Overcoming obstacles to master hybrid work

15 December 2021

At the start of this month, we hosted our CSS2021 Digital event. We had 22 industry speakers taking part from Google, CeX, The Bannatyne Group, Ocado, Simply Business, Pressure Technologies (to name a few!), with over 110 attendees representing 296,332 end users. We brought together like-minded people from some of the top businesses in the UK to share ideas, trending topics from Google, and relevant technology themes in the world right now. The topic that came up, again and again, had to be ‘how do we master hybrid work?’.

This three-day event, exclusively for our CSS community, proved to be a fantastic platform for sharing ideas, solving problems and opening up several discussions. As much as a community event as a company one, attendees get the chance to discover how they can get more from their Google technology as well as the chance to speak with their peers and other members of the CSS community. Here are the biggest takeaways from the event:

CSS2021 Customer quote

Create hybrid working success

Employee expectation of hybrid work is evolving. We must learn how to embrace this opportunity to create hybrid working success. In a 2020 survey, 93% of C-Suite Executives said they saw an increase in remote working and collaboration, with over half believing the changes will stick beyond the pandemic. At the event, we uncovered that there are still ways we can improve to build on this digital-first culture. Several topics came up, including the importance of change management, security, and digital leadership. These are the core elements to enable us to thrive in the future. 

Build an inclusive culture with technology.

Almost every organisation that introduced remote working over the last 20 months has probably upgraded their tech stack to continue working. Sure, we all know how to make a video call, but how do we use this technology to grow and foster a culture to get remote workforces happy and engaged? How do we maintain impact, connection and well-being? The answer does not solely lie with technology. It is about the people, and we must ensure that we do not leave anyone behind. 

“Google’s mission is to help organisations transform how work happens with a people-first approach. The workspace is no longer in the office – it is wherever you are! Whether you are returning to the office, working from home, or a mix of both, they have the products and features you need to connect, share ideas and get more done together, no matter the location.” – Google Cloud Representative

Google technology has a big part to play in being able to master hybrid working. It allows teams to connect, create and collaborate from anywhere. To make hybrid work successful, you must keep people productive and engaged and make the hybrid experience accessible for all. 

Tips to make an impact on your organisation:

  • Design meetings that remote workers and office workers can both participate in. 
  • Create an environment where every team member feels comfortable to share their ideas. 
  • Give your workforce a sense of purpose and explain how they contribute to the company’s success. 
  • Ensure that the in-office experience promotes collaboration – use this time for team building activities, workshops and brainstorming sessions.

Add extra security for your hybrid environment.

A remote workforce means businesses may have to adjust their security strategy to be more robust. One of the hot topics to come out of the event is implementing App Access Control. This is a great way to put processes in place to reduce the risk of data breaches through APIs, as admins can prevent users from installing dangerous 3rd party software. You can restrict access to services like Gmail, drive and contacts, and it allows you to trust specific apps that have a business use or are deemed safe. This is especially useful if you have a big organisation with lots of users, or domain merges mean you might inherit different conflicts from different companies, so accounts can become messy and hard to manage.

To implement this technology, you need to identify the apps you want to control. Then you can assess them to ensure they are in line with your compliance policies, and you can check if due diligence has been done on the app to ensure it is safe for your organisation. 

Tips to get started:

  • Communicate to the rest of the business that you will be auditing all the APIs.
  • Create an error message for users detailing the new process for approval of installing APIs. 
  • Get a list of every single app you need to review.
  • Use tools like Token Report to help determine which apps are critical to the business, based on how many users use them. 


Once you have a documented app approval process, you will end up with a defined catalogue of approved business apps to help your workforce stay productive without compromising security. 

Achieve your business goals with digital leadership.

Ultimately, the most effective way your business can draw success from hybrid work is by having a digital-first leadership team. You could have all the technology at your fingertips, but without buy-in from the decision-makers processes, strategies, and new technology will be hard to put in place. 

