Chrome Grab and Go with Netpremacy

06 December 2018

Introducing Chrome Grab and Go with Netpremacy


Keep your team productive with self-service Chrome Grab and Go Chromebooks

Netpremacy can help you to keep your teams productive and your IT support happy with Chrome Grab and Go Chromebooks! Netpremacy is a leading Google Cloud Premier Partner, with deep knowledge and trusted relationships across the entire Google Cloud portfolio. We are proud to have achieved Premier status for over a decade. These skills, combined with our profound knowledge across all Chrome devices and licensing, enables you to be supported effectively throughout your Chrome journey.


What is Chrome Grab and Go?

Sometimes it is inevitable that your employee spills coffee on their laptop, leaves it on the train or the device just gives up altogether! Whether your worker’s machine is lost, broken, stolen or they simply need a loan for the day, the Grab and Go program ensures that your team is able to stay productive with a Chromebook in hand. It allows the worker to self-checkout a loner Chromebook, whilst ensuring that your companies data is always kept secure.


Within your workplace, a shelf stacked with Chromebooks will be provided where workers can grab a device and get up and running fast. The shelves easily fit Chromebooks, which can be plugged in so that they are charged and ready to go when your workers need them. This helps to decrease the workload of IT support, whilst also reducing downtime for the worker as they are able to pick up where they left off.


How can Netpremacy help?

First things first, you need to get set up and running with the Grab and Go program!

Netpremacy can help your company with the following so that you are up and running in no time:

  • Scope and define Grab and Go solution
  • Deploy Grab and Go
  • Configure and deploy Grab and Go Chrome extension
  • Device enrollment and licence management workshop
  • Training on Grab and Go console
  • Training on Chrome Enterprise Management Console
  • Define and deliver end-user communications pack


Our team of certified Chrome specialists can deploy the Chrome Grab and Go loner app in your workplace. This includes installation, deployment, customisation, and admin console training.


How does Chrome Grab and Go work?

By ensuring that there is always a Chromebook on hand, the Chrome Grab and Go programme enables all staff to go about their daily tasks, in the same collaborative and mobile way that they were working on before. This ensures more security as Chrome OS features encrypted profiles, verified boot, automatic updates, and sign-in restrictions.


The Grab and Go programme has been developed to help your employees borrow devices when they need to. This allows them to get back up and running quickly should something go wrong with their primary computer.


When employees sign into the borrowed Chromebook, all of their bookmarks, passwords, extensions, browsing history, and personal settings are still readily available on the new device thanks to the Google Chrome Sync. Employees can easily log out and return the Grab and Go device without having to reset it. 


Netpremacy is offering this programme to help keep your company on the go. Find out more about how we can implement this strategy into your business or alternatively, email our Chrome team on: