Maximising returns on your investment

Netpreamcy's Customer Success Services programme allows businesses to maximise the investment of Google in their business. Our Customer Success Manager will work with you to make sure you have access to the right product information at the right time and you understand how it impacts your business as well as providing enhanced technical support and customised expert consultations.

Proactive Communication

Our Proactive Communication keeps you up to date on changes that matter to you and helps you understand how they impact your business. Product communications include immediate upcoming visible changes and more long-term product roadmaps, as well as best practices and research to help you best handle these product updates. You will also be able to attend events, such as our Customer Connect Conference, which brings our customers together to interact with Google experts from deployment, to product managers, to 3rd party app developers. We will also be on-site for any in-person meetings.

Customised Expert Advice

Customised advice to improve user adoption, collaboration, and identify ways to improve existing business processes using G Suite. Our Customer Success Manager (CSM) will work with you to make sure you get the guidance you need to meet business needs. Whether it’s a “Google Groups” or “G+” deployment, our Customer Success Manager works with our customers to find ways to use G Suite to improve business processes The CSM will perform impact analysis, mitigation strategies if needed and conduct quarterly Apps planning sessions to keep our customers in step with Google’s release schedule and achieve increased user adoption.

Enhanced Technical Support

As a customer, we understand that you need assurances when things go wrong. With CSS, you get enhanced technical support with our team of on-site engineers, alongside adherence to strict SLA's to ensure your business gets support when you need it most. You CSM will be able to discuss any technical support requirements you have.

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