Staff Stories: Step into Netpremacy

15 June 2022

Jakub Baranowski GCP Data Engineer

Our staff stories are back! This week we are talking data, catching up with GCP Data Engineer Jakub to find out what it takes to work in the world of data at Netpremacy.

What is your role at Netpremacy?

In very simple terms, the key part of a data engineer role involves moving data from one place to another and transforming it along the way so it’s prepared and made available for others to use with ease. Whilst this sounds interesting on its own, my role at Netpremacy is (thankfully!) much broader than that and encompasses all aspects of working with data, starting with its ingestion to GCP through transformation to drawing insights and presenting them back to the project stakeholders.

What 3 traits do you think are vital for your role?

  1. Attention to detail and focus on quality whilst not losing sight of the big picture.
  2. Ability to explain and discuss complex concepts in more simple terms.
  3. Interest in the ever-and fast-changing data landscape.

What are some of the ways you have grown in your role?

I’ve only been at Netpremacy for a year, but I really enjoyed being quickly given quite a lot of responsibility on customer-facing projects. As the data domain grows extremely fast in the current world, I know Netpremacy will continue to explore new data-related products and services that I will welcome a chance to learn about and use.

What are the top 3 things you love about the company?

  1. Encouragement to try new things and company-wide support throughout.
  2. Relatively free-rein on solution decision-making within my area.
  3. The opportunity to use world-class cloud data products. 

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

Doing data projects of course! Remains to be seen whether this gravitates to more in-depth technical development or rather consultancy and data architecture side, as both routes are of interest to me!

What would be your alternative career path?

Working with data is actually an alternative career path as I originally planned to work in finance. In hindsight, I am glad it didn’t work out!

Want a career at Netpremacy? 

We are currently looking for talented people to join our team, from sales roles to technical engineers. If you want to work at a fast-growing, dynamic tech company, we want to hear from you! 

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21 February 2022

Phoebe Roberts, Senior Marketing Executive

Welcome to the first in our series of staff stories to see what it’s like to work at a fast-growing, dynamic Google Premier Partner. This week, hear from the marketing team’s longest-reigning member, Phoebe, as she gives you a glimpse of what it is like to work at Netpremacy, what skills you need to be successful and how you can apply for a job to kickstart your career or take it to the next level.

What is your role at Netpremacy?

I’m Phoebe, Senior Marketing Executive at Netpremacy, helping connect potential customers with the sales and technical teams to spark conversations and inspire digital transformation.

A typical day would involve reading industry news and planning first thing in the morning. I like to structure my day, so I block out ‘focus time’ in my calendar to get stuck into the big projects I’m working on; this could be anything from organising an event to writing blogs or working on lead gen campaigns with the commercial team.

What 3 traits do you think are vital for your role?

  1. Organised
  2. Sociable
  3. Energetic

What are some of the ways you have grown in your role?

There are never-ending opportunities to learn here! The leadership team are very supportive. They encourage you to pursue professional qualifications to help your career and develop your confidence by speaking at events. 

Since my two years at the company, I have chaired and hosted an event, delivered marketing updates to the whole company, and completed multiple courses to help develop my skillset. 

It is rewarding to chase the next challenge, and it means no two days are the same.

What are the top 3 things you love about the company?

  1. Working alongside one of the world’s most well-known companies: Google.
  2. The opportunity, encouragement and support for growth and personal progression.
  3. My team! I get to collaborate with some interesting and inspirational people. 

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

As Netpremacy continues to grow, I want to develop along with the company. I would like to see the marketing team grow and mentor the new talent that comes into the business. I am very fortunate to have a wonderful and supportive manager that wants to see me flourish, and it would be great if I could carry the torch and do the same. 

What would be your alternative career path?


Want a career at Netpremacy? 

We are currently looking for talented people to join our team, from sales roles to technical engineers. If you want to work at a fast-growing, dynamic tech company, we want to hear from you! 

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30 March 2021

UK’s largest independent health club boosts communication in a pandemic through Google Technology


Health centres, gyms and spas have been heavily impacted due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but thanks to Google Cloud technology, and the help of Netpremacy, The Bannatyne Group have thrived and continued to work on their digital transformation strategy throughout the last 12 months. 

bannatyne logoThe Bannatyne Group was looking for a partner who had tried and tested experience implementing change at scale and quickly. Change within the business was something that The Bannatyne Group wanted to focus on, which is a service that Netpremacy excels at. 

Netpremacy helped The Bannatyne Group to remain connected during a difficult period due to lockdowns and restricted access to office and health clubs. Looking back over the past year, it is clear that The Bannatyne Group’s way of working has drastically changed. The way the company has been able to work and stay productive in a pandemic is solely down to Google Workspace tools. 

