Why Startup Businesses Are Choosing Google Cloud

03 February 2023

Why Startup Businesses Are Choosing Google Cloud

When asking a startup business about their key objectives, their answer will often include the words’ profitability, scalability and productivity (quite rightly so).

As startup businesses are looking to achieve these goals, many are turning to cloud technology to help, particularly Google Cloud Platform. In this blog, we will explore why so many startups choose Google as their cloud provider of choice to help them achieve startup success.

But first, what is Google Cloud?

The clue is in the name; Google Cloud is Google’s cloud platform offering some of the most effective cloud solutions on the market. GCP prides itself on being reliable and scalable, allowing users to store, manage and compute data, enabling developers to experiment, test, build and deploy apps.

So what makes Google Cloud an excellent choice for startup businesses?

Scalability & Agility

Let’s start with scale. As startup businesses find their feet in their industry, the best-case scenario is to see a surge in growth; however, to satisfy this demand, companies must be agile, reactive and able to scale up with ease. Google Cloud has built-in services to auto-scale applications and equally distribute application load. For example, Compute Engine offers the ability to automatically add or remove VM instances based on increased and decreased demand, which allows for increases in traffic without the risk of overload.


Often startup companies want the opportunity to explore, test and try new solutions. Google Clouds’ seamless suite of technologies makes for a simpler, more productive environment. So much so that the IDC conducted research and found ‘seamless access to the resources needed to efficiently build new applications and features on Google Cloud led to 19% higher developer productivity or the equivalent of more than four additional development team members.’ (IDC, 2020). By having more accessible resources to in-house teams, startups can grow and develop with the market. For developers, Google cloud offers easy-to-use services such as App Engine to build, host and deploy web applications in Google-managed data centres.

Pay for what you use

For most startups, monitoring spending in order to turn over a profit is understandably of high importance. Google Cloud Platform offer a pay-as-you-use pricing model, drilling your usage down to as little as per second. This means you’ll not be overcharged if your business has a quiet month but also allows you to scale economically and respond to demand quicker in busier periods.

Opportunity to develop

In-house resource is precious within a startup business and can often be quite limited; this is where Google Cloud can help. Google Cloud offers a variety of solutions that maintain and automate infrastructure operations, from App Engine, letting developers to host and deploy web applications in Google-managed data centres, to Cloud Run, enabling container-based deployment for code in any language, freeing up the time of software engineers to focus on business development and growth.

As more businesses evolve digitally, cloud computing is essential to growth. Providing unrivalled scalability, secure storage and the freedom for businesses to create the most cost-effective model to support their expansion & success. To find out more about how Google differentiates from other cloud providers and how it could benefit your startup business, contact our team today!





*IDC study shows Google Cloud Platform helps SMBs accelerate business growth with 222% ROI, Google Cloud, July 28, 2020, https://cloud.google.com/blog/products/gcp/3-ways-google-cloud-platform-helps-smbs-accelerate-business-growth