Keeping employees healthy and happy

08 October 2021

As it’s World Mental Health Day on Sunday 10th October, we thought it would be a good time to share some of the ways Netpremacy helps its team look after their mental health. The overall objective of World Mental Health Day is to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and to mobilise efforts in support of mental health. Here at Netpremacy, we aim to create a safe environment to talk about mental health and encourage openness on the subject. 

Meet our Mental Health First Aiders

Jordan and Fraja took the MHFA England course to become fully certified mental health first aiders as they are both passionate about the subject. They support us at work when it comes to mental health by creating a safe space and just being there for those who need it.  

“Netpremacy recognises that the wellbeing of the team is so important. We make sure that everyone in the business knows where to turn to if they need help, whether it’s work-related or not. We run regular lunch & learn sessions to help raise awareness, remove stigmas and generally educate on mental health. We also have a community on our intranet where we post useful resources like supporting organisations, blog posts, and upcoming webinars.” says Fraja.

One of the main ways Netpremacy helps employees is by being open and transparent about mental health at work. In the UK, 828,000 workers suffered from work-related stress, depression or anxiety last year alone. Whenever someone new joins the team, they are introduced to our mental health first aiders, so they know exactly where to go if they need help. Outside of MHFA, people are encouraged to talk to their line managers if workloads become too much. Employees are also offered free private healthcare as part of the benefits package at Netpremacy, which includes mental health treatment.

As well as providing support for those with mental health concerns in the workplace, Netpremacy tries to make work a fun and enjoyable place to be, from little perks like free Deliveroo on a Friday to the many social events we run throughout the year. We also understand that having a good work-life balance is important, so the flexible working model we offer is just another way to help team members stay happy and healthy. 

“It’s wonderful to work for a company that truly puts the wellbeing of the team at the heart of everything.” – Jordan Brown, Netpremacy


If you want to learn more about how to introduce mental health care into your organisation, we recommend the following resources:


25 February 2021


Netpremacy prides itself on being a friendly, fun, and exciting place to work, we like to think that our working style is dynamic and modern. Our normal office environment is lively, usually with people competing on table football, or collaborating on projects in our open plan, Google-themed spaces. 

On 16th March 2020, one-week before the national lockdown was announced, Netpremacy made the decision to close the office and send everyone home to work. Fortunately, it was easy for us to transition into remote work because of the technology we have available.

However, something we did find difficult, like many other businesses, was keeping up the team morale, and making sure we were keeping the Netpremacy community spirit alive.

In the beginning, we ran a themed quiz every couple of weeks. These were fun, and it was a great way to allow conversations between groups of people who wouldn’t necessarily speak during work. 

After seeing a demand for people to socialise outside of work (but inside their living rooms) we decided to take it to the next level, so we formed our social committee: NetSocial. 


Meet the team

Our amazing Netsocial Team was formed to keep up communication across the company, to provide support in unprecedented times, and to organise social activities to suit everyone’s taste.

The logistics were easy. Google Meet’s new features and updates over the last year have made it effortless to host a video call and organise a social online. You can now play good quality sound using the “share Chrome tab”, organise break-out rooms, and even use the raise-hand feature to get noticed on calls with a high number of participants.

The fun, but difficult part, was thinking outside the box. How can we cater for everybody? How do we make it exciting? How do we make sure that people are having fun? 

Below are some of the events our NetSocial team has run:

  • Bingo – We had a £20 Amazon voucher up for grabs, and we used to make sure there was no cheating! We played Bingo near Valentine’s Day, so we used the website to generate Bingo cards with Valentine’s themed words – it was a great success!
  • Online Escape Game – This event was highly anticipated, we had to split up into teams of 6 to be able to play – this is where the breakout rooms feature came in really useful! Each team had a virtual room they had to escape from, this was a Sherlock Holmes escape room edition, the goal of the virtual escape room was to communicate virtually with the teams to solve a murder and escape the room the quickest! The highly competitive were exposed as we were up against each other, with the winning team escaping in 01:02:00. We used this great virtual escape room tool. 
  • Pilates & Yoga – In normal times, the company benefits from a bi-weekly Ryde session at L1 Performance, right next to our offices. We have a few fitness enthusiasts that are really missing the group classes, so we have set up virtual pilates and yoga to look after our mind and body. These are run by local independent Leeds-based instructors over lunchtime and focus on alignment and posture to help with lots of sitting down and tight hips caused by working from home.