“We did see what could be achieved quite quickly when working remotely. There were so many things that progressed and were completed within weeks when you would have expected those projects to take months otherwise.”  – Nigel Wilby, Head Office IT Manager

Netpremacy looks forward to a continued relationship with The Bannatyne Group and looks forward to how they can continue to support them and help the business to thrive and grow.

Read the full story here.

25 February 2021


Netpremacy prides itself on being a friendly, fun, and exciting place to work, we like to think that our working style is dynamic and modern. Our normal office environment is lively, usually with people competing on table football, or collaborating on projects in our open plan, Google-themed spaces. 

On 16th March 2020, one-week before the national lockdown was announced, Netpremacy made the decision to close the office and send everyone home to work. Fortunately, it was easy for us to transition into remote work because of the technology we have available.

However, something we did find difficult, like many other businesses, was keeping up the team morale, and making sure we were keeping the Netpremacy community spirit alive.

In the beginning, we ran a themed quiz every couple of weeks. These were fun, and it was a great way to allow conversations between groups of people who wouldn’t necessarily speak during work. 

After seeing a demand for people to socialise outside of work (but inside their living rooms) we decided to take it to the next level, so we formed our social committee: NetSocial. 


Meet the team

Our amazing Netsocial Team was formed to keep up communication across the company, to provide support in unprecedented times, and to organise social activities to suit everyone’s taste.

The logistics were easy. Google Meet’s new features and updates over the last year have made it effortless to host a video call and organise a social online. You can now play good quality sound using the “share Chrome tab”, organise break-out rooms, and even use the raise-hand feature to get noticed on calls with a high number of participants.

The fun, but difficult part, was thinking outside the box. How can we cater for everybody? How do we make it exciting? How do we make sure that people are having fun? 

Below are some of the events our NetSocial team has run:

  • Bingo – We had a £20 Amazon voucher up for grabs, and we used to make sure there was no cheating! We played Bingo near Valentine’s Day, so we used the website to generate Bingo cards with Valentine’s themed words – it was a great success!
  • Online Escape Game – This event was highly anticipated, we had to split up into teams of 6 to be able to play – this is where the breakout rooms feature came in really useful! Each team had a virtual room they had to escape from, this was a Sherlock Holmes escape room edition, the goal of the virtual escape room was to communicate virtually with the teams to solve a murder and escape the room the quickest! The highly competitive were exposed as we were up against each other, with the winning team escaping in 01:02:00. We used this great virtual escape room tool. 
  • Pilates & Yoga – In normal times, the company benefits from a bi-weekly Ryde session at L1 Performance, right next to our offices. We have a few fitness enthusiasts that are really missing the group classes, so we have set up virtual pilates and yoga to look after our mind and body. These are run by local independent Leeds-based instructors over lunchtime and focus on alignment and posture to help with lots of sitting down and tight hips caused by working from home.


We have some exciting things to come and we can’t wait to share our ideas with you. For now, have a look at our upcoming events to see if you can take any inspiration:

  • Pictionary with drawasaurus
  • Jackbox
  • KwizzBit themed quiz
  • Retro Bowl League
  • Online Book Club 
  • Creative Corner
  • GeoGuessr
  • AmongUs (App Game)


Keep an eye out for future #NetSocial posts for inspiration and ideas on how to stay connected with your colleagues. Now more than ever, it’s important to keep up morale and continue socialising, albeit virtually!

Want to join our team? Visit our careers page to see what vacancies are currently available. Can’t see a job description to suit you? Email and tell us why you would like to join our team.

04 January 2021

Many of us have become accustomed to working remotely and hosting most of our meetings over some form of video conferencing tool (ours obviously being Google Meet). 

BUT, have you ever been to a meeting and been frustrated at the lack of communication or engagement from your participants? 

We have all been there. Ensuring you have engagement from your audience can sometimes seem trickier than we think. In this blog, we have some tips on keeping engagement throughout a Google Meet, and best practices to abide by when on video meetings. 

Keeping up the engagement 

Netpremacy Google MeetBy now, many of us will have experienced the deathly silence you get from Google Meet participants after you have asked for an opinion or for an answer to a question. Some people are still adjusting. There is no doubting that engagement was easier in face to face meetings, and you may have found yourself easily bouncing ideas off of one another. This may have changed as people may be worried about talking over one another when on a Google Meet. We have found a number of ways to keep your participants engaged and involved in the conversation. 

Using the Q & A function

On the right-hand side of the Google Meet screen, there is now a Q&A option. Anyone in a meeting can ask questions. The questions show until they are deleted or hidden. After a meeting, the moderator gets a detailed report of all the questions. Anyone who schedules or starts a meeting will be the moderator, and there can only be one moderator per meeting. 

This function helps participants to ask questions through the tool, if they may not feel confident to speak up on the video call, and will also help when there are more people on the call, as it may get harder to speak up. This feature eliminates that worry. The feature also allows the participants to vote up a question which brings attention to the more popular questions. 

