How Cloud will Modernise the Betting Industry

02 May 2019

How Cloud will Modernise the Betting Industry


Cloud computing allows us to seamlessly bridge the gap between service providers and their users, often saving companies both time and money. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that innovative leaders in the betting industry have started exploring the capabilities of cloud technology to control, grow and develop their business.

Implementing cloud technology presents clear benefits for the betting industry, considering the amount of data and processing required to support ever-changing odds and the demand for split-second decision making from their users. These benefits include virtually unlimited computing power in terms of storage and bandwidth, and the reliability of server clusters allows for little to no error. betting industry

Another aspect of cloud that is transforming the betting market is the improvement of security and risk assessment. Thanks to the real-time monitoring of data, exposure to fraud is minimised and issues can be identified and resolved in minutes. The adoption of cloud also guarantees to save time and money by reducing the latency period and sets a new standard in data warehousing, improving business intelligence solutions across entire industries.

The increased understanding and adoption of AI and Machine Learning means that Betting companies can collect data on betting patterns to learn about their users behaviours and respond in real time with helpful suggestions, not only to improve their odds of winning, but also to protect them by preventing potentially problem behaviour.

With the pressures of user demands and high-stake risks, the most innovative companies in the betting industry rise to the top as market leaders. Here’s what we can learn from the current game-changers in the betting industry.


Serverless Architecture

Utilising serverless architecture within betting models allows companies to make changes to the underlying code easier, gives finer targeting control and ensures faster loading times and lower operating costs. Organisations using the cloud also do not have to worry about the size or organisation of their servers, as capacity is rarely an issue, which holds particular importance for betting systems which often go from quiet to very busy in a short space of time.



Another innovative use of the cloud within the betting industry is blockchain verification. Verifying transactions through blockchain protocols ensures that no player holds an advantage at any stage of the betting process, resulting in fairer odds. The use of blockchain includes an element of transaction verification, building trust and transparency in the gambling process.


Kubernetes Engine

Betting platforms also have the opportunity to use Google Kubernetes Engine, a powerful cluster manager and orchestration system for deploying and running applications. Implementing Google Cloud can help solve latency problems, developing new product streams and helping businesses move towards real-time processing.

Cloud technology has the potential to innovate and disrupt processes and businesses across the betting industry and beyond. Click here to learn more about harnessing the cloud in your business.

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