We have some exciting things to come and we can’t wait to share our ideas with you. For now, have a look at our upcoming events to see if you can take any inspiration:

  • Pictionary with drawasaurus
  • Jackbox
  • KwizzBit themed quiz
  • Retro Bowl League
  • Online Book Club 
  • Creative Corner
  • GeoGuessr
  • AmongUs (App Game)


Keep an eye out for future #NetSocial posts for inspiration and ideas on how to stay connected with your colleagues. Now more than ever, it’s important to keep up morale and continue socialising, albeit virtually!

Want to join our team? Visit our careers page to see what vacancies are currently available. Can’t see a job description to suit you? Email and tell us why you would like to join our team.

10 July 2020


Bespoke COVID-19 back to work strategy

◦ Google Meet offerings – keeping people connected remotely

◦ Fast deployment of Chrome devices

◦ Ongoing support for our customer base

◦ Ongoing webinar knowledgebase

◦ Supporting schools, parents, and children through Google technologies


On the 23rd March 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared that the UK was to be put into lockdown to help squash the curve and help the NHS to deal with the current COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, there have been a number of changes globally that have forced businesses to drastically change the way that they work in order to stay afloat and to survive a global pandemic.

Netpremacy is born in the cloud, and so we took this change in our stride. We were proud to win the 2019 Google Cloud Global Specialisation of the Year – Work Transformation Enterprise award as a testament to our dedication and knowledge within the Google Cloud space. Mobile working is one of our core competencies and before the lockdown was fully declared, our whole team was working from home safely, securely, and collaboratively.

We appreciate that it was not that easy for many other businesses around the UK, and as such we have aimed to be the helping hand that many companies have needed to help get them through this difficult time. As such, Netpremacy has been running a series of webinars throughout lockdown, answering questions businesses may have on this new way of working, as well as offering advice, tips, tricks, and more on how to keep ahead of the game even during a global pandemic.


How DFS responded to the recent COVID-19 pandemic through the use of Google Cloud technologies.

When the lockdown was announced, the DFS group decided to immediately close down all operations, pause deliveries, and halt manufacturing. DFS was then left with just an online presence, and had no other option than to furlough 5,000 members of staff across the UK. Read more on how DFS and Netpremacy worked together to ensure that the business was able to stay online and to keep the business running smoothly when the UK was first put into lockdown.

“As soon as the UK was put into lockdown our number one priority was ensuring that we could help keep our customers up and running safely in the cloud. This was a drastic change for many businesses around the world. At Netpremacy we are agile and used to working remotely, so we took our expertise and shared our services, knowledge, and experience with anyone who needed it. We understood that this was an unprecedented time for so many people and wanted to ensure that we were on hand to help. We will continue to do so long after lockdown is eased, and we believe that this has brought to life a new way of working that perhaps many businesses were not fully aware of beforehand.”
– Andrew Martin, Commercial Sales Director, Netpremacy

Our longstanding and strong relationships with our partners at Google meant that our teams have been able to collaborate remotely and help with ensuring that our customer base had access to everything they needed. Whether that be knowledge sharing, training, or support when making the big transition to working from home.

Since lockdown began, we have been working on a number of solutions to ensure that businesses are using the Cloud to the best of their ability, to ensure that they can work more effectively.

We have been in constant contact with our current customer base to ensure that we can support our customers in any way possible through these unprecedented times.


Getting you back to work safely

Using G Suite tools, (Apps Script, Sheets, Calendar, Forms, and Data studio) our highly skilled teams have built and developed a simple to use booking system which will help prepare businesses for a safe return back to the office. This system ensures that strict numbers are adhered to and that colleagues are kept safe and appropriately distanced when they do decide to return to work. The system allows staff to book a seat on their given day, and to see when their other team members are booked into the office. The bonus of this system is the data it collects, allowing for contact tracing to be quick and simple if a COVID-19 outbreak were to occur in the office.


Google Meet Offer

To help businesses stay connected and to continue working, we have been offering free Google Meet licenses and deployment services, available to new businesses until 30th September 2020.