Ask a question

In a meeting, in the top-right corner, click Activities, click QuestionsIn the lower-right corner, click Ask a questionEnter your question click Post.

Raise your hand option 

Ever struggled to be heard over other participants in a Google Meet? 

Do you want to raise an opinion but you are not quite sure when to interject? Google Meet has you covered. By using the raise your hand option, you can easily let the moderator know that you would like to speak. Moderators can then work through the raised hands to ensure that everyone has had an opportunity to voice their opinion. Once a person has had their opportunity to speak, the moderator can “lower people’s hands”, or you can lower yours yourself. 

To raise your hand: Scroll to the bottom of the screen , click Hand raise.

To lower your hand: Scroll to the bottom of the screen, click Lower hand.

How to Lower hands as a moderator

From the top right, click the People tab. Scroll to the “Raised hands” section. To lower a hand, next to the participant’s name, click Lower handTo lower all hands scroll to “Raised hands” and click Lower all.


Google_Meet_PollsAnother great way to keep engagement on a Google Meet, and to gain valuable opinions and thoughts from your participants, is through the Poll option now available on Google Meet. 

Not only does this help keep your audience engaged, it also allows moderators to display the results. It gets your participants more involved in decision making within a meeting, and helps to avoid people talking over one another, and risking not being heard. Meeting hosts also receive a report with the tally of the results to make it easy to refer back and take action. 


Create a poll

In a meeting, in the top-right corner, click Activities, click PollsClick Start a pollEnter a question and add options for the poll. Choose one: To post your poll, click LaunchTo save your poll so you can launch it later, click Save.

As a meeting participant, you can submit a response for a poll. 

You’ll get a notification in the meeting when the moderator starts a poll. Be sure to submit your response before the poll or meeting ends. 

In a meeting: In the top-right corner, click Activities, click Polls. In the poll, select your response, click Vote.

Read Google’s blog for more information on the Q&A and Poll functions. 

Best Practices

Keep your camera on

It appears to vary from business to business on whether employees keep their camera on when partaking in a Google Meet. Some companies enforce employees as standard, whilst others do not feel the need for video. 

At Netpremacy we try to keep our camera on at all times. We feel that it puts a face behind a name, and keeps the engagement up. Many people feel more engaged and motivated when talking to a real image of that person, rather than just a stagnant profile picture. It is thought that video conferencing can provide better communication across teams via body language. Video also creates a sense of empathy & connection with your peers. A simple smile whilst on the Google Meet can go a long way. Something that is lost if you keep your video off at all times. 

Video is what keeps some normality and personality when working remotely which is why we think it’s so important. It enables better communication across teams, regardless of where they’re located. Ultimately this improves on building ideas, problem-solving, and working together, which is why we recommend to keep your video on where possible as standard.  

Here are some interesting statistics on video conferencing to provide a little more context behind what we are talking about :

 82% of those surveyed in 2020, described the video as an effective tool for communicating work-related information.1

Techsmith: Two-thirds (67%) of people understand information better when communicated visually 2  

GigaOM: 87% of remote team members feel more connected to their team when they can use video conferencing 3

Turn yourself on mute when not speaking

Although there is a noise cancellation feature available on Google Meet, we recommend putting yourself on mute when in a large meeting when you are not speaking. This eliminates sound from your keyboard, or awkward breathing down the mic, and means that the meeting you are running will be a smoother experience, and nobody will struggle to hear the speakers. This feature is automatically turned on when a meeting of more than 5 people. How many times in 2020 did we hear the phrase “you’re on mute!”. Avoid the awkwardness of this by checking your mic button before attempting to talk! 

Don’t talk over each other 

Finally, it does go without saying but can be something that causes disruption on a video call and as a result, can make it hard for participants to hear what is being said. Wait your turn, and do not talk over one another. It is good practice and good etiquette that will help your meetings to run smoothly. 

As we delve into 2021 and plan to continue to work in a more mobile and digital way, our top tips and best practices should help to keep engagement in your future virtual meetings. If you would like to keep up to date and receive more tips and best practices, sign up for our newsletter here.

09 December 2020

2020 has presented us with so many challenges, so we decided to get together (virtually) to celebrate and discuss them with our valued CSS network. We organised a week-long event full of workshops, discussions, and roadmap sessions to celebrate a successful, if not challenging year. All content is exclusive for Netpremacy CSS customers to say thank you for your continued and valued custom. 

Below is a summary of each session so you can see some of the content we share with our CSS community. Contact us to learn more about what our CSS programme entails. 

