Google Cloud Platform Health Check

Uncover the steps to a resilient, secure, efficient Google Cloud Platform infrastructure.

Discover how your Google Cloud Platform services stack up against best practices and uncover ways to optimise your setup with tailored feedback and a clear report.

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Uncover how to optimise security

  • Your report will show you (with an easy-to-understand red, amber and green rating) how well your cloud infrastructure scores against Google’s recommendations for security and compliance.
  • Understand how to set up access management correctly and effectively to give the right access to the right people in the simplest, fastest way possible.
  • Get clear advice on how to secure external access, tighten data security, improve key management and more.


Improve infrastructure and operational practises

  • Understand how you can get connected to Google Cloud, based on your needs and requirements.
  • Understand how simple improvements to your networking configuration can help improve efficiency and security.
  • Uncover the changes to your organisation, project and resource structure that will save your team time and ensure consistently high standards.
  • Setup monitoring and logging to monitor poor performance and nip incidents in the bud before they impact your organisation.


Find and destroy cost inefficiencies

  • We’ll review consumption and utilisation to suggest ways you could manage costs.
  • Understand Google Cloud Platform billing and manage it for the future with recommendations on Google Cloud Platform functionality such as labels, so you can understand where your spending is going.

Get ready to scale

  • Future-proof your Google Cloud Platform services with a better understanding of best practises and stronger foundations before investing further into Google Cloud Platform.
  • Get further advice on cloud commercial models and Google Cloud Platform functionality to help you choose the best cloud service for your next cloud project.


Why Netpremacy?

Gain a partner, not just another provider. We only work with businesses that want to work alongside us as one team to get next-level outcomes and consistent value-adds. We won’t recommend anything we wouldn’t use ourselves, and if something we deliver isn’t right for you, we won’t recommend it.  

Google obsessives. Our dedicated training team are Google evangelists through and through. They constantly upskill themselves to deliver successful training to our customers and only use, train in and recommend Google (or Google endorsed) products. When you work with us, you can feel reassured that we know them inside out and how to apply them to benefit you.

Insider access to Google. Netpremacy has a strong relationship with Google and is truly part of their team, regularly participating in beta programmes, contributing to product development and more. When you become our partner, what’s ours is yours, so you’ll benefit from this relationship from day one.