Leeds Digital Festival
   Cocktails & Cloud Security: Mixing Google Cloud’s Magic


Where: Netpremacy Head Office, Leeds
When: Thursday 28th September Time 4pm – 6pm


Cocktails & Cloud Security: Mixing Google Cloud’s Magic

Cocktails & Cloud Security: Mixing Google Cloud’s Magic

Step into a world where cybersecurity meets mixology mastery! Join Netpremacy and Cyber Security Specialists SEP2 for an unforgettable evening of cyber-sleuthing and cocktail shaking at our exclusive event focused on 'Securing Your Environment with Google Cloud'. Rub shoulders with fellow tech enthusiasts and industry experts as you sip on expertly crafted drinks, all while unlocking cutting-edge security solutions to safeguard your digital assets effectively.


At the interactive event we'll be covering:

🔒 Embrace Zero Trust with Google Cloud: Discover the power of Zero Trust security principles and how they can elevate your organisation's security posture to unprecedented levels. Learn how Google Cloud's Zero Trust approach can help you authenticate, authorise, and verify access, regardless of the user's location.


💼 Unveiling BeyondCorp Enterprise: Get an inside look at BeyondCorp Enterprise, Google Cloud's innovative security platform that allows you to shift your security focus away from the traditional permit-based model. Explore how BeyondCorp allows your workforce to access resources securely, without a VPN, while maintaining strict access controls.


🛡Strengthening Security with SSE (Secure State Enforcer): Learn about SSE, Google Cloud's revolutionary service that helps you enforce security policies consistently across your entire infrastructure. Discover how SSE identifies and remediates security risks in real time, ensuring your environment is resilient against threats.


🦠️Total Defence with VirusTotal: Expedite security investigations and threat discovery to stop breaches by leveraging 15 years of malicious sightings to enrich and provide context around your organisation's observations and logs. The world's largest and most diverse live threat feed, shedding light on your data..


🪵 Unrivaled Security Insights with Chronicle: Google Cloud's answer to SIEM and SOAR. Moving away from traditional SIEM towards Cloud Powered Agnostic SIEM, Chronicle works across all cloud vendors and provides real-time insights across your environment. Explore how Google Cloud's advanced SIEM solution can help bolster your security posture..


🪵 🎟 Register Now: Don't miss this incredible opportunity to fortify your organisation's security foundation with Google Cloud's state-of-the-art solutions. Secure your spot now by Registering for this event - hurry; limited seats are available!


Join us for an evening of knowledge sharing, hands-on demonstrations, and networking, and walk away with the confidence to build a resilient security infrastructure using Google Cloud. We look forward to welcoming you to our office for this exciting event! 🚀🔐

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