Opening Keynote 

Speakers: Martin Russell – Netpremacy, Guy Ellis – Netpremacy, Dan Middleton – Google 

Our first of a kind, CSS2020 Digital event kicked off on 07/12/20 with a welcome introduction from our Director of CSS, Martin Russell. This week-long digital event had a total of 14 sessions over 5 days. We are now halfway through the week and have already had exciting, innovative, and insightful discussions. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the week will bring!

In the Opening Keynote, Martin spoke around Netpremacy’s highlights for 2020 and addressed the current climate. This session was to introduce the week, what topics we were focusing on, and what our attendees could expect. In addition to this, we also had a fleeting sneak peek at the CSS2021 roadmap. We also heard from Guy Ellis, Commercial Director at Netpremacy on some exciting new programme announcements. There were a number of new campaigns built from our customer’s engagement and ideas over 2020. 

Next was Dan Middleton, the UK&I Google Workspace Lead from Google. He spoke about how Google has adapted to 2020 and what activities they have been doing to keep their business connected. He highlighted how Google was ready from a tech perspective when the pandemic hit – but it was the cultural shift that was the challenge. This is something that many businesses can relate to. It was great to hear about some of the things Google has been doing to replicate the culture at home. Ideas on this include: coffee meets, remote-based sessions, Master Chef cook along, wreath making, and mince pie making.

Before the session was brought to an end, we heard from 3 of our customers; DFS, Rentokil, and Pressure Technology on their experience with 2020, and how Google technology and tailored solutions have helped them not only keep their head above water, but to thrive in a global pandemic.

Changing the face of IT 

In this session, we heard from use cases in the field from our special guest speakers, Seza Nevat and David Anderson, from Just Eat. They spoke about their experience of moving from a break/fix IT environment in their basement, to an engaging business partner focused on education and empowerment. This session taught us how Just Eat has improved their collaboration and productivity since moving to Google Cloud with Netpremacy. 

It was eye-opening to learn how much the business has changed since they were first founded in 2001. From using break-fix methods and having to reboot their servers manually every single day, to growing to a massive business across the UK that uses Google Cloud to their advantage, to understanding their customers and providing the best service they can. All whilst continuing to grow. 

We heard from the team on the kind of changes that were noticed in the business when they moved to Google. Change was a challenge and something that they had to properly consider. It was communicated that Netpremacy was the reason behind the successful change and adoption of the product. This is something that always has to be kept in consideration to continue successful adoption and engagement. 

Finally, we discussed how Just Eat were able to continue to work successfully in the height of a pandemic because they were already fully immersed in the cloud. It was said that “we are so glad we were already on the cloud, we honestly do not know what we would have done otherwise”. 

Becoming Certified

Speakers: Fraja Hodges, Simon Smart, Josh McMurdo – Netpremacy

Here we heard from our CSS Product Manager, Fraja Hodges, our Support Team Lead, Simon Smart, and our CSM, Josh McMurdo, who each told us about their own experiences in becoming Google Cloud Certified. 

Simon first explained what getting certified actually means. Not only do you get access to the certified community, but you are in the certified directory as well. In addition to this, once certified applicants receive a badge, certificate, and a medal (and exclusive merchandise at Google Next). The non-physical benefits include boosting your confidence and personal progression. 

Fraja then took the mic and discussed her journey from a non-technical background and how she wanted to develop her skills, grow her technical knowledge, and allow herself to be exposed to more technical conversations in the business. Read Fraja’s blog post to learn how she prepared for the actual exam, with useful tips and tricks to help make sure you are ready to pass (hopefully). 

We then heard from Josh, who gave us an in-depth look at what the exams actually look like. At 2-hours long, with 50 multiple choice questions, you have plenty of time to review your answers, and you actually have 3 x attempts at passing the exam. 

Not only does this certification open up a lot of opportunities; such as speaking at customer events, hosting webinars, and even changing job roles, the biggest reason you should consider becoming certified is the confidence boost. It allows you to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge.

Spark to Vision

In our spark to vision session, we heard from Martin Russell and Rita Alaoui, a Business Services Trainer for Google EMEA. 

This session was to look at how Martin’s ‘spark to vision’ methodology has evolved over the years. Read Martin’s blog on his methodology here. It was aimed to address how leaders in businesses can successfully lead with empathy, and make a difference. The session also touched on how to successfully train teams, help relieve resistance to change and to make for successful adoption and a happy workforce.  

This ‘spark to vision’ has now been implemented in everything Martin does, and has also been adopted by Netpremacy. There are many sparks we all have that we can fix, but Martin’s view is to take a step back, and first understand what is starting this spark. How do we wrap around that vision for technology and how a business works going forward. Instead of a scattergun approach and fixing things when they go wrong. Martin is passionate about driving innovation and change forward with empathy, and it shows. 

Martin made it clear that to be a successful leader you need to look into how we can change the way the business operates and solves problems. Look at an empathetic approach not just a technical process. This approach that Martin spoke around can be implemented into big business changes such as moving to Google Cloud, or smaller projects you may face within your company. 

