New Google Meet Features

17 July 2020

Google announces more features for the ultimate video conferencing experience


Since lockdown began, Google Meet has grown in popularity and demand. Thanks to Google Meet, colleagues have been able to stay connected, companies have been able to live stream to a remote workforce, virtual healthcare visits have allowed care to continue, and schools have maintained collaborative contact with students. This is all down to the amazing technology we have available at our fingertips. 

With plenty of video conferencing tools available, it can be quite difficult to distinguish which is the best on the market. Google Meet, which is now free for everyone, is launching several updates that will allow for the ultimate video conferencing experience. 

A New, Customisable Background
The long-awaited customisable background will soon be available to use in Google Meet. In addition, it will be possible to blur out your background, which is especially useful if you are sharing your workspace with family or pets and want to make sure calls are uninterrupted and free from distraction. Netpremacy will find this update really helpful during our webinars, as we will be able to make the experience for our viewers even more smooth and streamlined.

Nest Hub Max Integration
A high-tech, smart solution to help virtual meetings run seamlessly is the integration of Nest Hub Max with Google Meet. It will soon be possible to join meetings with just one click or a voice command through your smart home display. This is great for those who may not have room at home for dedicated office space, so you can free up your laptop and work from anywhere in the house.

Extended Tile View
The last update saw the tile view layout reach a maximum of 16 people, making for more fun and collaborative experience. With more people working remotely and relying on Google Meet to stay connected, Google will increase it to 49 participants. This means whole organisations, or larger teams, can all be visible on a call, making it the most connected, collaborative, and streamlined experience yet. 

Hand Raising
Google has not only announced long-awaited updates, but they have thought about the finer details to make the enhancements seamless in so many ways. The new extended tile view layout is great, but the accompanying “hand-raising” tool makes it even better. This allows participants in a larger call to “raise their hand” if they have a question or want to contribute to the meeting. Making a more organised, and smooth experience. 


Netpremacy’s Top 5 Updates

Netpremacy was born in the cloud, our teams are incredibly familiar with Google Meet. The new updates add more inclusiveness and make the sessions more seamless in a remote environment. The most exciting benefit of the updates is how they will affect our webinars. The introduction of the below features will allow us to have complete control and increase engagement, which makes an even greater experience for our audience. 

1. Meeting attendance: This will make it easier to track who attended, so we can follow up efficiently and make sure attendees receive collateral and the slides/recording of the webinar.
2. Breakout rooms: We try and personalise the experience for our attendees, as we want to make sure everyone leaves with valuable information. These breakout rooms will give the opportunity to ask the experts directly.
3. Q&A: Our team of experts that deliver these webinars tries to answer as many questions as possible, if not all, so this Q&A channel will make it easier to monitor and direct the questions without disrupting the flow of the webinar.
4. Additional moderator controls: The introduction of more controls, makes the experience smoother. So muting, presenting, even joining the webinar is an afterthought for the speaker, as the hosts can organise and monitor, making it a polished experience for all.
5. Polling: Real-time polling is also a new feature that will be added to Google Meet. We can ask for instant feedback and can get an idea for what content our audience wants to hear in future sessions there and then.

If you want to learn more about our webinars and the topics we talk about, visit our events page.


To help businesses stay connected and to continue working, we have been offering G Suite Essentials to new customers, which includes Meet, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and it’s free of charge until 30th September 2020.

For more information download our one-pager or to book in your free installation, contact us here:


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15 June 2020

Manufacturing with G Suite during, and post-pandemic 


We’ve all faced uncertain times this year and it has brought to light many challenges that organisations face when running their day-to-day activities. I wanted to share with you ways in which we can adjust and innovate to be able to adapt seamlessly in times of global disruption. 

female engineerMy focus in this article is to gain insights into the challenges that have been overcome, and how businesses have adjusted to the global disruption by using Google Cloud. My view is that the immediate concern that this pandemic has addressed, for not only manufacturing organisations but all firms globally is that to sustain any business through times of separation, we must transform not only digitally but culturally. 

