New Webinar Series: Transform your business with G Suite & GCP

12 June 2020

How Netpremacy & Google can help you utilise G Suite & GCP to become more digital and mobile


Register now for our 3-part webinar series, featuring guest speakers from our partners FinTech North, and Google Cloud, as we discuss:

• How to create a return to work strategy with Google technology

• Increasing collaboration and productivity in the manufacturing industry

• How to use smart analytics to stay ahead of competitors

Follow the links below to find out more and how to register for each webinar.


How ML & Smart Analytics are helping FinTechs understand their data

Date: 09/07/20 Time: 11:00-12:00

Join us, FinTech North, and Google to learn about the power of Machine Learning, and Big Query. Hear more on how FinTechs are driving their business forward thanks to Google Cloud. Understand how businesses are using data to gain a competitive advantage, and how Big Query is the tool that makes this possible.

Guest speakers:

  • Alastair Lumley, Netpremay
  • Tom Anderson, Netpremacy 
  • Julian Wells, Director, FinTech North
  • Richard Ashby, Google Cloud 



How businesses can use the G Suite tool-stack to return to work

Date: 22/07/20 Time: 11:00-12:00

Sign up to our webinar to understand how businesses can use tools from G Suite to create a complex and intelligent booking system, to get your teams safely back up and running in an office environment.

Hear from Google and Netpremacy on what our plans are for getting back to the office, and how we are using tools from G Suite, App Script, and Data Studio to do so.



Manufacturing with G Suite during and post-pandemic

Date: 23/07/20 Time: 11:00-12:00

Sign up for our webinar to hear how manufacturers in the industry are increasing their agility and digitizing their way of working thanks to Google Cloud.

To sustain a business we must transform digitally and culturally. G Suite has been a go-to solution for many organisations within the manufacturing and distribution market, providing that competitive edge during times of uncertainty.

Guest speakers:

  • John Boyle, Google Cloud


If you are unable to attend these webinars, but would like to find out more, please contact us.


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04 May 2020

How Netpremacy & Google can help you to leverage your technology stack


Join us in our new 3-part series, featuring guest speakers from DFS, Morrisons, FinTech North, and our partners at Google Cloud, as we discuss:

• Big data and predicting the future with smart analytics

• Collaboration, and security with Google Chrome devices

• Using smart analytics to power businesses

Follow the links below to find out more and how to register for each webinar.


How Chrome devices can be set up quickly, securely and remotely – 27/05/20


We are teaming up with experts from the Google Chrome team to run a webinar on how Chrome devices are helping companies to get up and running, quickly.

Many companies across the UK are having to deploy Chrome devices quickly across their business to ensure business as usual across their teams.

This webinar will run through the types of Chrome devices we recommend, and the features they include, as well as a demo on how to quickly and efficiently set up the devices to get your teams up and running remotely.

This is the first webinar in a series of 2 covering the benefits of Google Chrome devices, and the positive impact they can have to keep business running safely and securely.


  • Enable secure workforce mobility
  • Enabling your home workforce
  • Zero-touch deployment for end-users
  • Hands-off management, set up and maintenance
  • Easy management
  • Security features
  • Admin console



How Google support Fintechs & the importance of a strategy – 28/05/20


Join FinTech North, Netpremacy, and Google for an exclusive webinar giving an insight into how FinTechs are using smart analytics to power the business and understand their customer base.

Understand what trends Google has seen, and how their customers use tools such as Big Query to power the business.

Hear from businesses in the field on how they have ramped up their Big Query use to help predict the next 12 months and what it means for Fintechs.


  • Introduction from FinTech North
  • Introduction from Netpremacy
  • Google In Fintech
  • Guest speaker – Smart Analytics in Fintech
  • Q+A



How retail businesses are using Google Cloud to work remotely – 29/05/20 


Now more than ever it has become apparent that working in the cloud is vital with businesses ensuring their employees have the appropriate technology to work collaboratively and be able to communicate effectively throughout their workplace and externally.

Please join us for this webinar where we will hear from Becky Postlethwaite, Google Retail Industry Manager on how Google Cloud is enabling businesses to thrive in a digital environment.