“The new person in the business has the loudest voice.”  – Martin Russell  

Rita Alaoui spoke around her experiences in Google Cloud, what she thinks makes for a successful business change, and how they stay on top of innovation at Google. She spoke around why training matters to help relieve resistance to change. She touched on how communication is vital to successful change, and also to good leadership. There were a number of customer use cases that demonstrated how important it is to make sure that change is accepted correctly in the workplace. “Transformation is a mindset”. 

This session sparked a lot of discussion for our customers and enabled them to have a voice and ask questions around change management topics and methodologies that they wanted to learn more on. 

It was clear from the session that there are a number of factors that make for a successful business and a happy workforce. The main things to consider when pushing change in a business when you are in a leadership role is: 

  • Empower people 
  • Work with empathy
  • Communication is key 
  • Correct training is crucial 
  • Making information useful and accessible 
  • Set goals 

Change Management 101

Speakers: Fraja Hodges, Jeana Marshall, Chris Freeman – Netpremacy

Change in a business is constant. 

It isn’t a one-size-fits all approach, and when adopting change into an organisation, people may move back and forth through each part of the cycle. Our CSS Product Manager, Fraja Hodges, started the discussion by setting a vision for constant change. Efficiency, innovation, collaboration, and talent are just some reasons why constant change is essential for a business. 

The Change Curve is a simple way of navigating through the different stages of change. The first stage is normally shock, or even denial, when change is announced, so it is important to approach with empathy. The disruption phase often sparks emotions such as anger, or fear, that this impending change will affect them and their job security. The 3rd and 4th stage is where the new processes and tools have sparked curiosity and innovation, and people can start to see the benefits of change.

Our Training Coordinator, Jeana Marshall, then took us through how to manage constant change. Change should be led from the top down. Senior leaders should be seen to actively support or participate in change, so people know it is real, and that it is happening. Resistance is always inevitable, but it should not be a reason to put off change. Change is critical to evolve, so it is important to communicate that to your teams. 

Our top tip: be concise, be clear, and be honest.

Chris Freeman, Customer Success Manager, then summarised the key takeaways from the session. Being transparent with your workforce; having clear, concise, and consistent messaging; offering support; encouraging attendance to training sessions; and giving people plenty of notice is the key to delivering successful change projects.

Learn more about the importance of change management here.

Google & Netpremacy Roadmap and Deep Dive

This session was run by Tom Chase, Josh McMurdo and Dominic Parkes at Google. 

Due to the nature of this session, the content provided to our CSS customers was exclusively for their eyes only and as a result under NDA. These kinds of sessions are common for our customers, we make them aware of the timelines and roadmaps of changes that they can expect to be coming up over the next year or so. 

Although we cannot elaborate on what exactly was included in this session, we can elude to the rough subjects that were covered over the course of the session:

  • Collaboration
  • Meet 
  • Google Voice
  • Security 

If you would like to learn more on how you gain insightful and exclusive access to information on updates prior to release, contact us and learn more on what our CSS programme entails. 

Netpremacy Technology Roundtable

This session was an open and informal roundtable session, in which our customers were encouraged to discuss current topics and how leadership is coping with a virtual workforce. 

Our session was chaired by Martin Russell, who opened the session speaking around how communication in the workplace has changed since going home to work. 

This was an eye-opening session in which we shared ideas on how to enhance internal communication and replicating cultural scenarios that so many of us are now missing. We discussed how to keep that culture alive and shared ideas that had and hadn’t worked across different companies. 

Some of the topics covered were as follows: 

Avoiding burnout

We touched on how to protect your time, being in back-to-back meetings is not good for mental wellbeing. Some attendees discussed how they are using apps that add into Google Chrome to book our repeatable time slots specifically for focus time. It is important to factor in your work-life balance, even when working from home. 

Keeping engagement in Google Meet 

This can be overlooked and sometimes people find themselves diving straight into work talk, without the usual “hi, how are you” introduction to any meeting. It’s important to try to keep this, as it keeps meetings personal, and not feeling like you are just speaking to a screen. 

Ideas to replace the morning commute 

This is something many of us may have taken for granted and even complained about previously. Now we see people are missing this routine from their day. It was suggested that people could “walk to work” whereby before you sit down at your desk to work, you get outside and go for a walk around the block first. 

Remote recruiting 

People were split on this topic, some companies are more open now to recruiting new team members, no matter their location. Whilst others feel being close to your team is still important for effective collaboration and communication. 

“Forced fun”

We touched on how to keep fun and communication within the workplace, without it feeling forced. There are only so many online quizzes we can all go through, so we talked around other ideas to keep your teams engaged. Ideas such as walking meetings, virtual escape rooms, and online interactive board games could be a great way to break things up. 