For more information, download our one-pager or to book in your free* installation contact us on:


“My vision has always been for CSS to be focused on unlocking the full potential of the Google product suite, this requires both Netpremacy and Customer to be far forward-thinking and always working towards that. Recent times have had me and our customers thinking differently, we have all had to adapt very quickly to Covid-19. What has been constant though, is technology is no longer a barrier. What we are now focused on is the creation of a feedback loop with those working from their homes all over the world. We want to know what is and is not working, letting people know we are listening and working towards constant improvements. There is a new normal but it will be created by those that are living and working it every day, so we had best listen!”
– Martin Russell, Head of CSS, Netpremacy

Looking after our current customers will always be our number one priority, we value our relationships with our customers above all else, and it was important to us that we made sure we were there to help in any way possible.


It’s not just current customers that Netpremacy has helped. Due to the pandemic, we have seen new relationships form with businesses across the UK. We first began to speak to Loxam when they urgently needed 100’s of Chrome devices to ensure that their whole company was able to work remotely.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the dynamics of project delivery for our chrome deployment services, with some of our customers requiring immediate and fast deployments to enable them to keep connected and “business as usual” while working from home. The Netpremacy delivery team has successfully adapted to the change in pace and understood the urgency in which customers wanted the deployments delivered. A perfect example of this was the chrome deployment project with LOXAM PAD. The team was engaged and ready to support the customer immediately with the whole chrome deployment completed within days minimizing any downtime.”
– Jordan Brown, Project Manager, Netpremacy

Following the delivery, both Netpremacy & LOXAM PAD pulled their teams together for a crash course on all things Chrome. After a few calls, the team at LOXAM PAD was up and running and enrolling devices within hours, with Netpremacy observing and supporting across the whole journey.

They were rolled out and deployed within 3 days of delivery, so 200 members of the LOXAM PAD workforce were now fully operational and could continue working remotely. This rapid delivery and deployment is a testament to the hard work and effort the team at Netpremacy put into providing the right solution for their customers, and another great example of how Google’s browser first solutions have a real impact when it’s needed the most.

Read more on how we worked to get LOXAM PAD up and running in days.


We are also proud to be supporting the next generation by helping schools maintain learning through these difficult times. Schools, parents, and children are able to get the support and training they need, through Google technology, so young people can continue their education while learning from home. Learn more about the Government’s Schools of England Platform Provisioning Programme here.

In this new age, even when businesses do begin to return to the office, we understand that this has opened up a new way of working. Some companies may return to the office, whilst a vast majority have now learned that they can survive and thrive remotely if they need to. Hear from Alastair Lumley, Account Director at Netpremacy, on his predictions for the future of working remotely, and how he sees the workplace changing.

If you would like Netpremacy to help implement these solutions into your business please contact:

30 March 2020

Passing Google’s Professional Collaboration Engineer certification as a non-techie

Written by Fraja Hodges, CSS Programme Manager, Netpremacy

In January this year I took (and more importantly, passed) Google’s Professional Collaboration Engineer certification. This was a great achievement as I’m not (and never have been) in a technical role, meaning this was a big challenge for me not only from a career standpoint (what new paths would be opened up that I hadn’t considered before) but also a personal perspective (if I can do this, what more could I strive and push myself to do). I’m also lucky that Netpremacy offers so much support for career progression and personal growth, actively encouraging employees to take courses and specialisations. This particular certification taught me that when you really do set your mind to something, you can accomplish anything! So, I thought I’d share my experience with you, from preparing for the exam to where it has taken me since. My aim is to provide other non-techies like myself who have been eyeing up the certification with as much detail and guidance as possible, to build/boost confidence and encourage anyone thinking about it, to just go for it!

Preparing for the exam

Step 1: Equip yourself with 

On their website, Google provides an exam guide that lists all the topics that could come up in the exam. Treat the points as modules in a course, tackling them one at a time. Don’t jump around the exam guide or start with a module halfway through because it looks easier. It’s in this order for a reason and is in a logical flow for learning. I’d recommend maintaining a document that collates all your notes as you make your way through the modules

Most of the points in the guide link to an article from Google’s support platform, so reading through these will equip you with a lot of relevant and useful knowledge. Taking the G Suite Administration Specialisation on Coursera is also a great way to familiarize yourself with the admin console and its features (you can enroll for free and because it’s all online, you can go at your own pace to your own schedule). If you can get admin access in a dummy environment, you can safely explore the admin settings and put your learnings into practice.

One thing I’d say, is don’t just move onto the next point in the exam guide because you’ve read the supporting material. Make sure you actually understand before moving on. If it’s a feature or tool; what purpose does it serve, how do you use it, where can it be found. If it’s an action; how do you perform it, where do you go to do it, what is the outcome. If it’s troubleshooting; what should you look out for, where’s the route cause of the issue, what tool would best serve to find it.