With the huge adoption of remote working during this current period, the emphasis has been shaped by the importance of Connectivity, Collaboration, and Security, the key features that G Suite is renowned for. This is shown in their current user base of more than 2 billion users. Colleagues working in real-time on Documents, Sheets, and Slides from across the globe have driven productivity and proven the efficiency and effectiveness of the G Suite collaboration tools. This is even more apparent through this time which has inevitably separated the nation. In addition to these features, Google Meet has seen a huge increase of users, rising to 3 million now connecting with Google Meet every day.  Teams are able to perform video conferences on a secure, reliable, and expandable platform. Users have the ability to connect to 250 colleagues simultaneously, share screens, docs, or sheets, allowing suppliers and distributors to communicate and reduce cycle time. 

I could go on and touch upon Chrome, AI, Big Query, and many more services and solutions that have benefited Google customers during this time of uncertainty. For this article, I want to focus on how Netpremacy can help as a  Google Premier Partner and Global award winners in Work Transformation Enterprise, and Google’s successes in Manufacturing.

According to a March 2020 survey by the U.S. National Association of Manufacturers, four out of five U.S. manufacturing companies expect to be financially impacted by COVID-19. More than half think they’ll need to change how they operate, and over a third anticipate supply chain disruptions. We have been through a huge period of change, and anticipate further changes to the way our manufacturing and logistics organisations run their supply chain. PWC carried out their assessment of the effect of COVID19 and this brought a number of concerns to the industry. Facing fluctuations in the supply chain, social distancing concerns, now is the time to change to ensure your operations are running at the lowest cost of service but with increased performance. 

By transforming your business through G Suite you will;

  • Gain a more effective route to market
  • Expand your route to market options
  • Cut operational and IT costs
  • Safeguard your employees by using cloud services  

What is stopping you from exploring this innovation?

Whirlpool is a key reference for the power of G Suite and how utilising G Suite and Chrome devices has given them the initiative to innovate, break down global barriers, work collectively across nations to deliver the best product to the relevant markets quicker and more efficiently. Manufacturers face a huge demand, with global competition and most firms face the challenge of dealing with legacy systems due to rapid expansion and a large base of IT infrastructure and IoT provides the daunting challenge of business transformation. With these challenges being legacy issues facing the vast majority of manufacturers, the pandemic and need for remote working have drastically emphasised the need for change. G Suite offers secure, efficient, and collaborative tools for today but also the innovative tools for tomorrow to stay ahead of the curve.

“[G Suite] is a simple solution in many ways, but the features are actually very sophisticated, enabling us to surround our business processes with the right tools to connect people.” -Mike Heim, CIO of Whirlpool Corporation

Google provides world-class cloud solutions to help every sector and every vertical of every size. Netpremacy as a Google Premier Partner is here to guide you on your Google journey with the expertise and experience that you require. Netpremacy is Google’s Global award-winning leader for Work Transformation – Enterprise for 2019, we have taken some of the largest firms through periods of complete change, assisting with not only the technology changes but the cultural and educational changes too. We pride ourselves on our world-class teams, here to help you deliver against your cloud strategy with G Suite, Chrome or GCP.

Netpremacy is running a number of webinars throughout June and July to explore further the points mentioned in this article. We will have Google specialists and Customers share their experiences on how utilising G Suite and Google Cloud has helped them become agile, meeting the demands of remote working without impacting performance and how these changes affect the future of their businesses.

The webinars specifically relate to Manufacturing, identifying the services and solutions we can provide to ensure you can work seamlessly with business-critical tasks through these pressing times. 

Take a look on our link below:

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions on:

12 June 2020

How Netpremacy & Google can help you utilise G Suite & GCP to become more digital and mobile


Register now for our 3-part webinar series, featuring guest speakers from our partners FinTech North, and Google Cloud, as we discuss:

• How to create a return to work strategy with Google technology

• Increasing collaboration and productivity in the manufacturing industry

• How to use smart analytics to stay ahead of competitors

Follow the links below to find out more and how to register for each webinar.


How ML & Smart Analytics are helping FinTechs understand their data

Date: 09/07/20 Time: 11:00-12:00

Join us, FinTech North, and Google to learn about the power of Machine Learning, and Big Query. Hear more on how FinTechs are driving their business forward thanks to Google Cloud. Understand how businesses are using data to gain a competitive advantage, and how Big Query is the tool that makes this possible.