Overall, it was a fantastic and frank discussion. There was a community that felt comfortable and free to disclose their opinions on varying topics, something we are so proud to create. 

Due to the sheer amount of content we are running this week, we will also be doing an end-of-week round-up, to talk around more topics covered through the next half of the week. If you have enjoyed this blog, and want to know how you can be a part of our growing CSS community, please contact us here

21 August 2020

Learn how Netpremacy & Google can help you utilise cloud technology in a digital-first workplace 


digital workplace webinar series 4

The workplace has changed dramatically since the start of the year. Businesses have had to digitally transform into a new way of working to continue to function and survive. This digital and cultural shift comes with challenges, but Netpremacy has addressed these head-on and wants to share with you ways of using the technology available to us to be able to optimise with maximum efficiency. 

Register now for our next webinar series, featuring guest speakers from our partners FinTech North, and Google Cloud, as well as special guest speakers from influential women in technology as we discuss:

  • How to collaborate effectively with the new G Suite interface
  • Optimising GCP spend to continue to grow your business
  • How to overcome business challenges with cloud technology

Follow the links below to find out more and how to register for each webinar.

Netpremacy Insights: How to collaborate effectively with the new G Suite interface

Date: 16/09/20 |Time: 11:00 – 12:00

netpremacy collaboration webinar

An exciting new interface for G Suite has recently been rolled out to users and we couldn’t be happier. The new interface combines Google Meet, Chat, and more in one interface, making collaboration even easier than before. 

Join us as we dive into the new features, how they work, and how to use them most effectively to ensure a seamless working experience with your teams. 


  • Demo of the new interface
  • Examples of new features
  • How to take advantage of new features
  • Q&A session at the end



Netpremacy & Google: Celebrating women in the Cloud

In partnership with Leeds Digital Festival – Date: 30/09/20 Time: 11:00-12:00

Netpremacy is teaming up with some innovative speakers from around the country to celebrate women in technology. This includes speakers from Google Cloud, Netpremacy WILD, and more.


  • Thank you, welcome & intros
  • Fraja Hodges, Netpremacy – Dipping your feet into tech
  • Daisie Marie Twist, Netpremacy – Manning the support desks at Netpremacy
  • Sarah Tulip – WILD & my Tech journey 
  • Jordan Winokur, Google- A journey to success in the cloud 
  • Closing remarks, live Q & A with the panel 


Netpremacy Insights: Looking into a digital-first workplace & how to overcome business obstacles with cloud technology

In partnership with Leeds Digital Festival – Date: 01/10/20 Time: 11:00-12:00

netpremacy digital transformation webinar

In this webinar, we will discuss how businesses are ensuring that their teams are staying motivated when working from home. As well as talking around how we have adapted and can continue to adapt due to the Google Cloud technology we have at our fingertips. 

Hear how the teams at Netpremacy have coped in a global pandemic, and how we continue to thrive and ensure that our customers can get the best out of Google Cloud, even from a remote environment. 

Watch our live demo, where we demonstrate how we are using tools from G Suite to ensure optimum safety, organisation and effective working when our teams do return to the office, through our new intelligent yet simple booking system. 


  • Intro
  • Digital transformation/the new way of working/how we have adapted
  • Enhanced customer service throughout with our CSS program
  • Getting your teams back into the office safely – live demo on the Netpremacy booking system 
  • Google 
  • Martin Russell – Industry challenges in a pandemic, and how to overcome them
  • Q&A


If you are unable to attend these webinars, but would like to find out more, please contact us.

To keep up to date on product announcements, updates, and events subscribe to our newsletter.

21 July 2020

COVID-19 Office Reservation Solution


Every business wants to return to optimum efficiency. So in an effort to get back into the office, Netpremacy has created a solution. Using readily available G Suite tools you can create a complex, yet easy to manage, booking-in system. This means you can monitor and control the number of staff in the office at any given time, and have access to valuable contact trace data.

This method requires little maintenance and minimal admin, making it an easy solution to adopt and manage.



To find out more, or to see how your organisation can benefit from this solution, contact us and speak to one of our specialists:

10 July 2020


Bespoke COVID-19 back to work strategy

◦ Google Meet offerings – keeping people connected remotely

◦ Fast deployment of Chrome devices

◦ Ongoing support for our customer base

◦ Ongoing webinar knowledgebase

◦ Supporting schools, parents, and children through Google technologies


On the 23rd March 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared that the UK was to be put into lockdown to help squash the curve and help the NHS to deal with the current COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, there have been a number of changes globally that have forced businesses to drastically change the way that they work in order to stay afloat and to survive a global pandemic.