In addition, hear from Martin Russell, Director of CSS at Netpremacy on how we have engaged & supported our Retail customers during this transition.

We will then be hosting a live Q&A panel with industry-leading retailers; DFS, and Morrisons on how Google Cloud has enabled them to seamlessly transition to a remote way of working and what this means for the future of Retail.

Topics covered:

  • Effective communication
  • Collaborative mobile working
  • Data security in the cloud
  • Live panel with leading retail figures

You will leave this webinar with a sound understanding of how working in the cloud can easily be achieved through effective collaborative tools.



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30 March 2020

Netpremacy webinar series

Helping people work remotely with G Suite

We have collated a series of webinars that are designed to offer a helping hand to companies all over the UK who are transitioning to a remote way of working. Our series of 3 webinars will detail how to correctly and effectively use G Suite services to efficiently work from home and empower the workforce with better collaboration.

The webinar series will include tips and tricks Netpremacy and our customers have learned over the past few weeks while adjusting to home working. They will also cover essential security topics in order to ensure you remain secure and your data is safe while in the cloud.

Please see the following schedules below for more information on what each webinar will include. 

Connect your teams easily with G Suite & Hangouts Meet – 17/04/2020

netpremacy mobile working

As we all begin to work from home we find ourselves in a unique situation where our dependency on technology has never been more important. 

With home working becoming the new normal it’s essential that we understand what tools are at our disposal to connect with the business, customers and colleagues and the best practice for this. 

Netpremacy has over a decade of experience implementing these solutions & helping organisations leverage the full power of Google’s collaboration tools. 

We want to do our bit to help, so sign up to our free webinar and join Jeana Marshall, one of Netpremacy’s top trainers, as she demonstrates how Google’s G Suite can help keep you connected. 

Topics Include: 

  • Home working Top Tips. 
  • Mobile Working – for ‘on the go’ access
  • A how to on Hangouts/ Chat 
  • Utilising & using Gmail 
  • Drive – accessing & sharing files 

At the end of this session, you’ll leave with a sound understanding of how to collaborate and interact with your teams, the wider business and your customers in a modern agile world using an enterprise-ready collaboration and transformation tool – G Suite. 



How to collaborate easily with G Suite when working remotely – 24/04/2020

collaboration with gsuite

In times such as these businesses need to know now more than ever how they can collaborate effectively with their teams when working from home. 

Join our webinar to hear from one of our trainers, Jeana on some of the top tips, tricks and hacks of how to successfully work collaboratively with the tools that G Suite provides. 

Topics will include

  • Document Access / Permissions: Share files with your colleagues and choose which level of access to provide.
  • GDrive: Priority + Workspace: Contain all files for a particular project in one place with Workspace in Google Drive – Priority. 
  • Templates: Constantly making copies of files before editing them? Upload a file into your Google Docs, Sheets, Slides (or Forms) template gallery and never have to make a copy again. 
  • From Hangouts to collaborating: You can share files and even share your screen all from Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet!
  • Explore: Across Docs, Sheets, and Slides, Explore does work for you! We’ll show you how you can make working easier. 
  • Voice Typing: Google Docs (and Slides speaker notes). You talk, Google listens! 



How to keep your data secure when working remotely – 01/05/2020

g suite security

There are businesses from all over the UK, and the globe actively encouraging people to work remotely. However, as more people are doing so, one of the main concerns is their security posture. A strong security posture takes more than having strong defenses in place; you also need to establish solid plans to ensure you react to any breaches appropriately. 

This event will focus on security use cases that customers can solve with G Suite. Rather than a product walk-through, we’ll attempt to solve real security issues such as: 

  • What do I do if I detect a phishing incident? 
  • A device is compromised; how do I go about remediating? 
  • How can I find out who is sharing what outside the organisation?

Sign up for our webinar to see a live presentation on how to ensure your employees and your data is kept safe online. 

Topics included

  • 2-Step Verification
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Chrome Browser Security Features
  • OAuth App Access Control
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Context-Aware Access
  • Google Drive Security Configuration 
  • Shared Drive Best Practices


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