STEM Learning: Google Classroom Deployment

July 2021

About Stem Learning

STEM Learning provides world-leading STEM education for all young people across the UK. They work in collaboration with the UK Government, employers large and small, organisations and educational establishments to deliver positive STEM interactions for teachers, young people and beyond.


How we worked together

Netpremacy helped STEM Learning to upload and manage the data they needed to support their virtual education programme using Google Admin console and Google Workspace.


The challenge

STEM Learning runs an education programme for 800+ users, including teachers, classes and students. The programme is tailored to individual needs and regions. As part of this, STEM Learning runs a virtual learning environment. Due to the variety of topics covered, the different user types and regions to consider, it’s time-consuming for the team to manage the technical side of this.


The solution

On each week of the project, STEM Learning would share lists of the different types of users that needed to access their courses. Netpremacy bulk provisioned users, created classrooms and added all the relevant details to ensure the right people could access the right information at the right time. As this was handled swiftly, STEM Learning was confident any last-minute changes could be managed.


The result

STEM Learning ran a successful project helping to bring STEM subjects to 900 supervisors, 800+ students and 200+ placement providers. By outsourcing the technical side of the project, they created a seamless experience for their attendees and saved significant time by harnessing the Google APIs to script bulk actions, which meant more time for value creation and less time on maintenance.

“It was great to work with Netpremacy again. Working with them for a second year meant they were able to bring forward historical project knowledge and successfully get things done in a very short amount of time. They have been a brilliant supplier with lovely staff; I will continue to recommend them.”

Megan Lawrence
Student Programmes Coordinator at STEM Learning