Netpremacy is born in the cloud, and so we took this change in our stride. We were proud to win the 2019 Google Cloud Global Specialisation of the Year – Work Transformation Enterprise award as a testament to our dedication and knowledge within the Google Cloud space. Mobile working is one of our core competencies and before the lockdown was fully declared, our whole team was working from home safely, securely, and collaboratively.

We appreciate that it was not that easy for many other businesses around the UK, and as such we have aimed to be the helping hand that many companies have needed to help get them through this difficult time. As such, Netpremacy has been running a series of webinars throughout lockdown, answering questions businesses may have on this new way of working, as well as offering advice, tips, tricks, and more on how to keep ahead of the game even during a global pandemic.


How DFS responded to the recent COVID-19 pandemic through the use of Google Cloud technologies.

When the lockdown was announced, the DFS group decided to immediately close down all operations, pause deliveries, and halt manufacturing. DFS was then left with just an online presence, and had no other option than to furlough 5,000 members of staff across the UK. Read more on how DFS and Netpremacy worked together to ensure that the business was able to stay online and to keep the business running smoothly when the UK was first put into lockdown.

“As soon as the UK was put into lockdown our number one priority was ensuring that we could help keep our customers up and running safely in the cloud. This was a drastic change for many businesses around the world. At Netpremacy we are agile and used to working remotely, so we took our expertise and shared our services, knowledge, and experience with anyone who needed it. We understood that this was an unprecedented time for so many people and wanted to ensure that we were on hand to help. We will continue to do so long after lockdown is eased, and we believe that this has brought to life a new way of working that perhaps many businesses were not fully aware of beforehand.”
– Andrew Martin, Commercial Sales Director, Netpremacy

Our longstanding and strong relationships with our partners at Google meant that our teams have been able to collaborate remotely and help with ensuring that our customer base had access to everything they needed. Whether that be knowledge sharing, training, or support when making the big transition to working from home.

Since lockdown began, we have been working on a number of solutions to ensure that businesses are using the Cloud to the best of their ability, to ensure that they can work more effectively.

We have been in constant contact with our current customer base to ensure that we can support our customers in any way possible through these unprecedented times.


Getting you back to work safely

Using G Suite tools, (Apps Script, Sheets, Calendar, Forms, and Data studio) our highly skilled teams have built and developed a simple to use booking system which will help prepare businesses for a safe return back to the office. This system ensures that strict numbers are adhered to and that colleagues are kept safe and appropriately distanced when they do decide to return to work. The system allows staff to book a seat on their given day, and to see when their other team members are booked into the office. The bonus of this system is the data it collects, allowing for contact tracing to be quick and simple if a COVID-19 outbreak were to occur in the office.


Google Meet Offer

To help businesses stay connected and to continue working, we have been offering free Google Meet licenses and deployment services, available to new businesses until 30th September 2020.

For more information, download our one-pager or to book in your free* installation contact us on:


“My vision has always been for CSS to be focused on unlocking the full potential of the Google product suite, this requires both Netpremacy and Customer to be far forward-thinking and always working towards that. Recent times have had me and our customers thinking differently, we have all had to adapt very quickly to Covid-19. What has been constant though, is technology is no longer a barrier. What we are now focused on is the creation of a feedback loop with those working from their homes all over the world. We want to know what is and is not working, letting people know we are listening and working towards constant improvements. There is a new normal but it will be created by those that are living and working it every day, so we had best listen!”
– Martin Russell, Head of CSS, Netpremacy

Looking after our current customers will always be our number one priority, we value our relationships with our customers above all else, and it was important to us that we made sure we were there to help in any way possible.


It’s not just current customers that Netpremacy has helped. Due to the pandemic, we have seen new relationships form with businesses across the UK. We first began to speak to Loxam when they urgently needed 100’s of Chrome devices to ensure that their whole company was able to work remotely.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the dynamics of project delivery for our chrome deployment services, with some of our customers requiring immediate and fast deployments to enable them to keep connected and “business as usual” while working from home. The Netpremacy delivery team has successfully adapted to the change in pace and understood the urgency in which customers wanted the deployments delivered. A perfect example of this was the chrome deployment project with LOXAM PAD. The team was engaged and ready to support the customer immediately with the whole chrome deployment completed within days minimizing any downtime.”
– Jordan Brown, Project Manager, Netpremacy

Following the delivery, both Netpremacy & LOXAM PAD pulled their teams together for a crash course on all things Chrome. After a few calls, the team at LOXAM PAD was up and running and enrolling devices within hours, with Netpremacy observing and supporting across the whole journey.

They were rolled out and deployed within 3 days of delivery, so 200 members of the LOXAM PAD workforce were now fully operational and could continue working remotely. This rapid delivery and deployment is a testament to the hard work and effort the team at Netpremacy put into providing the right solution for their customers, and another great example of how Google’s browser first solutions have a real impact when it’s needed the most.

