Helping Bannatyne Group to boost productivity & adoption amidst a global pandemic

30 March 2021

UK’s largest independent health club boosts communication in a pandemic through Google Technology


Health centres, gyms and spas have been heavily impacted due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but thanks to Google Cloud technology, and the help of Netpremacy, The Bannatyne Group have thrived and continued to work on their digital transformation strategy throughout the last 12 months. 

bannatyne logoThe Bannatyne Group was looking for a partner who had tried and tested experience implementing change at scale and quickly. Change within the business was something that The Bannatyne Group wanted to focus on, which is a service that Netpremacy excels at. 

Netpremacy helped The Bannatyne Group to remain connected during a difficult period due to lockdowns and restricted access to office and health clubs. Looking back over the past year, it is clear that The Bannatyne Group’s way of working has drastically changed. The way the company has been able to work and stay productive in a pandemic is solely down to Google Workspace tools. 

“We did see what could be achieved quite quickly when working remotely. There were so many things that progressed and were completed within weeks when you would have expected those projects to take months otherwise.”  – Nigel Wilby, Head Office IT Manager

Netpremacy looks forward to a continued relationship with The Bannatyne Group and looks forward to how they can continue to support them and help the business to thrive and grow.

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