“We are now in a world that understands it is not the place of work that is special or important. It is our people. With the right tools and attitude, businesses can thrive even when fully remote. Of course, hybrid/remote working is not without challenges, but this is an opportunity to become a more visible, more valuable IT team.” – Martin Russell, Director of CSS, Netpremacy 

For more ideas on how to boost tech team culture and visibility in the hybrid workplace, read Martin’s article here

Our CSS programme provides you with a first-class engagement partner who will be there every step of the way in your cloud journey. Our Customer Success Managers act as an extension to your IT team and are the link to solving problems. Whether we go directly to Google or host networking opportunities, like CSS2021 Digital, so peers in the community can help too. These exclusive events have been for our CSS community to show how their businesses can continuously improve, stay updated on emerging technology, the latest trends, and how to use them to continue to thrive.

Want to be part of this exclusive community? Get in touch to learn more info@netpremacy.com.

15 October 2021

Day 1 of Google Cloud Next kicked off on Tuesday with the opening keynote, led by Google Cloud’s CEO Thomas Kurian. We hosted a watch party in our offices for team members to share their thoughts on the new product launches, partnership announcements and how we can make sure that our customers are benefitting from Google’s latest updates and ideas. 

Key themes of the conference:

Understanding data with Google tools.

Google technology helps businesses tackle data problems to simplify how teams work with data and derive value from it faster. At the opening keynote, Thomas Kurian talked about how different industries are innovating using Google Cloud. The ability and speed to access purpose-built industry solutions are helping businesses to build robust execution plans, create great customer experiences, optimise business and modernise their infrastructure. 

Improving workflows & empowering your teams.

Just one of the updates that excited our tech teams were the significant enhancements to Google Workspace. Developers can now build applications and integrate with Google Meet, Chat and Spaces. Google released a new Jira integration for Google Chat and Spaces that will let users create new tickets quickly, see actionable previews, and monitor issues as they come into the app they’re already using for collaboration. Google also announced the integration of AppSheet into Gmail, allowing anyone—regardless of their coding experience—to reclaim time with custom, no-code apps and automations.

Investing in security.

Google also announced that they will be investing $10B in cyber security. On top of this, they released Google’s new Work Safer program for email, meetings, messaging and documents, helping businesses to collaborate and communicate securely in the new world of hybrid work environments. 

Latest initiatives:

Announcing the Tableau, Looker and Sheets partnership. 

This incredible new partnership brings together the top BI tools on the market, enabling continuous learning and experimentation for users that want a holistic view of their data. Tableau and Looker can integrate into Google Sheets, meaning teams can use familiar formulas to get insights faster. By leveraging insights from all three tools, you can analyse data and make quick decisions.

New capabilities within security.

To strengthen security and privacy in the workplace, Google announced four new capabilities:

  • Client-side encryption (CSE)  now available in Google Meet. Google also announced new tools to enable customers to manage their own encryption keys. This brings together Google Workspace and cyber security keys, making work safer with Google.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Chat is another layer of protection, without impacting the end-user, that prevents sensitive data and information from leaving an organisation. 
  • Drive labels are now generally available so organisations can now classify files stored in Drive based on their sensitivity level. Labels integrate with Google Workspace Data Loss Prevention, making it easier to manage external sharing, downloading, and printing of sensitive files. 
  • Improve your detection and response capabilities with Google Cloud and Cybereason. This new strategic partnership will provide Extended Detection and Response (XDR) tools to businesses for easier, faster threat detection. 

Go green with Google’s Carbon Footprint Monitor. 

Sustainability has been a core value for Google, which provides the cleanest cloud in the industry, for more than two decades. In 2017, ten years after becoming carbon-neutral, they matched 100% of its electricity consumption with renewable energy, and by 2030, they want to become completely carbon-free. Google uses technology to enable organisations around the world to transition to more carbon-free and sustainable systems. They launched their Carbon Footprint tracker that integrates directly into Salesforce. This new tool makes recommendations to reduce emissions and shows users their carbon footprint in the cloud, empowering their customers to act on this data to make simple, greener decisions. Learn more about Google’s solutions for climate change.

