Odean Fanatical About Film. Fanatical About Google.

Odeon, Fanatical about Film. Also fanatical about using a great cloud-based productivity suite which allows them to collaborate between cinemas and from one country to another. Founded back in 1930, Odeon is now the largest and best-known cinema chain in the UK and Ireland with more than 100 cinemas and 850 screens nationwide. Odeon is a recognised global organisation with it’s Leicester Square cinema hosting more than 700 of Europes biggest film premieres since the 1930’s.

Odeon were looking to empower their end users to build an inclusive, community rich organisation. Their goal of providing access to messaging and collaboration tools to its 8000 strong workforce would increase communication across the business and facilitate this community vision. Odeon required a system that would let employees get to know one another and form communities outside of their respective cinemas. They wanted a collaborative technology that would provide corporate-wide visibility to pockets of expertise and encourage sharing of ideas and best practices.

Odeon therefore required a solution that would enable secure access and file sharing from any location at any time. After evaluating several solutions, Odeon opted for Google Apps for Work to allow them to achieve these strategic business goals. By implementing Google’s powerful cloud sharing, collaboration and communication tools, Odeon were able to give a voice to every employee and allow them to interact with each other and share ideas.