Guest speakers:

  • Alastair Lumley, Netpremay
  • Tom Anderson, Netpremacy 
  • Julian Wells, Director, FinTech North
  • Richard Ashby, Google Cloud 



How businesses can use the G Suite tool-stack to return to work

Date: 22/07/20 Time: 11:00-12:00

Sign up to our webinar to understand how businesses can use tools from G Suite to create a complex and intelligent booking system, to get your teams safely back up and running in an office environment.

Hear from Google and Netpremacy on what our plans are for getting back to the office, and how we are using tools from G Suite, App Script, and Data Studio to do so.



Manufacturing with G Suite during and post-pandemic

Date: 23/07/20 Time: 11:00-12:00

Sign up for our webinar to hear how manufacturers in the industry are increasing their agility and digitizing their way of working thanks to Google Cloud.

To sustain a business we must transform digitally and culturally. G Suite has been a go-to solution for many organisations within the manufacturing and distribution market, providing that competitive edge during times of uncertainty.

Guest speakers:

  • John Boyle, Google Cloud


If you are unable to attend these webinars, but would like to find out more, please contact us.


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05 May 2020

How DFS responded to the recent COVID-19 pandemic through use of Google Cloud technologies. 


Netpremacy has had a longstanding relationship with DFS for over 4 years now, and initially helped one of their Group companies Sofology transition across to G Suite. After the bounding success of this project, DFS decided to move all of their 4 brands across to G Suite with Netpremacy, to improve the way in which they worked. More detail on the journey with DFS and Netpremacy can be found here. 

On the 23rd March 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared that the UK was to be put into lockdown to help squash the curve and help the NHS to deal with the current COVID-19 pandemic. This caused many big changes for businesses all over the UK, and our customer DFS was one of the businesses that needed to immediately change the way in which they were currently working. 

Now that the dust has begun to settle, and businesses are becoming used to working remotely across the UK, we sat down with Group Technology Director, Russell Harte, DFS to discuss how the company has successfully adapted in the recent conditions thanks to G Suite and Google Cloud. 

As soon as the lockdown was announced, the DFS group decided to immediately close down all operations, pause deliveries and halt manufacturing. DFS was then left with just an online presence, and had no other option than to furlough 5,000 members of staff across the UK. 

“We decided we wanted to do the right thing and protect as many people as possible” – Russell Harte, DFS

Due to the whole organisation already being on G Suite, the business was able to respond quickly, and move the workforce to remote working immediately. 

“We had started installing Google Meet hardware in a number of meeting rooms before the pandemic, so we had already started to change the culture and stopped bringing people to the same place for some meetings and training events. It just made a massive difference to how our teams are communicating, even bringing more colour to just a conference call. We had a few key people who embraced this, but in the pandemic world Google Meet has become a rapid default. From day one there were a number of posts on our internal communication platform about how big a difference using G Suite had made, and if we hadn’t had it, how would we have worked.” – Russell Harte, DFS

This meant that the business was quickly able to adapt to new working environments and to ultimately keep the business running. Russell mentioned that it was easy for everyone to transition, even some of the less technical staff, due to the simplicity of G Suite. 

“We realised early on in our original roll out project that we could implement single sign-on across the business, so we started getting into cloud identity early on. This happened to have a big impact in light of the pandemic, it’s allowed us to move some of the applications a lot faster than we would have thought.”- Russell Harte, DFS

Due to the collaborative features of G Suite, the teams are still able to work seamlessly across Docs, Sheets, and Slides, collaborating successfully on the same documents simultaneously in order to turn around work and get communications sent around the organisation. 

“In the last few weeks we have been using single sign-on for quite a few applications and clearly using G Suite as the authentication method for doing so. Another product we use internally is Cloudflare Access, again using Google Authentication as a way to access quite a large number of our applications and that’s helped us a lot in the recent pandemic.” – Russell Harte, DFS

Russell mentioned that the marketing and PR teams especially were benefiting from the Chat feature in Hangouts. The instant messaging service is helping to keep the marketing and PR teams in constant communication. The teams, who respond to customer inquiries across social media channels, have found the instant messaging in Chat has sped up their communication and enabled them to react faster and support customers.  

It’s not just specific teams that G Suite is helping with, in fact, it is keeping the whole organisation in contact and up to date. The culture change that the pandemic has forced upon many businesses around the UK was taken up by the teams at DFS, as teams across the company took it in their stride. Even  furloughed staff are continuing to engage with their team members across the organisation through Google Meet for quizzes and social events. Meaning everyone is still kept connected, and team morale is kept high in these unprecedented times. 