What that means for our customers:

The new features, updates and announcements focus on solving business challenges that leaders everywhere face, from reducing their carbon footprint to maximising data strategies to grow profit. We are excited for the latest insights around data and sustainability, which are key to our clients and will help their business strategy, not just IT.  

“In my opinion, one of the long-standing unique aspects of Google Cloud, especially in the enterprise, has been the theme of integrated tools and services. Google’s unique cloud-native suite of products and services have always led with developer-friendly, open standards, API’s and commitment to open source and resulted in an incredible user experience.

I am excited to see the continued drive for integrations from Google, two stand out exciting announcements are the Looker / Tableau / Google Connected Sheets announcements as well as the Carbon Footprint / Salesforce Sustainable Cloud integration.

Coupled with the announcement of Google Distributed Cloud and continued investment in Anthos / hybrid cloud we can continue to work with customers to pick the best tools and services to help solve our customers’ challenges.” – Guy Ellis, Professional Services Director, Netpremacy.


If you would like to watch the whole keynote and build your own content playlist, explore the Google Next ‘21 catalogue here.

20 September 2021

On 30th September, we are hosting an event as part of Leeds Digital Festival, inspiring people to learn, develop skills and gain confidence to land their dream job or excel in their current role. This online event is for people who want to work in the tech industry or in a technical role but feel they don’t have the knowledge, skills or experience to do so.

We will be joined by Fraja Hodges and Daisie-Marie Twist, both from Netpremacy, as they discuss their journeys in the company and how they transitioned into different roles by gaining confidence, becoming Google Cloud certified and advancing in their career.

It’s never too late to learn something new

The main theme of the webinar will be how you can learn new skills to help you in your career. Whether you want to level up and get more responsibility or you want to feel more confident speaking with your peers in the boardroom, any reason for investing in yourself is a worthy one. One thing to remember is it is never too late to learn something new. Even if you think you have mastered your trade, there will always be new technology emerging that you should explore and learn about – especially in our sector!

Qualifications don’t stop at university!

If you are driven by being recognised and awarded for the hard work you put in, then chasing qualifications could be an interesting journey for your career path. In our webinar, Fraja will talk about her experience of passing Google’s Professional Collaboration Engineer certification and how that has positively affected her work. Learn about career-level exam preparation, as well as the impact and possibilities after the exam and beyond.

Find a job you love doing, and you will never work another day in your life

It is important to find a job that you are good at and enjoy doing, but the company you work for can make a massive difference. Netpremacy is a dynamic, growing company. The well-being of the team is at the heart of our business, and we strive for our team members to be as empowered as possible, with the belief that when you’re satisfied with where you are, you will deliver your best work. Our mission is to foster a company culture where the working environment positively impacts our employees’ everyday lives.

Whether you want to land that promotion, get your foot in the door, gain more confidence in your current role, or see what live vacancies Netpremacy have available, then make sure you join us later this month.

Sign up for our webinar here.


02 September 2021

On the 16th of September, we are bringing leaders from some of the most exciting businesses in the UK together to discuss the future of work. We’ll be joined by:

Emma Cloney, Managing Director, Google Cloud EMEA
Nigel Wilby, Head Office IT Manager at The Bannatyne Group
Jon Dodkins, Technology Director at Ovo Energy
Gareth Thomas, Digital Workplace Manager at Ocado Group.

Angela Salmeron from IDC will also be there, with the latest market insights and ideas on building cultures digitally, improving work parity and boosting employee engagement. Here’s a quick insight into some of what we’ll discuss on the day:

Building virtual teams

Whether teams have restructured, colleagues have left or joined the company, or new mergers and acquisitions have brought in a whole new group of people and work culture, the challenge remains the same. How do we unite disparate, virtual groups of people to work together and accomplish great things? How do managers lead and inspire people they can’t see face to face? We’ll discuss examples from other businesses and what we can learn from them.