Read more on how we worked to get LOXAM PAD up and running in days.


We are also proud to be supporting the next generation by helping schools maintain learning through these difficult times. Schools, parents, and children are able to get the support and training they need, through Google technology, so young people can continue their education while learning from home. Learn more about the Government’s Schools of England Platform Provisioning Programme here.

In this new age, even when businesses do begin to return to the office, we understand that this has opened up a new way of working. Some companies may return to the office, whilst a vast majority have now learned that they can survive and thrive remotely if they need to. Hear from Alastair Lumley, Account Director at Netpremacy, on his predictions for the future of working remotely, and how he sees the workplace changing.

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15 June 2020

Manufacturing with G Suite during, and post-pandemic 


We’ve all faced uncertain times this year and it has brought to light many challenges that organisations face when running their day-to-day activities. I wanted to share with you ways in which we can adjust and innovate to be able to adapt seamlessly in times of global disruption. 

female engineerMy focus in this article is to gain insights into the challenges that have been overcome, and how businesses have adjusted to the global disruption by using Google Cloud. My view is that the immediate concern that this pandemic has addressed, for not only manufacturing organisations but all firms globally is that to sustain any business through times of separation, we must transform not only digitally but culturally. 

With the huge adoption of remote working during this current period, the emphasis has been shaped by the importance of Connectivity, Collaboration, and Security, the key features that G Suite is renowned for. This is shown in their current user base of more than 2 billion users. Colleagues working in real-time on Documents, Sheets, and Slides from across the globe have driven productivity and proven the efficiency and effectiveness of the G Suite collaboration tools. This is even more apparent through this time which has inevitably separated the nation. In addition to these features, Google Meet has seen a huge increase of users, rising to 3 million now connecting with Google Meet every day.  Teams are able to perform video conferences on a secure, reliable, and expandable platform. Users have the ability to connect to 250 colleagues simultaneously, share screens, docs, or sheets, allowing suppliers and distributors to communicate and reduce cycle time. 

I could go on and touch upon Chrome, AI, Big Query, and many more services and solutions that have benefited Google customers during this time of uncertainty. For this article, I want to focus on how Netpremacy can help as a  Google Premier Partner and Global award winners in Work Transformation Enterprise, and Google’s successes in Manufacturing.

According to a March 2020 survey by the U.S. National Association of Manufacturers, four out of five U.S. manufacturing companies expect to be financially impacted by COVID-19. More than half think they’ll need to change how they operate, and over a third anticipate supply chain disruptions. We have been through a huge period of change, and anticipate further changes to the way our manufacturing and logistics organisations run their supply chain. PWC carried out their assessment of the effect of COVID19 and this brought a number of concerns to the industry. Facing fluctuations in the supply chain, social distancing concerns, now is the time to change to ensure your operations are running at the lowest cost of service but with increased performance. 

By transforming your business through G Suite you will;

  • Gain a more effective route to market
  • Expand your route to market options
  • Cut operational and IT costs
  • Safeguard your employees by using cloud services  

What is stopping you from exploring this innovation?

Whirlpool is a key reference for the power of G Suite and how utilising G Suite and Chrome devices has given them the initiative to innovate, break down global barriers, work collectively across nations to deliver the best product to the relevant markets quicker and more efficiently. Manufacturers face a huge demand, with global competition and most firms face the challenge of dealing with legacy systems due to rapid expansion and a large base of IT infrastructure and IoT provides the daunting challenge of business transformation. With these challenges being legacy issues facing the vast majority of manufacturers, the pandemic and need for remote working have drastically emphasised the need for change. G Suite offers secure, efficient, and collaborative tools for today but also the innovative tools for tomorrow to stay ahead of the curve.

“[G Suite] is a simple solution in many ways, but the features are actually very sophisticated, enabling us to surround our business processes with the right tools to connect people.” -Mike Heim, CIO of Whirlpool Corporation

Google provides world-class cloud solutions to help every sector and every vertical of every size. Netpremacy as a Google Premier Partner is here to guide you on your Google journey with the expertise and experience that you require. Netpremacy is Google’s Global award-winning leader for Work Transformation – Enterprise for 2019, we have taken some of the largest firms through periods of complete change, assisting with not only the technology changes but the cultural and educational changes too. We pride ourselves on our world-class teams, here to help you deliver against your cloud strategy with G Suite, Chrome or GCP.

Netpremacy is running a number of webinars throughout June and July to explore further the points mentioned in this article. We will have Google specialists and Customers share their experiences on how utilising G Suite and Google Cloud has helped them become agile, meeting the demands of remote working without impacting performance and how these changes affect the future of their businesses.

The webinars specifically relate to Manufacturing, identifying the services and solutions we can provide to ensure you can work seamlessly with business-critical tasks through these pressing times. 

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