Step 2: Book your exam

Once you have gone through every module of the exam guide and have a plethora of notes, you should register for the exam and get it scheduled in your diary. The reason I’d suggest getting the exam booked before you dive into revision is because this gives you a deadline to work towards. When you have committed to date, you are more likely to set aside time to revise and take study seriously as it becomes more of a priority and doesn’t just sit on the backburner (you will always have other work to do instead, so unless you actively make time for it, you will never get around to doing it). Don’t worry, if something crops up or you feel you need more time, you can cancel or reschedule at any point up to 72hrs beforehand (this is free and very simple to do). I booked mine two months in advance over the Christmas break so I knew I wouldn’t be too busy workwise.

Step 3: Revise, revise, revise

Now that you have booked your exam, you should look at getting time blocked out in your calendar to revise. Be sure to stick to your study schedule as this will avoid any unnecessary cramming the night before and give plenty of time for your new-found knowledge to sink in. Remember what you were taught back in school for exam preparation, try techniques like creating images and diagrams or explaining to others the steps for performing a certain admin task. I created revision cards broken down per topic and printed off the admin console homepage listing underneath each ‘header’ what settings could be found in it (ie. Security > Investigation Tool

Then, I’d recommend taking the practice exam, which is just in a Google Forms format, and gives you a flavour of the types of questions you can expect on the day. From memory, there were around 20 practice questions and you are advised to limit yourself to 45mins. Once you submit, you can go back through your answers and read through the explanations from Google as to why an answer was right or wrong. This will give you an understanding of what result you could expect and which topics you need to revise more. 

Taking the exam

First of all, you should ensure you are properly prepared for the day. Have you got everything you need? You are required to bring with you two forms of ID; one primary (such as your driver’s license or passport) and one secondary (like a bank card). Do you know how you are getting to the exam centre? You may need to arrange public transport ahead of time. Are you allowing yourself enough time on the day? I made sure I booked a train that got me there with lots of time to spare (and glad I did as my train got cancelled so I had to take an alternate (and longer) route) so I could grab a coffee and some food before the exam (no-one wants a rumbling stomach in a dead silent exam room). Have you read up on what to expect during the exam? The last thing you want is surprises on the day that throw you off

The exam itself is 2hrs long and has around 50 multiple-choice questions. You will be guided to your designated computer (there may be others taking exams in the same room), which will be set up for you, you’ll need to fill in some details and accept the T&Cs before commencing. The exam format is very simple, you can navigate through the questions easily and you can flag questions that you’d like to review or revisit later. You have plenty of time to properly think about your answers and to review every single question again in the 2hrs you’re given, so don’t worry about taking your time. You’ll also be happy to know that you are given your provisional result upon submitting your exam (so you don’t have to wait weeks on end to know how you did). This is marked as “provisional” as it has to be reviewed by Google first, but I haven’t come across anyone getting a different result to their provisional one (based on roughly 10 people I know who have taken this exam).

After the exam and beyond

After a couple of days, you will receive an email confirming your result (this can take up to 10 days, but mine took 2). Hopefully, you will get something along the lines of “Congratulations: You are Google Cloud Certified”. In this email, you will get access to your digital certification (that looks a little like this) that you can add to LinkedIn and make public on the Google Cloud Certified Directory. This comes with a badge that you can add to your email signature. You will also get a voucher code to claim some free merchandise from the Certification Perks Webstore (mine was a choice between a Patagonia jumper or a blanket and portable coffee mug). Being Google Cloud Certified comes with it’s perks such as access to exclusive online communities and certified-only areas at Google events. 

Aside from the free swag, passing the certification really gave me a confidence boost in the Google world. I found as the non-techie in my team I could now actually follow in-depth technical discussions and even provide food for thought and valid, relevant contributions on an admin level. It made me want to exploit all my new-found knowledge and confidence as much as possible, so I went on a mini certification rampage, taking the Chrome OS IT Admin exam and the G Suite certification only a few weeks later. I also plan to take a stab at the G Suite Deployment Services Specialist exam at some point. As well as learning progression, my career took a new path; I became the first Google Cloud Certified female in Netpremacy and my role within the company has now moved from that of a Programme Manager into Product Management. So, taking on this challenge, although tough and uncertain, really did pay off and I’m really proud that I didn’t quit at the thought of failure.  