Instilling the ‘art of the possible’

Empowering teams to make decisions and take creative approaches to problem-solving and achieving goals is increasingly important in a remote setting. Encouraging training and expanding skillsets is one way, with more than half of European organisations increasing investments in training to build intellectual capital for innovation and competitive differentiation. Increasing independence and trust is part of the mix too, but without clarity on strategic direction, the end goal is inevitably tougher to realise. Our panel will talk about encouraging innovation, creativity and communication without compromising on security and compliance.

A brighter future

Whilst the environmental impact on working from home vs the office is complex to calculate, the past 18 months have allowed many businesses to reconsider activities that impact their carbon footprint. Now we have an opportunity to consider what else we could do as organisations to move towards a more sustainable future. Not only that, but a work-from-anywhere model will unlock new growth opportunities that will help us drive greater equality. Flexible schedules and removing location constraints when hiring will help bring in untapped talent and more diverse voices, helping organisations’ perform better, attract new generations of workers and consumers, and make bold, innovative decisions.

Join the discussion. Sign up for our webinar here.


16 March 2020

Netpremacy’s highlights of Cloud Expo Europe 2020

Cloud expo europe 2020Last week some of the Netpremacy team attended Cloud Expo Europe at the Excel in London. Netpremacy actively encourages the team to attend these types of events as it enables us to keep on top of current trends across all industries. In order to continue to provide solutions to the problems that many industries are facing in the cloud today.

The event covered all aspects of the cloud from the physical data centres all the way to smart analytics, AI and Big Data. Over the course of the two days, there were representatives from the public, private and not for profit organisations. All of which have already, or are at the beginning of utilising clouder services for their digital strategy in order to stay agile.

We were particularly interested in attending sessions from the British Heart Foundation, The Met Office and Autotrader. The team was intrigued to learn how they were using data to drive and enhance their digital strategy, in order to gain a competitive edge in the market place.  

How the British Heart Foundation are using data to influence healthier living

It was interesting to hear how the British Heart Foundation is using patient data to understand people’s lifestyle choices and how they then use this data to learn from. This data can then be used to influence people to live a healthier lifestyle. The British Heart Foundation then do this in a number of ways to ultimately try to change people’s behaviors and encourage people to choose healthier options. 

Ursula Dalton, CTO at the British Heart Foundation highlighted how the business is using massive amounts of survey data, hosted in the cloud to analyse and understand patients’ lifestyles. In order to do this, however, Ursula highlighted the importance of sound infrastructure to ensure data is housed in the correct environment. This is imperative towards ensuring the data can be analysed, queried and understood in high volumes at lightning speed.  

Using supercomputers to predict weather conditions

We heard from the Met Office on how they are using supercomputers to predict weather patterns by using a mix of Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning models. The Met Office operates a hybrid cloud approach and houses a lot of this in its two large data centers. James Tomkins one of the chief architects delivered a digital session and stressed the importance of fully understanding your technical estate, what data you have, where it’s held & what your technical debt looks like.

Manchester City Council

Manchester City Council gaged quite an interest with the audience, as they described how they are predicting traffic flow into the city & understanding the reasons for travel, the different modes of transport and the effect it is having on the city as a whole. They also touched on their future plans to expand their data plans into healthcare. 

Adrian Slatcher spoke about how the council needs to work smarter and operate a more agile governance process and this involves the use of the cloud. The council already utilise Google’s G Suite platform to aid productivity and collaboration within the organisation and are now beginning to adopt more Google and public cloud products to help with their Smart City agenda. 

Auto Trader

A concise and effective speech given from the dev-ops leader at Autotrader put some clarity to the actual advantages that utilising cloud services, in particular, Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes and the Istio stack.

Having started their cloud journey in 2018, Autotrader along with their impressive development team of 200, successfully managed to move 314 apps to the cloud in that time and in 2020 will have completely migrated all applications. Their end goal was to simplify their development processes and have a clear and overall view of their applications, clusters and app directory view.

Having used other cloud providers in the past, such as VM ware, Autotrader found that using Google Cloud and Istio were their chosen suppliers for their specific use case, they have now successfully freed up their development and operational teams time to focus on other tasks.

