s exciting to see if our customers reactions are the same as our internal reaction….. Also, we get to finally talk about them!”


Adam Lewis, Head of Delivery:

Adam Lewis

“Google Next gives me the ability to talk with our customers, Googlers, other partners, and the attendees of Google Next to get their opinions of the announcements and what impact they foresee in various verticals and sizes of companies. I’m hoping to come away with a lot of information on the new products and features, as well as relationships with the Google

Product Managers and the new Data Gravity team. I’m mostly looking forward to just being there in person! Google have made it easy to watch live streams of events, and to watch the sessions at your leisure on YouTube, but being there in person allows you to be a part of the buzz and the excitement.”


We’re looking forward to catching up with our colleagues, partners and friends at Google in Mountain View next week. To get in touch, please contact