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Netpremacy events run throughout the year. They are a great way to stay up to date with the constantly evolving technology arena, and with the opportunity to ask the experts directly, there’s always value to be had. The unique and comprehensive relationships we have with our partners allows you to speak directly to the people you need to.

We run a number of different events throughout the year. Many focus on Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Google Cloud. Some are partner-led events, which see us collaborate with Google and other partners. We even run exclusive events for our valued customer base.

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How Google Workspace is boosting productivity with Ai and automation features 31 March 2021

Boosting Remote Working Productivity with AI and Automation in Google Workspace

Join Netpremacy, Google, and some of our valued customers as we discuss the advanced Ai features Google Workspace has available.

The UK has been working from home for almost a year now. The next step is to build on what we have learned, and to thrive with the tools available. 2021 will see companies all over the globe investing in Google Cloud to ensure their workforce is continuing to build on their success and producing their best work.  Learn more on what clever Ai tools have been built into the Google Workspace stack that helps businesses save time, and become more productive. 

Understand how automation and Ai come hand in hand when it comes to saving businesses time. Explore automation features that will save manual work so your workforce can focus on more important business tasks.


  • Welcome & intros
  • Who are netpremacy
  • Google - Automation tools that save you time & boost productivity 
  • Examples from the field
  • Demo
  • How Netpremacy can help 
  • Q&A
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