“We have furloughed just over 5,000 staff. We’re in week four now in the UK and we have seen a number of our teams do everything from quizzes to bingo using hangouts. It’s just allowed the teams to stay in touch in a fantastic way” – Russell Harte, DFS

Netpremacy was able to help DFS quickly and efficiently move across their team drives, as well as ensuring that 2SV was enabled in order to keep the company data safe. 

“There was little Netpremacy needed to do to help DFS be prepared for the pandemic, as we had already implemented G Suite and Chrome devices across the organisation. They had the tools they needed, and the support from us to work remotely almost immediately.” Ben Trood, Business Development, Netpremacy

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To learn more about how retail businesses are using Google Cloud to work remotely, sign up to our webinar. 

28 April 2020

Google has announced 4 new updates to improve the user experience on Google Meet


Now more than ever, businesses are relying on video conferencing. It is important that the technology we use allows for easier interaction, keeping focused and staying productive. Google has recently announced a number of updated features on Google Meet (previously Hangouts Meet), for all G Suite customers, which will improve the quality of meetings and the overall user experience. 

One of the most anticipated updates is the expanded Tile View layout. This enables the user to view up to 16 people at a time – previously you could only see four. This update feature has already proved popular here at Netpremacy, as it makes virtual meetings more inclusive and facilitates collaborative viewing. We have also been able to inject a bit of fun into our daily catch-ups with fancy dress and a quick game of “guess the movie”. More updates are in the works for larger meetings, better presentation layouts, and support across more devices, so watch this space for more!

Google will be gradually rolling out the extended tile view feature for our Enterprise customers from Wednesday 22nd April 2020


Our CSS team is known for wearing many hats – here is the proof!


Guess the movie in our morning standup!


As well as the tiled layout for larger calls, Google has also worked on more technical advancements to improve meeting quality. Noise cancellation AI will work to limit sounds in the background so your meetings can run smoothly, without any distractions. This will be available for G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education customers in the coming weeks, starting with web users and later rolling out to mobile users.

The new low-light mode also uses Google AI to adjust your video automatically, so you are more visible to other participants in low-light conditions. The new software enhances your video and brings out details that would have been too dark or difficult to see otherwise. This feature will gradually be rolled out, starting with mobile users, and will be available to web users soon after.

The final update Google has announced is the ability to present higher-quality video content with audio. There is now an option to present a Chrome tab, as well as presenting a window or the entire screen. Presenting a Chrome tab shares the audio on that tab by default, so if you have remote viewers and you need to share a video, this is the best option for the ultimate audio experience. This feature is rolling out to general availability from Wednesday 22nd April 2020.

As Google’s 2019 Global Partner of the Year for Work Transformation Enterprise, we are committed to helping businesses excel. We are currently offering free Google Meet licenses and deployment services, available to new businesses from now until 30th September 2020. Find out more here

Benefits include:

  • Easy to use console
  • Secure end-to-end encryption
  • Enterprise security
  • Up to 1TB of Google Drive Storage
  • Live streaming up to 100,000 internal participants
  • Zero install requirement


For more information or to book in your complimentary installation, contact us on: If you have any questions or would like a discussion to learn more, please contact us here:



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24 March 2020

Complimentary Premium Google Meet Features for Seamless Remote Working


Keep your workforce connected and ensure your business is running efficiently with Google Meet. As the winner of the 2019 Global Partner of the Year award, for Work Transformation Enterprise, we are proud to announce that, alongside Google, we are offering businesses the opportunity to stay connected and to continue working with free Google Meet licenses and deployment services, available to new businesses from now until 30th September 2020. Benefits include:

●  Easy to use console
●  Secure end-to-end encryption
● Enterprise security
● Up to 1TB of Google Drive Storage
● Live streaming up to 100,000 internal participants
● Zero install requirement


Find out more information by downloading the full PDF. If you have any questions or would like a discussion to learn more, please contact us here:


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17 March 2020

Netpremacy Remote Working – We are here to help 

netpremacy remote working

Netpremacy’s COVID-19 Statement

netpremacy remote workingWe understand that with the recent COVID-19 outbreak the majority of businesses across the globe are facing a period of uncertainty and are adjusting to remote ways of working.