The one thing that is evident from all the sessions we attended is that there are endless possibilities to use data to gain valuable insights. As we enter into an age where data is all around us and collected from so many different sources its integral that we begin to understand it and use it in a positive way, be that looking to change a lifestyle choice or simply understand our customer base and buying patterns. 

The main takeaway from this was the underlying challenge all organisations found, which is the importance of putting in the correct infrastructure. Without these projects will fail. If we don’t have a flexible environment to host the data we collect, gaining those insights is a much harder task. We need to understand where the data is coming from, what our legacy systems look like and what data they hold. 

Cloud Expo had a very good turn out, showing the importance of data, sharing use cases, insights and services which can positively impact other organisations, whether similar or different. We can visibly see that there are many organisations now collecting their data and finding analytical and correlational insights to boost profits, free up departmental time and challenges or better serve their customers or the public. It’s also good to see Google’s input with some of these, providing scalable, cost-effective solutions in different scenarios. If you would like to learn more on how Netpremacy can help you to gain a competitive advantage from your data, contact us

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10 February 2020

How businesses can leverage Big Data to be ahead of the game

Google Big dataBig Data is the latest step in traditional data and business intelligence solutions. When the phrase Big Data is mentioned, there are three important characteristics that are essentially associated with it. Velocity, variety and volume. With Big Data, you now have the ability to make sense and understand large volumes of data, as well as to combine it with data from external sources. Businesses now have access to this through highly scalable and affordable cloud computing. Using Big Data is becoming increasingly popular and is the future approach companies will use to read and understand the data that they are collecting. Businesses can use it to better understand their customers, how they behave and get an enhanced insight into their target audiences, resulting in more efficient sales, marketing and ultimately better ROI. 

Not everyone is a technical guru and that’s ok. Sometimes before delving into technical and more complicated matters, it is easier to explain how Big Data works and how millions of companies worldwide can benefit in many different ways. This is why we have explained in layman’s terms how your company will benefit from Big Data services such as Google BigQuery. 

It has been debated that that data could now be more valuable than oil. This is a scary yet realistic thought in the constantly changing world of technology. Why not capitalize on one of the most valuable assets your company is collecting on a large scale, every single day?

For example, think of a high street retailer and how much data they collect every single day. Sales data, promotional information, store footfall, customer demographics, etc.

Being able to store infinite amounts of data allows you to track and spot trends which would otherwise go unnoticed with a smaller dataset.  For example, organisations are harnessing the processing power of Google Cloud to build ML models to target marketing promotions towards new and untapped potential customers; rather than customers who would otherwise already purchase the product and thus expanding the customer base.

Why Google Cloud?

Google Cloud Platform logo

Google Cloud Platform has a host of services/products that can help organisations with the challenges of storing, processing and analysing enormous quantities of data in close to real-time.  Other services available within the Google Cloud portfolio of products can then be used to enrich the data further;

  • Language Translation
  • Big Query ML predictive analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • External data feeds (Weather, Social Media, etc)

If your company collects massive amounts of data every single day (and many companies around the world do)then there is a strong chance that you can enhance the way you use and analyse data.

Organisations data teams are using their enriched, multi-petabyte datasets to perform incredible real-time analytics on their customers, suppliers, logistics networks and more; providing a competitive edge over their opposition in a highly challenging marketplace.

Big Query is designed to allow your existing data engineers to perform analysis with no further training requirements; data can be extracted from BigQuery using standard SQL commands. BigQuery ML democratizes machine learning by enabling SQL practitioners to build models using existing SQL tools and skills; allowing organisations to harness the power of their data in Google Cloud to build forecasting and other predictive models.

Where does Netpremacy fit in with this? 

Netpremacy has dedicated data engineers that specialise in data analysis, machine learning, BigQuery and much more. We provide bespoke solutions to fit your companies needs. To first establish you need our team to provide consulting services to assess how your company works, what data it is collecting, and how it’s collecting it. We look into what we can do to help you read the data faster and more effectively, which will help to result in better ROI for your business in the long run. 