I hope this blog has been useful and you now feel reassured, encouraged and confident that you’ll nail the Professional Collaboration Engineer certification. If you’re still hungry for information, the FAQ’s are a great resource.

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28 January 2020

DFS was looking to align their business…


dfs moves to gsuite with NetpremacySofology initially transitioned to G Suite with the help of Netpremacy in 2016.  

DFS is the leading upholstery retailer in the UK who are passionate about making and selling high-quality sofas supported by specialist in-house design teams. The group trades as 4 separate brands: DFS, Dwell, Sofa Workshop, and Sofology. Each brand appeals to a different customer segment and therefore enables the brand to target the majority of the market. DFS has been named a Sunday Times Best 25 big companies to work for with over 5,600 team members across all 4 brands. 

DFS was looking to align their business wherever possible, they needed a new email system and Sofology had proven to the wider group that G Suite was a solution that would work in their sector.

“We had a clear choice between Office 365 and G Suite, it was then about choosing the most suitable product for us” – Will Rose, Programme Manager, DFS

From a G Suite perspective, DFS saw the positive changes that Sofology were experiencing through their utilisation of G Suite and realised it should be something that was investigated further. DFS group wanted to improve collaboration as a business and were struggling with communication across their different sites located around the country. 

“Working collaboratively was very difficult. Sharing information was difficult, everything had to be shared via email. Access to shared Drives was on a brand by brand basis.” – Will Rose, Programme Manager, DFS

After a meticulous group evaluation, DFS Group made the decision to move to Google Cloud with Netpremacy. Due to the string of acquisitions, legacy email and collaboration platforms were neither consistent between DFS group companies, nor were they integrated with each other.  This meant that even basic cross-group collaboration such as calendar sharing or working on shared documents was challenging for employees.

Not only would moving to G Suite help with collaboration across the business, but it would also improve the communication across the different sites. The company did have a conferencing set up before but found the solution to be poor, and it also proved difficult to set up. So when the offices were kitted out with new Hangouts Meet Hardware kits, the communication barrier was broken. This helped DFS to communicate easily, and to also save money on traveling as meetings were held remotely where appropriate. 

DFS saw numerous advantages of Hangouts Meet Hardware for remote meetings; simplicity of use, native integration with calendaring, seamless and reliable video conferencing. They are now up to 12 Hangout Meet Hardware kits across the business allowing all of the key locations to join sessions remotely. 

We did have a conference facility but it was pretty poor, so the advantage of Hangouts Meet makes it really easy to communicate as a business rather than setting up a Zoom conference, which had proved difficult and required licenses setting up for everybody.” – Will Rose, Programme Manager, DFS

Over the whole migration project, we consolidated approximately 2200 employees onto the single G Suite platform.

DFS began seeing several improvements and positive changes from moving to G Suite which then led to the company investigating the further options that Google Chrome could provide. This led DFS to roll out 1200 Chrome tablets to all DFS stores to be used on shop floors so staff could easily demonstrate the products DFS has to offer to customers. In addition to this, they are now trialing using Chromebooks at the head office, for all 4 brands of the DFS group. 

“It’s the other things that are offered to us that are enabled by G Suite, so we have rolled out 1200 tablets to all the DFS stores, we’ve started to trial Chromebooks at head office for all 4 brands. That trial is going really well so we are actually at the point where if a new member of staff joins, depending on their role they will be given a Chromebook. As a result single sign-on through G Suite has been a big advantage to us and we already have a couple of suppliers on the single sign-on system. We are going to continue to do this with our other suppliers, and we are also looking at the Mobile Device Management solution, and are also looking into a more secure way of looking after our data through 2SV, which is currently being rolled out across the Group.” – Will Rose, Programme Manager, DFS

DFS is looking to a continued relationship with Netpremacy through our CSS services program now the initial business transformation is complete. This is due to the team not having the support or technical knowledge that the team at Netpremacy can provide. This will help the company to keep up with current trends and emerging technologies so that they stay on top of their game when working in the Cloud. 

Now, through the support of our CSS program, DFS is benefitting from the Netpremacy team continuing helping the teams with adoption through a series of change management services. This helps with continued support on business progression for the DFS group. The team is also helping to move the finance team from Excel to Google Sheets, and educating DFS on Big Query, Data studio and how to make the most out of the data the company collects, such as insights on buyer profiles, trends, spend and much more.