These are unprecedented times and we, at Netpremacy, are committed to supporting the wider business community. 

The document below contains a number of links and tips & tricks on how to work effectively from home. As well as how-to guides, and much more. 

Netpremacy wishes to offer our support and services to any business who feel they can benefit and welcome the opportunity to speak to you all. 



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14 October 2019

Netpremacy trainers

Christos Amyrotos –  Training Coordinator

My name is Christos Amyrotos and during my time working as Training Coordinator for Netpremacy I have learned the value of providing successful training sessions. Educating users on what is possible with Google Cloud’s suite of products is so rewarding, it has been a brilliant experience due to being on a constant learning curve as Google Cloud is forever evolving. One of the roles that come with my position is floorwalking. 

Floorwalking is a term we use, at Netpremacy, when visiting a customer site to offer at desk support and answer any questions end users may have on or around their Go-Live day. Floorwalking, to us, is essential to ensure that everyone experiences a smooth transition to G Suite and any questions are resolved as soon as possible. 

Netpemacy training services

Visiting a new customer site, especially for the first time, is always an energising and challenging experience; you are in their territory guiding them on how to use new technology in line with their internal best practice policies. Meaning that we have to dig a little deeper to solve very specific problems, as well as suggest new and better ways of working for individuals and teams. It’s incredibly rewarding to know that our customers have faith in us as trainers to answer their questions and help them learn a new way of working. We focus on gaining this trust by working with the project team to gain a deep understanding of company culture, inefficiencies that need addressing and what they are happy for us to recommend to those we come into contact with.

Netpremacy change management


Recently I attended an event at a customer site where end-users had the opportunity to ask any G Suite related questions during their lunch break. Excited by the opportunity to help  I jumped at the chance to attend!

We created a drop-in zone for users, at the customer site, with Netpremacy and Google banners and a selection of our lightweight yet powerful Pixelbooks so that people could get an insight into the Google tools we work with every day at Netpremacy, and how easy they are to use. 

Netpremacy training and change management

Our pop-up Netpremacy drop-in zone was visited by many G Suite users, with many interesting questions about the platform and with unique challenges for each of their workflows. 

Personally, I love it when an end-user finds the courage to speak to us and asks questions. It’s all too common that users are too shy to approach us thinking they have a “stupid” question but we always remind them that there is no such thing, every user has their own unique requirements. Of course, some questions were easier to answer than others and we were happy to spend time consulting on exactly what they were looking to achieve, in order to give them the most appropriate solution to meet their needs. 

One thing was certain; no one left our drop-in zone without receiving a bespoke solution to their question or enquiry; even if we had to do some more research and testing, we assured them we would get back to them with a clear solution.

That is just one reason why I find Netpremacy such a great place to work; we are encouraged to  take the time to listen to those we come into contact with. Even if it means we have to do some more research, we always endeavour to find the answers to their questions and love rising to the challenge of providing a solution to even the most difficult of problems. 

Netpremacy training and change management

We aim to make sure that our customers know we listened to their requests, and that we are working on it. Everyone who visited our drop-in zone left with a smile, feeling armed with the skills to confidently use G Suite and I do hope they felt as if they had gained more knowledge in the process. I think we all learned a lot that day and for that, I call it a success!

Netpremacy provides a range of training and change management services adapted to suit your specific business needs. Find out more about some of the services we can provide here.

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27 August 2019

How the Accessibility features of G Suite helped to benefit Parkinson’s UK

Parkinson's UkAbout the company:

Parkinson’s UK is a Parkinson’s research and support charity in the UK. The charity’s aims are to improve the quality of life for people affected by Parkinson’s and find a cure for the condition. It funds research aimed at finding better treatments and improving the understanding of Parkinson’s and its causes. 

The charity offers support and information to people affected by Parkinson’s, this includes families, friends, and carers.

The problem:

Parkinson’s UK also employs people who are diagnosed with Parkinson’s, as well as others who have learning and physical difficulties which may make day-to-day work more challenging. 

Parkinson’s UK had 500 members of staff across the UK in 3 different office locations plus home and remote workers. The teams were divided, with approximately 40% being office-based and on-premise, and the other 60% being remote workers working from home.

The solution:

This year, Parkinson’s UK decided to deploy G Suite with the help of Netpremacy. 