We are always more than happy to help and to discuss your requirements. To find out more about how you can benefit please contact us. 

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14 October 2019

Scale with Netpremacy and Google Cloud – Event success!

At Netpremacy, we are thrilled to have a collaborative relationship with Google which enables us to hold events at some of the most sought after venues in the UK. Last week, we joined Google at their head office in Central London to host our latest event, our SMB Summit 2019, Scale with Netpremacy and Google Cloud.

During our recent event we shared insights from our customer success team at Netpremacy about how to get the most out of Google Cloud and how Google’s behind-the-scenes security functions keep our data and devices safe every day. 

We had speakers from all corners of Google Cloud discussing how partnerships are key to the growth of Google and and how Google’s personalised solutions enables small/medium businesses to thrive and grow. 

Our clients; Ovo Energy and Your Golf Travel / Spabreaks.com also joined us to share their experiences of scaling their businesses using Google Cloud applications. 

To recap the insights from the SMB Summit, we have highlighted our key points from our esteemed speakers and panelists here:

Netpremacy Google Cloud event Netpremacy’s first step of change and digital transformation is identifying something that needs to be solved, then most importantly, implementing that soution well and learning from it to develop the next phase of transformation.

Alastair Lumley, Google Cloud Account Manager, Netpremacy

Google and Netpremacy events


Why are Google Partners so important? Partners like Netpremacy work as an extended part of the Google team, providing customer support, bespoke solutions and can develop Google products to meet a customer’s unique need. Partners are engaged in every opportunity with a customer and enables scale and digital transformation. 

Mark King, Partner Manager, Google


Ovo Energy and Netpremacy

Netpremacy’s implementation of G Suite has transformed the way Ovo Energy manage the IT function as a rapidly growing challenger brand, enabling a seamless and secure experience for both employees and customers. The use of G Suite has enabled a more productive working environment without IT disruptions, which has led to Ovo Energy being voted as one of the The Sunday Times ‘Top 100 Companies to Work For’. – Richard Tucker, Senior Enterprise Technology Manager, Ovo Energy

Netpremacy smb eventHow can we help to serve you better? Netpremacy defines their Customer Success Service function as the proactive engagement with customers to deliver long-term success by building relationships and helping them realise the full potential of a product or service.

Jacob O’Hara, Customer Success Services Manager, Netpremacy


netpremacy and google cloud eventGmail already exponentially improves productivity, with features such as smart reply, built-in chat and add ons. However, Google Cloud is currently developing a Gmail hub to become a ‘one tab to rule them all’ with AI at your fingertips, eliminating cumbersome cross-tab activity, allowing you to work on what truly matters.

Roman Sorocan, G Suite Specialist, Google


Netpremacy eventsWhy are businesses moving to Google Cloud Platform?

To reduce infrastructure costs, improve reliability and scale smoothly

To more rapidly build new apps and experiences

To gain more value from data and predict business outcomes

To make teams productive with secure mobile / devices

Google Cloud can help you meet existing needs and reinvent your future. – Denis Casey, SMB Manager, Google

Google Cloud and NetpremacyCloud technology is becoming the new standard:

73% of organisations are using cloud technology

84% of companies have multi-cloud strategies

However only 10% of workloads are on the cloud, meaning that many IT projects remain on-premise

This shows that there is still plenty of opportunities to unlock more value for your business.

Louis Fontaine, Google SMB Manager, Google

“With Google Cloud Platform your team can focus on your business, not your infrastructure”

Netpremacy Your Golf TravelSince integrating Google Cloud into their business in 2013, Your Golf Travel / SpaBreaks.com have utilised the full scope of Google’s Machine Learning portfolio such as BigQuery as an enabler to extract data from other systems, including e-commerce platforms to analyse data and make better business decisions.

Stephen Lewis, CTO, Your Golf Travel / Spabreaks.com


netpremacy events Unlock the power of BigQuery to gain insights into your business’s data through both real-time (streaming) and batch analytics at the same time. Get started with BigQuery to empower and influence your business during key decision making with analysis and visualisation of massive datasets.