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17 December 2019

Partnering with Your Golf Travel to Grow and Develop their Business

your golf travelYour Golf Travel has been a long-standing Google customer since 2010, but as the business has grown and technologies have developed, Your Golf Travel needed to scale their IT solution and migrating to G Suite Enterprise was the next step for the business, in order to help them with the growth they were experiencing as a business.


Netpremacy was recommended by Your Golf Travel’s account manager at Google in 2017 when Your Golf Travel required support to upgrade from G Suite Business to G Suite Enterprise. The more advanced security features provided by G Suite Enterprise and the ability to import Gmail logs into BigQuery for business process analysis were the main factors in the decision to migrate and begin their partnership with Netpremacy. During this time, ensuring a seamless migration from Postini to Google Vault  (now G Suite) was a priority, which Netpremacy was also able to support on.


Netpremacy has provided hands-on account management for Your Golf Travel in addition to migration support. At Netpremacy we offer insights and new perspectives including alternative uses and applications of GCP solutions, which help to inform and develop our customer’s current usage of GCP. Your Golf Travel said that this support has planted the seeds of new ideas which will help them to develop their use of Google Cloud Platform.


The next steps for Your Golf Travel and Netpremacy include the process of consolidation and data migration for multiple G Suite domains to streamline IT operations and the creation of a strategy to capitalise on the GCP features such as security controls and data protection. Working with Netpremacy enables Your Golf Travel to operate a ‘Self serve’ application of GCP, with the benefits of insights and support from the Netpremacy team, but implemented by their in-house IT team. However, planning the infrastructure of the future for Your Golf Travel,  Netpremacy’s Customer Success Services will be key to supporting the delivery of this digital evolution.

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14 November 2019

Netpremacy achieves the Work Transformation Enterprise Partner Specialisation accreditation in the Google Cloud Partner Specialisation Program

Google Cloud Recognises Netpremacy’s Technical Proficiency and Proven Success In Work Transformation Enterprise.

Work Transformation BadgeNetpremacy has achieved the Work Transformation – Enterprise Partner Specialisation accreditation in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. By earning the Partner Specialisation, Netpremacy has proven its expertise and success in building customer solutions in the work transformation enterprise field using Google Cloud Platform technology.

The Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program is designed to provide Google Cloud customers with qualified partners that have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven success in specialised solution and service areas.

Partners that have achieved the Work Transformation – Enterprise Specialisation have demonstrated significant success deploying G Suite to enterprise organisations, which includes providing services across all project workstreams – such as Governance, Technical, People, Process, and Support. 

“Over the last decade we have built up a robust methodology and delivery process to partner with organisations to enable the transition to G Suite, to achieve business transformation whilst minimising the impact of business change,” – Ben Trood, Head of Business Development, Netpremacy 

Netpremacy are a leading Google Cloud Premier Partner, with over 20 years of experience in solving complex business problems for some of the most innovative businesses in the world. Specialising in complex cloud strategies with integrity and confidence to deliver successful digital transformation and technical support time after time. Netpremacy pushes the boundaries of what is possible with advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence creating intelligence from data. 

Read our announcement in TechRound here

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07 November 2019

A Day in the Life at Netpremacy

Finding your dream job isn’t always easy and sometimes finding the right company can be even harder. We might have the perfect solution for you; we are a Leeds-based tech firm that’s driving digital transformation for the world’s leading companies.

Based in the business quarter of Leeds, Wellington Place in the City Centre, Netpremacy is a trusted Google Cloud Premier partner, bringing technology to life every day for some of the most innovative companies in the world. As an employer, we understand that a culture of agility in the workplace is important for team productivity and morale. This is why Netpremacy has enabled their employees to work from any device from anywhere they need to, making working life more adaptable for them, while also giving employees their own work devices. Does it get any better? Well, actually it does. As a part of Wellington Place, Netpremacy employees get to enjoy perks from their neighbours in the complex such as free monthly massages! 

Businesses are always looking for hardworking and passionate employees which are key values, but on top of this, Netpremacy is looking for people to transform and solve complex business challenges by implementing Cloud based technologies. We are looking for the perfect candidates to work hand-in-hand with our partner, Google to enable our customer’s businesses to grow and transform. Netpremacy also knows how to reward their teams in return for their hard work and commitment with perks such as free food every Friday; we kickstart the weekend with a Deliveroo order for employees.