Their mission was to better equip their workforce with collaborative tools to improve efficiency and enhance communication between colleagues, including between office and remote workers. A key reason for implementing G Suite was the accessibility features that G Suite provided, making it easier for some of the team at Parkinson’s UK to work effectively. 

Some of the tools that the team benefited from were; Voice typing within Google Docs and Slides, Select to Speak, Chromevox and enabling High Contrast mode to help prevent eye strain, headaches, and migraines due to glare. 

G Suite can be personalised to suit the needs of the individual, especially Gmail. This became especially useful when introducing people with Parkinson’s to the applications. People experiencing involuntary movements in the hands may accidentally click when using a mouse. To minimise issues caused by this we were able to turn off hover actions, helping to reduce the risk of accidentally deleting or actioning emails.

Why Netpremacy:

Working with Netpremacy has ensured that effective Change Management and Training was delivered to Parkinson’s UK to enable successful adoption of G Suite, in particular, in-depth and advanced training on the accessibility features. 

Netpremacy’s Trainers spent time on-site providing classroom-based training sessions, remote sessions for those harder to reach, and individual support before, during and after the deployment of G Suite. 

Through this continuous support, Netpremacy’s Trainers were able to help individuals who have Parkinson’s, learning difficulties, visual and hearing difficulties to discover more about the accessibility features available through G Suite, Google Chrome and Chrome devices.

Netpremacy’s dedicated training team helped us get up to speed on how to use G suite but also ensured we made the most of all the excellent accessibility options that G Suite has. This has enabled our teams to continue to work effectively whilst providing for specific learning or physical needs.

– Shaun Le Geyt, Parkinson’s UK

These features have seen people who may usually struggle with working on computers grow in confidence; as well as work better with their teams to save time and help others who are affected with similar conditions too. 

Implementing G Suite meant that the teams at Parkinson’s UK were able to work in a more collaborative environment, no matter their visual, hearing or physical difficulties which brought accessibility to the workplace. 

Click here to find out more about the accessibility features that have helped people at Parkinson’s UK. 

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19 August 2019

Netpremacy’s Guide to Growth for SMB’s


65% of companies in the UK said they were looking to scale-up in the next 12 months with most citing that funding is was leading force hindering their growth. Businesses must ensure that they are ready for funding and have their growth plan prepared for their business to swell with an influx of investment.

Having worked with many successful scale up companies through digital transformation and change management strategies, our team at Netpremacy have devised the top three success factors for businesses preparing to grow exponentially. 

Long Term Vision 

For any small business, it’s imperative that the founder(s) have a vision for where they envisage the company growing to in five, ten, even fifty years. This enables them to be able to plan and structure the scale-up strategy realistically considering resources, processes, internationalisation and most importantly, testing their proof of concept at each level of scaling up.

Digitisation of Process

Often when small businesses grow into medium businesses and hire teams, they undergo huge changes from operating nibley or ‘on the fly’ to having to put in place robust processes that are easily adopted by the ever-growing team. The most reliable and scalable method of implementing these processes is by using a cloud based platform such as Google Cloud Platform which allows organisations to centralise the management of their teams and protect their IP and Data in a secure cloud operated system. 

Internal Capacity and Capability

As businesses grow, it’s inevitable that the skills required to run a medium sized business will change, diversify and become more complex. Businesses must ensure that they invest in specialists who have the capability to keep up with market transformations and deliver to their evolving customer base. It’s worth considering that this mix of skills may require remote or international workers, therefore the systems in place must be able to enable these skilled workers to collaborate, effectively in a flexible, cloud-based environment.

This preparation phase in a business’s growth cycle is integral to them receiving the funding to enable them to scale. We believe that learning from other small and medium businesses experiences is the best way to take on these challenges for your own business. With this in mind, Netpremacy and Google are partnering to hold an event at Google HQ in London on 10th October, to provide focused advice from Google experts on how you can unlock more from GSuite and Google Cloud Platform. We have our own clients, ‘Your Golf Travel’ and OVO Energy joining us to discuss how they have implemented an efficient, collaborative and fit for scale working environment using Google Cloud.

To book your ticket, click here

If you can’t make the event, but would like to discuss with our team how best to scale up your own business with the help of Google Cloud Platform, get in touch with us here:

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