Nadeem Sharieff, Data Engineer, Netpremacy 

Finally; the leading advice provided by the breadth of cloud experts for small/medium businesses is to simply get started with the cloud. Utlise some of the tools on a small, experimental scale, explore how the tools can be used as a pivotal role in your business’s future growth. Structure your business with the tools it needs to scale upwards, starting with Cloud as a baseline.

Netpremacy panelists

Netpremacy’s Change Management / CSS  team can help your team to plan for scale, from initial discovery and planning through to deployment and support. 

Couldn’t make it to our recent event? Register here to be the first to find out about our upcoming schedule of events located in both Leeds and London focusing on the topics that are trending in your industry.

Netpremacy trainers

Christos Amyrotos –  Training Coordinator

My name is Christos Amyrotos and during my time working as Training Coordinator for Netpremacy I have learned the value of providing successful training sessions. Educating users on what is possible with Google Cloud’s suite of products is so rewarding, it has been a brilliant experience due to being on a constant learning curve as Google Cloud is forever evolving. One of the roles that come with my position is floorwalking. 

Floorwalking is a term we use, at Netpremacy, when visiting a customer site to offer at desk support and answer any questions end users may have on or around their Go-Live day. Floorwalking, to us, is essential to ensure that everyone experiences a smooth transition to G Suite and any questions are resolved as soon as possible. 

Netpemacy training services

Visiting a new customer site, especially for the first time, is always an energising and challenging experience; you are in their territory guiding them on how to use new technology in line with their internal best practice policies. Meaning that we have to dig a little deeper to solve very specific problems, as well as suggest new and better ways of working for individuals and teams. It’s incredibly rewarding to know that our customers have faith in us as trainers to answer their questions and help them learn a new way of working. We focus on gaining this trust by working with the project team to gain a deep understanding of company culture, inefficiencies that need addressing and what they are happy for us to recommend to those we come into contact with.

Netpremacy change management


Recently I attended an event at a customer site where end-users had the opportunity to ask any G Suite related questions during their lunch break. Excited by the opportunity to help  I jumped at the chance to attend!

We created a drop-in zone for users, at the customer site, with Netpremacy and Google banners and a selection of our lightweight yet powerful Pixelbooks so that people could get an insight into the Google tools we work with every day at Netpremacy, and how easy they are to use. 

Netpremacy training and change management

Our pop-up Netpremacy drop-in zone was visited by many G Suite users, with many interesting questions about the platform and with unique challenges for each of their workflows. 

Personally, I love it when an end-user finds the courage to speak to us and asks questions. It’s all too common that users are too shy to approach us thinking they have a “stupid” question but we always remind them that there is no such thing, every user has their own unique requirements. Of course, some questions were easier to answer than others and we were happy to spend time consulting on exactly what they were looking to achieve, in order to give them the most appropriate solution to meet their needs. 

One thing was certain; no one left our drop-in zone without receiving a bespoke solution to their question or enquiry; even if we had to do some more research and testing, we assured them we would get back to them with a clear solution.

That is just one reason why I find Netpremacy such a great place to work; we are encouraged to  take the time to listen to those we come into contact with. Even if it means we have to do some more research, we always endeavour to find the answers to their questions and love rising to the challenge of providing a solution to even the most difficult of problems. 

Netpremacy training and change management

We aim to make sure that our customers know we listened to their requests, and that we are working on it. Everyone who visited our drop-in zone left with a smile, feeling armed with the skills to confidently use G Suite and I do hope they felt as if they had gained more knowledge in the process. I think we all learned a lot that day and for that, I call it a success!

Netpremacy provides a range of training and change management services adapted to suit your specific business needs. Find out more about some of the services we can provide here.

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19 August 2019

Netpremacy’s Guide to Growth for SMB’s


65% of companies in the UK said they were looking to scale-up in the next 12 months with most citing that funding is was leading force hindering their growth. Businesses must ensure that they are ready for funding and have their growth plan prepared for their business to swell with an influx of investment.