Netpremacy Leeds Digital Festival

At Netpremacy, the wellbeing of the team is at the heart of their business. Striving for team members to be as empowered as possible, with the belief that when you’re satisfied with where you are, you will deliver your best work. A happy body and mind is vital, hence why Netpremacy also offer private healthcare in their benefits package. Our mission is to foster a company culture where the working environment positively impacts their employees’ everyday lives. 

“At Netpremacy we pride ourselves on our relationships with our customers to ensure long term partnerships and the same can be said with our employees. 

We are dedicated to creating a workplace environment that ensures our employees have the right platform and support for success.”

Ben Trood, Head of Business Development, Netpremacy.

Netpremacy’s ambition is to continue to invest in the thriving ‘Northern Powerhouse’ in Leeds, hiring local talent and discovering fresh talent emerging from some of the best universities in the UK. Netpremacy understands that personal development is important to retain talent and help teams thrive. We provide an environment where skills are nurtured in order to keep teams engaged and at the forefront of their industries, encouraging our employees to access new learning opportunities to develop their careers.


“I started working at Netpremacy after applying through the Leeds Beckett University job shop. Doing this was a great way for me to break out into the tech industry whilst studying for my degree. Once I had completed my time at university I was able to come onboard at Netpremacy full time, still gaining new skills and training to enhance my career.”

Karis Hermann, Office Manager, Netpremacy.

Find your passion with Netpremacy and make a difference in the world, join our team by exploring our current vacancies here.

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14 October 2019

Scale with Netpremacy and Google Cloud – Event success!

At Netpremacy, we are thrilled to have a collaborative relationship with Google which enables us to hold events at some of the most sought after venues in the UK. Last week, we joined Google at their head office in Central London to host our latest event, our SMB Summit 2019, Scale with Netpremacy and Google Cloud.

During our recent event we shared insights from our customer success team at Netpremacy about how to get the most out of Google Cloud and how Google’s behind-the-scenes security functions keep our data and devices safe every day. 

We had speakers from all corners of Google Cloud discussing how partnerships are key to the growth of Google and and how Google’s personalised solutions enables small/medium businesses to thrive and grow. 

Our clients; Ovo Energy and Your Golf Travel / also joined us to share their experiences of scaling their businesses using Google Cloud applications. 

To recap the insights from the SMB Summit, we have highlighted our key points from our esteemed speakers and panelists here:

Netpremacy Google Cloud event Netpremacy’s first step of change and digital transformation is identifying something that needs to be solved, then most importantly, implementing that soution well and learning from it to develop the next phase of transformation.

Alastair Lumley, Google Cloud Account Manager, Netpremacy

Google and Netpremacy events


Why are Google Partners so important? Partners like Netpremacy work as an extended part of the Google team, providing customer support, bespoke solutions and can develop Google products to meet a customer’s unique need. Partners are engaged in every opportunity with a customer and enables scale and digital transformation. 

Mark King, Partner Manager, Google


Ovo Energy and Netpremacy

Netpremacy’s implementation of G Suite has transformed the way Ovo Energy manage the IT function as a rapidly growing challenger brand, enabling a seamless and secure experience for both employees and customers. The use of G Suite has enabled a more productive working environment without IT disruptions, which has led to Ovo Energy being voted as one of the The Sunday Times ‘Top 100 Companies to Work For’. – Richard Tucker, Senior Enterprise Technology Manager, Ovo Energy

Netpremacy smb eventHow can we help to serve you better? Netpremacy defines their Customer Success Service function as the proactive engagement with customers to deliver long-term success by building relationships and helping them realise the full potential of a product or service.

Jacob O’Hara, Customer Success Services Manager, Netpremacy


netpremacy and google cloud eventGmail already exponentially improves productivity, with features such as smart reply, built-in chat and add ons. However, Google Cloud is currently developing a Gmail hub to become a ‘one tab to rule them all’ with AI at your fingertips, eliminating cumbersome cross-tab activity, allowing you to work on what truly matters.

Roman Sorocan, G Suite Specialist, Google


Netpremacy eventsWhy are businesses moving to Google Cloud Platform?

To reduce infrastructure costs, improve reliability and scale smoothly

To more rapidly build new apps and experiences

To gain more value from data and predict business outcomes

To make teams productive with secure mobile / devices

Google Cloud can help you meet existing needs and reinvent your future. – Denis Casey, SMB Manager, Google

Google Cloud and NetpremacyCloud technology is becoming the new standard:

73% of organisations are using cloud technology

84% of companies have multi-cloud strategies

However only 10% of workloads are on the cloud, meaning that many IT projects remain on-premise

This shows that there is still plenty of opportunities to unlock more value for your business.

