Google Chrome Devices

Get your workforce online fast with secure and reliable devices.

Ensure your employees have secure access to all the apps they need to collaborate and stay productive. Use our quick deployment service and get online fast with devices that use a cloud-native operating system for a flexible working experience. Elevate the collaborative power of Google Workspace and take the hassle out of IT administration with Google Chrome Devices.

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Build a flexible, collaborative workforce

  • Work from anywhere with fast, reliable devices that enable productivity and collaboration with teammates.
  • Transform your meeting rooms with the latest hardware and connect office-based and remote employees.


Reduce time spent on device management

  • Reduce IT admin as you can manage all your company devices remotely from a single Google Admin console.
  • Mitigate the impact of disruption with devices that can be used anywhere, in any location, so employees can carry on being productive remotely.
  • Eliminate unnecessary admin with automation - Chrome OS auto-updates and has built-in security features.


Improve security posture across your business

  • Protect your workforce from malware and phishing attacks with advanced security features like sandboxing and built-in virus protection.
  • Ensure that your devices are always up to date with the latest system updates and security software installed automatically.
  • Avoid data leaks if a device is lost or stolen by switching off and wiping the device remotely from the Google Admin console.

Create a smooth, unified onboarding experience

  • Give your employees a free and flexible work experience with out-of-the-box devices that you can turn on and use instantly.
  • Get online quickly with our fast deployments of Chrome devices - we can set up and deliver devices in as little as two days.
  • Minimise admin with our Zero-Touch Deployment service that delivers devices already set up for your users straight to their door!


Find the right hardware to suit your needs.

  • Chrome OS from Google is one of the most powerful operating systems in the world. Google Chrome works with a number of hardware options from Laptop and Desktop computers to mobiles, video conferencing and digital signage.
  • We work with the top hardware suppliers in the UK to deliver the best possible solutions for your business - from Chromebooks, Meeting Room solutions and much more. FIND OUT MORE.

Why Netpremacy?

Tailored Chrome solutions. By adding Google Chrome devices to your business, you’ll have what you need to meet your goals and be unstoppable. Whether it’s deploying Chromebooks to a fully remote workforce or hand-delivering Google Meet kit to your offices in time for an important meeting, we’ve got you covered.

Next-level customer service. When you place an order with us, be assured that you will have your devices delivered and deployed in a timely manner, getting your workforce online fast. We can even get your workforce set-up before they receive their device!

Future-proof your Google Chrome investment.We help your business transform and evolve by giving you the tools and knowledge you need to achieve your vision and goals. We can deliver end-user training on Chromebooks and Pixelbooks, and upskill your IT team for a seamless onboarding experience for future employees.