Having worked with many successful scale up companies through digital transformation and change management strategies, our team at Netpremacy have devised the top three success factors for businesses preparing to grow exponentially. 

Long Term Vision 

For any small business, it’s imperative that the founder(s) have a vision for where they envisage the company growing to in five, ten, even fifty years. This enables them to be able to plan and structure the scale-up strategy realistically considering resources, processes, internationalisation and most importantly, testing their proof of concept at each level of scaling up.

Digitisation of Process

Often when small businesses grow into medium businesses and hire teams, they undergo huge changes from operating nibley or ‘on the fly’ to having to put in place robust processes that are easily adopted by the ever-growing team. The most reliable and scalable method of implementing these processes is by using a cloud based platform such as Google Cloud Platform which allows organisations to centralise the management of their teams and protect their IP and Data in a secure cloud operated system. 

Internal Capacity and Capability

As businesses grow, it’s inevitable that the skills required to run a medium sized business will change, diversify and become more complex. Businesses must ensure that they invest in specialists who have the capability to keep up with market transformations and deliver to their evolving customer base. It’s worth considering that this mix of skills may require remote or international workers, therefore the systems in place must be able to enable these skilled workers to collaborate, effectively in a flexible, cloud-based environment.

This preparation phase in a business’s growth cycle is integral to them receiving the funding to enable them to scale. We believe that learning from other small and medium businesses experiences is the best way to take on these challenges for your own business. With this in mind, Netpremacy and Google are partnering to hold an event at Google HQ in London on 10th October, to provide focused advice from Google experts on how you can unlock more from GSuite and Google Cloud Platform. We have our own clients, ‘Your Golf Travel’ and OVO Energy joining us to discuss how they have implemented an efficient, collaborative and fit for scale working environment using Google Cloud.

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If you can’t make the event, but would like to discuss with our team how best to scale up your own business with the help of Google Cloud Platform, get in touch with us here: info@netpremacy.com.

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09 July 2019

Netpremacy at Housing 2019


On the 25th June our sales team headed to Manchester for 3 busy days at the Housing 2019 expo show. We teamed up with our longstanding partners Ringcentral to co-host a stand at the exhibition. 

Netpremacy and RingCentral

Housing 2019 is one of the leading events for the housing industry. It is Europe’s largest and most inclusive housing festival. 

Our aim of the event was to meet leaders within the social housing industry and listen to the problems that they feel are most prevalent within the industry for them today.

Our objective was to share how the latest in Cloud Technology can revolutionise how Housing associations interact with their customers and how to drive customer service and success through modern technology. 

We enjoyed discussing ways to overcome existing challenges within the sector, and of course the stand would not have been complete without the standard Netpremacy table football! 

“The event was a great success for both Netpremacy and RingCentral, we met a number of leading figures within the industry and got a real feel for where the pain points are and how to tackle them head on using the latest in Cloud technology.”

Thomas Reed, Cloud Communications specialist, Netpremacy.

We teamed up with Ringcentral to host a guest speaker in the silent theatre at the exhibition, Sunny Dhami, Senior Director of Product Marketing spoke on behalf of RingCentral exploring how new technologies, such as Cloud Telephony, can bring huge advantages to the sector. He discussed in detail about how the housing industry is changing with a digital first strategy. Housing associations are entering a new era where customers are expecting more in terms of availability, customer service and response times. This is due to the service they have grown used to receiving in their day to day lives and expect the same. Cloud technology is rising to meet these expectations, as a result, housing associations need to keep up. This was demonstrated and showed how more housing associations are seeing the benefits of digital transformation. 

We had a fantastic time at the event, meeting so many interesting people with unique challenges to discuss. if you have any further questions about digital transformation, change management and Cloud technology in the housing association sector please do not hesitate to contact our cloud telephony specialist on treed@netpremacy.com

If you would like to find out more about cloud telephony,  download our free whitepaper. 

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To keep up to date with product announcements, updates, and events subscribe to our newsletter.