Louis Fontaine, Google SMB Manager, Google

“With Google Cloud Platform your team can focus on your business, not your infrastructure”

Netpremacy Your Golf TravelSince integrating Google Cloud into their business in 2013, Your Golf Travel / have utilised the full scope of Google’s Machine Learning portfolio such as BigQuery as an enabler to extract data from other systems, including e-commerce platforms to analyse data and make better business decisions.

Stephen Lewis, CTO, Your Golf Travel /


netpremacy events Unlock the power of BigQuery to gain insights into your business’s data through both real-time (streaming) and batch analytics at the same time. Get started with BigQuery to empower and influence your business during key decision making with analysis and visualisation of massive datasets.

Nadeem Sharieff, Data Engineer, Netpremacy 

Finally; the leading advice provided by the breadth of cloud experts for small/medium businesses is to simply get started with the cloud. Utlise some of the tools on a small, experimental scale, explore how the tools can be used as a pivotal role in your business’s future growth. Structure your business with the tools it needs to scale upwards, starting with Cloud as a baseline.

Netpremacy panelists

Netpremacy’s Change Management / CSS  team can help your team to plan for scale, from initial discovery and planning through to deployment and support. 

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Netpremacy trainers

Christos Amyrotos –  Training Coordinator

My name is Christos Amyrotos and during my time working as Training Coordinator for Netpremacy I have learned the value of providing successful training sessions. Educating users on what is possible with Google Cloud’s suite of products is so rewarding, it has been a brilliant experience due to being on a constant learning curve as Google Cloud is forever evolving. One of the roles that come with my position is floorwalking. 

Floorwalking is a term we use, at Netpremacy, when visiting a customer site to offer at desk support and answer any questions end users may have on or around their Go-Live day. Floorwalking, to us, is essential to ensure that everyone experiences a smooth transition to G Suite and any questions are resolved as soon as possible. 

Netpemacy training services

Visiting a new customer site, especially for the first time, is always an energising and challenging experience; you are in their territory guiding them on how to use new technology in line with their internal best practice policies. Meaning that we have to dig a little deeper to solve very specific problems, as well as suggest new and better ways of working for individuals and teams. It’s incredibly rewarding to know that our customers have faith in us as trainers to answer their questions and help them learn a new way of working. We focus on gaining this trust by working with the project team to gain a deep understanding of company culture, inefficiencies that need addressing and what they are happy for us to recommend to those we come into contact with.

Netpremacy change management


Recently I attended an event at a customer site where end-users had the opportunity to ask any G Suite related questions during their lunch break. Excited by the opportunity to help  I jumped at the chance to attend!

We created a drop-in zone for users, at the customer site, with Netpremacy and Google banners and a selection of our lightweight yet powerful Pixelbooks so that people could get an insight into the Google tools we work with every day at Netpremacy, and how easy they are to use. 

Netpremacy training and change management

Our pop-up Netpremacy drop-in zone was visited by many G Suite users, with many interesting questions about the platform and with unique challenges for each of their workflows. 

Personally, I love it when an end-user finds the courage to speak to us and asks questions. It’s all too common that users are too shy to approach us thinking they have a “stupid” question but we always remind them that there is no such thing, every user has their own unique requirements. Of course, some questions were easier to answer than others and we were happy to spend time consulting on exactly what they were looking to achieve, in order to give them the most appropriate solution to meet their needs. 

One thing was certain; no one left our drop-in zone without receiving a bespoke solution to their question or enquiry; even if we had to do some more research and testing, we assured them we would get back to them with a clear solution.

That is just one reason why I find Netpremacy such a great place to work; we are encouraged to  take the time to listen to those we come into contact with. Even if it means we have to do some more research, we always endeavour to find the answers to their questions and love rising to the challenge of providing a solution to even the most difficult of problems. 

Netpremacy training and change management

We aim to make sure that our customers know we listened to their requests, and that we are working on it. Everyone who visited our drop-in zone left with a smile, feeling armed with the skills to confidently use G Suite and I do hope they felt as if they had gained more knowledge in the process. I think we all learned a lot that day and for that, I call it a success!

Netpremacy provides a range of training and change management services adapted to suit your specific business needs. Find out more about some of the services we can provide here.

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