Travelodge deploys Google Workspace Travelodge provides affordable hotels over the UK and Ireland.


Value hotels in the UK & Ireland


Travelodge provides affordable hotels over the UK and Ireland. Search and easily book over 540 hotels, for business or pleasure.

It is the second largest in the UK budget hotel sector. This is measured by both the number of hotels and the number of bedrooms.  


Why did Travelodge choose Google Workspace?


Before we began working with Travelodge, many of there processes were Microsoft Office based. As a result, their processes were manual and error-prone.


The decision was made to go Google because there was a separation between hotel staff and employees in the head office. Travelodge realised that by using Google Workspace and it’s collaboration tools, they got more from employees at all levels. This increased engagement and productivity.


The resulted in an immediate cost reduction. It also vastly increased collaboration and communications between hotels. Google Workspace has had a positive impact on processes and workflow between head-office and hotels.


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